by Ergisa X '16 by Hanako M '16

Teachers and Stress

The culture and expectations at BSGE cause both teachers and students to have stressful lifestyles.  In this type of environment, it is important for people to have good ways to deal with stress. We are very familiar with how students deal with stress but how do teachers at BSGE deal with it?
While teaching numerous classes, drawing up lesson plans, meeting deadlines, attending meetings numerous meetings, all while trying to have a life outside of school, stress tends to build up. However, teachers have their own special ways of releasing this tension and stress.  Ms. Jackson, the yoga and health teacher, enjoys, “A bit of yoga,” to release her tension.
Ms. Jackson seems like one of the coolest, most relaxed teachers in our school and this is because she has her own tricks to keep the classroom relatively stress free. Some of these tricks include keeping the yoga

by Ergisa X '16 by Hanako M '16 by Izzy L '16 by Rakia I '16 by Winnie S '16 by Zoe P '16

New Bees Are Adjusting Well

This year’s seventh graders really seem to love BSGE so far.  The new students came to BSGE looking for a better education and they seem to have found it.  They really like their new teachers and the style of learning at their new school.  7th grader, Luca Cognata explained, “We do a lot more interactive things in this school than in my old school.”
Although the students are happy at their new school, many find it difficult here.  The new kids find the level of work here as well as the classes challenging.  7th grader, Luis Silva complains, “70 minute periods are long and boring and I lose concentration.”  Some also complained about the amount of homework they have received so far.  BSGE students, especially in middle school, do far more homework than their peers at other schools.  One student complained,