by Jessi H '11

BSGE Takes On Denmark: A Firsthand Account

Thirty bright BSGE faces looked eagerly through the crowd, searching for the Dane they would be staying with. Although we had just gotten off a two hour train which we took right after our nine hour flight, we were eager to start our trip. We talked anxiously among ourselves, checking constantly to see if our Danish host students had come through the door.
After reuniting with our host familie, we started to split up and students had the weekend to spend as they pleased. For most, this included time with their host’s family, time with their Dane, and time hanging out with different sections of the group. Most BSGE students got to see and experience parts of Denmark and its culture not listed in any guide book or itinerary.
On Saturday night, the group rented the beginning of the night at a

by Erin C '14 by Jessi H '11

Lounge Night Another Success

This was the third consecutive year BSGE hosted Lounge Night in the cafeteria. This year however, there was an added bonus of outside performers to mix up the set list and a temporary stage. For most of the night, the audience got to enjoy discovering the talent of numerous students from our school, with veteran bands Panama Red and We Live Alone also making a much anticipated appearance.
Students host fund raising events such as Lounge Night to make events like prom and graduation more affordable down the line. During these tough economic times, every bit earned helps.  This senior class has set record breaking numbers in fund raisers, twice! The trick? Thinking outside the box; for example, with Lounge Night.
Co-organizer of the event, Amalia Carusone, member of senior council, attests first hand that events like this do not appear by themselves.  “A lot

by Jessi H '11

Being Interviewed for College

Being interviewed for college admissions can be an extremely stressful and nerve raking. Take a look at the tips below for a few hints to make your interview run smoothly.

(1) Do wear appropriate clothing; this can range form business casual to a breezy (long-ish) skirt. The way you dress tells a lot about you, and your interviewer wants to see a few basic things from your appearances: that you are a mature and respectable candidate.

(2) Do keep a smile on your face; your interviewer will appreciate your good attitude. When you shake their hand, try thinking of something that makes you happy, to make your smile seem

by Jessi H '11

Tim David-Lang: The Man Who Hears the Drama

Mr. Timothy David-Lang, BSGE’s school’s guidance counselor, has seen a large portion of the 400 students at BSGE in his office. They come to talk to him about personal issues they are having in their lives. This could pertain to a number of subjects, including school, parents, relationships, substance abuse, friends, or anything else they have the urge to spill to someone. Some talk by choice, while others are there because it has been ‘recommended.’
‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘Secret Life,’ ‘One Tree Hill,’ what do all of these shows have in common? Drama. If you were to tune in during just about any ‘teenage’ based show on TV, there is a high chance of seeing tears or hearing shouting. That is because many teenagers are naturally intrigued by people’s, sometimes over the

by Jessi H '11

Silly bans on Silly Bandz

Cabbage Patch Dolls, Beanie Babies, Pokémon cards, and Crocs are some of the most wildly popular fads of the past few decades. Silly Bandz can now be added to that list.  For those who don’t know, Silly Bandz are the thin colored bands made of mostly silicone and rubber molded into various shapes. These shapes fall under any of their fourteen categories, including beach, zoo animals, Spring, dinosaurs, and others. The band is designed so that it retakes its original shape after being taken off the wrist or is no longer restricted.
The characteristics of the bands were originally selected with children in mind. The extent to which the popularity soared however, was surprising to even the creators. The company that makes this

by Jessi H '11

Lady Sting’s Playoff Run

BSGE Lady Sting fought a hard battle as the underdogs in the second round of the playoff games.  The Lady Hawks, from Hillcrest, were at the top of the Queens B East Division this season with a record of 16-2. Lady Sting was ranked fifth in the Queens B West Division, with a record of 11-7. Yet they managed to play a tight game. By the end of the first quarter the score was 6-6 and it was clear that Sting was giving it everything they had. The final score was 63-54 for Hillcrest. Though Sting did not win, we can all be proud of the game and the effort with which they played. The new but enthusiastic player, Karen Moy said, “our team improved a lot this season and put up a great fight against one of the

by Jessi H '11

BSGE Student was “Made” Over the Summer

The description of BSGE senior Manny’ Moreno’s MTV episode goes: “anime aficionado Manny Moreno lives in a city full of women but has never managed to get a date. Sick and tired of the friend zone, Manny’s ready to ditch his nerdy image and get his first kiss by being MADE into a ladies man.” Although many say the most important thing in life is to be true to yourself, ‘Made,’ the MTV television show, could not disagree more.  The premise of the show is for an individual to be ‘made’ into something else, usually the polar opposite of his or herself. The following is our interview with the “new and improved” Manny:

What made you sign up for Made?
“I actually had never heard of it at the time, I was just approached.”
“A comic book convention,” he confessed, laughing.

Did you think it would actually happen?

by Jessi H '11

Teacher of the Month: Ms. Lily Shen

1. What kind of student were you in high school?
In China, there are three criteria students are graded on sports, academics, and behavior. I was a very good student, but I liked sports, mostly volleyball, track and field, and ping-pong. But I was also good at singing, which I did in chorus.

2. Did your friends play sports too?
My friends were all nerds, they paid attention to academics only.

3. Did you enjoy school?
At the time, the idea of not liking school did not even exist. Being a student was our job. There was no second thinking. You just have to do what you have to do. This whole concept of ‘I hate school’ is new to me.  In China, you had to do well.  Well, not everyone did well, but they tried.

4. Is this what made you want to become a teacher?
In third grade, I knew I wanted to teach. I admired my math

by Jessi H '11

To Teach Safe Sex? Or No Sex at All?

Sex. A simple idea but is somehow hard to teach. All around America different methods are being used to teach kids about sex. States have free reign to decide their own ways. Some choose to preach purely abstinence while others broaden students’ education with ways to practice safe sex.
Teaching abstinence can have advantages as well as disadvantages that go along with it.  Cynthia Soto, tenth grade, says,  “It might remind kids that they have other options besides sex.”  However, tenth grader, Jackie Florio, brings up the point that, “kids are going to do it anyway, so teachers really should try to make it safe.” In many states, including

by Jessi H '11

Editorial: BSGE STUDENTs Don’t Dance

Throw a dark empty room with a few balloons, even less people, and music together and you have Mardi Gras, a recent BSGE dance. Although students were being led to believe many tickets were being sold, about fifteen people in all showed up that night. But why is it that the number of BSGE students that attend the dances has gotten so low?
For a while the dance floors of the BSGE dances had been packed, but for the last couple of years, people have lost interest, with more and more students deciding not to go. The boat dance used to be on everyone’s mind, students looked forward to it months in advance. Even that, however, was cancelled last, due to lack of tickets being sold.    Of the students that attended Mardi Gras, most had similar reasons for going, Solemia Gainza says, “I felt bad for the seniors, apparently the

by Jessi H '11

BSGE Goes Old School, Use Radios to Experience Inauguration

Through all the change,
through the good and the
bad, our country has always
relied on one thing to remain
constant: the eventual
swearing in of a new president.
Presidents have used
this time to get their message
across to the country,
and in doing so, broadcast
some of the most famous

by Jessi H '11

Winona Ryder Caught Stealing…Again.

She had the perfect life. She dated the guys most only dream about, was offered so many lead roles in movies she had to start rejecting them, and she is praised for her chic sense of style, sporting Chanel and Marc Jacobs daily. Born Winona Horowitz, known to the public as Winona Ryder, is not unlike most celebrities. She is beautiful, fit, and dates famous attractive men, including Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, and many more. Yet there is something about her that does not fit this convention. She is a criminal. She does not disturb the peace with her ranting like Amy Winehouse, or drink and drive like Paris Hilton and countless others. No, Winona Ryder, steals.
A multi-millionaire, with countless unneeded job opportunities, shoplifted clothing in 2001. She was found guilty a year later and sentenced to 480 hours of community service, three years’ probation, $3700 in fines, and