by Grant C '15

Editorial: Why Romney is the ideal choice

Why Romney is the ideal choice

The Presidential Election is coming up and most of us know the main issue at the center of it all is the economy.  Although there are other topics to discuss that are crucial (foreign policy, national security, health care, abortion, etc.), the economy is at the top of the priority list.  To get to the point, Obama’s campaign is based on strengthening the middle class and the lower class by reducing the wealth gap and his plan in doing that is by increasing taxes on private businesses and wealthy Americans.  I don’t believe this is an ideal policy at all because what Obama doesn’t comprehend is that the majority of jobs for the American people are being provided by the corporations and their financial investors.  On the other hand, Romney’s policy has a foundation of putting the American people back to work and looking to grow the economy for everyone.

Corporations currently have substantial cash reserves but have delayed hiring, due to