by Joseph K '15 by Marcos D '15 by Michelle N '15

IB Art Students Show off Their Work

April 22 was BSGE’s fifth annual IB Art show. 11th Grade SL and 12th grade HL students showcased their works in the library from 5-7PM. The artists discussed their art with the many parents, teachers, students and friends who attended. Paintings, sculptures, photos, and more lined the walls and hallways, and each piece was original and unique.
This year’s art show did not feature the usual auction of student-produced art. This year pieces were still sold, the art department taking 30% of the profit. According to Mr. McGuire, the auction takes a lot of energy and the small number of students makes it difficult to pull off. This year, art was still sold, although not in an auction.
Art students were interviewed by IB Art grading officials. Students

by Joseph K '15

Monsieur Rajiv and Mr. Lakhaney visit france

Recently, Mr. Rajiv and Mr. Lakhaney took a trip to Montpellier, France, to arrange a foreign exchange program. They visited Jules Guesde, the school that the French students who will be participating in the exchange program. They also looked at the beautiful sights around Montpellier. “The view is like history,” said Mr. Rajiv. They both agreed that they would definitely like to go back again.
Mr. Rajiv raved that, “It’s very cool there,” and spoke of the many activities available such as hiking up a mountain or on a beach, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, or camping. Walking around and looking at the