by Jolijt T '11 by Kats T '13

Movie Review: The Dark Knight’s A Bright Light

This second movie in director and co-writer Christopher Nolan’s Batman film series needs a new title. “The Joker” or “Heath Ledger’s Brilliance” would be more appropriate because 2 minutes into the movie, the Joker steals the the spotlight. His performance in the more than 500 million dollar (and still counting) grossing movie rocked the audience; inspiring emotions never experienced through movies before.
His performance rivals Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Like Depp, everything from Ledger’s smiles to his hand motions carry the essence of The Joker.
Of course credit should also go to Johnathan and Christopher Nolan and the other writers.Thanks to their intense dialogue, the depth of The Jokers’s persona are well developed and consistent.
Christian  Bale delivers a solid but bland Batman. The Dark Knight like most good movies is about more the Batman and the Joker. It explore the roles of hero and villain and the ideas of order and anarchy and of human nature. Even people who don’t usually enjoy action films will love The Dark Knight.

by Kats T '13

Book Review: Needful Things by Stephen King

This twisted
novel about a seemingly
harmless town is
a true horror story that
leaves you terrified.
Needful Things is one
of my favorite books.
Gruesome in its own
spectacular way, Stephen
King’s novel is an
amazing reminder that

by Kats T '13

Only Hummers Use More Oil Than Our Fries

McDonald’s is highly nutritional. That is, compared to other popular fast food restaurants, such as Subway, Burger King, KFC, and Domino’s. These restaurants are the new McDonald’s. Everyone thinks the Golden Arches are really just fried fat, and they are, but so are these other silent culprits. All five of the restaurants listed above are big favorites of high school students. In fact, there is a Subway, Domino’s, and McDonald’s within ten blocks of the school.  That’s easy access to fatty foods for hungry teens.
By the way… fat is bad for you. Teenage girls are only supposed to have 73 grams a day, and boys can have 93. That’s the same as a large popcorn at the movies. Fat is a nutrient your body stores to build tissue,

by Kats T '13

Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again,
where we all try to dress as
hot as possible and blame it
on the costume if anybody
asks. It’s Halloween, the one
time you can be whatever
you want to be and nobody
can say anything about it. Of
course, some people have no

by Kats T '13

IB What?

What is IB? I BE what? IB stands
for International Baccalaureate, part of The
International Baccalaureate Organization,
or IBO. The IBO deals with education,
government, and separate international organizations
to create challenging curriculums
of international education and intense
review of children. It usually starts at a
young age in a child’s life, and

by Kats T '13

Getting Into BSGE

My sister, Jolijt, had been prepping
me for months. She was telling me
what to say and how to say it before
I even went to the open house.
I was already worried about taking
(and hopefully passing) the test,
much less the interview. I really