BSGE Takes On Denmark: A Firsthand Account

Thirty bright BSGE faces looked eagerly through the crowd, searching for the Dane they would be staying with. Although we had just gotten off a two hour train which we took right after our nine hour flight, we were eager to start our trip. We talked anxiously among ourselves, checking constantly to see if our … Continue reading BSGE Takes On Denmark: A Firsthand Account


Lounge Night Another Success

This was the third consecutive year BSGE hosted Lounge Night in the cafeteria. This year however, there was an added bonus of outside performers to mix up the set list and a temporary stage. For most of the night, the audience got to enjoy discovering the talent of numerous students from our school, with veteran … Continue reading Lounge Night Another Success

Tim David-Lang: The Man Who Hears the Drama

Mr. Timothy David-Lang, BSGE’s school’s guidance counselor, has seen a large portion of the 400 students at BSGE in his office. They come to talk to him about personal issues they are having in their lives. This could pertain to a number of subjects, including school, parents, relationships, substance abuse, friends, or anything else they … Continue reading Tim David-Lang: The Man Who Hears the Drama