BSGE’s Winter Concert

At 7:00 pm on Tuesday, January 28th BSGE’s Orchestra and seventh grade performed for their Winter Concert. The concert was headed by Ms. Nikkolos, BSGE’s music teacher. This concert featured several piano and violin soloists also. The seventh grade performed “Summoning the Spirits”, “High School Cadets”, “Polka Dots”, “Kiss of Fire”, “Climb Every Mountain”, and … Continue reading BSGE’s Winter Concert

Stop and Frisk Called into Question

Stop and Frisk is a program introduced in the late 1990s in which police stop suspicious-looking people on the street. If it appears that this person is in possession of a weapon, they are then checked for weapons on their body. This program has been postponed until Bill de Blasio is inaugurated. de Blasio vows … Continue reading Stop and Frisk Called into Question

NYSED Makes New Common Core Learning Standards

Common Core Learning Standards are a set of new benchmarks created by the New York State Education Department to push students academically. The goal of these new standards are to provide students with a more solid education. There are Common Core Learning Standards in English and Math. An example of one of these Common Core … Continue reading NYSED Makes New Common Core Learning Standards

BSGE’s Annual Spring Music Concert, Thursday 5/30, 6:00pm

BSGE’s annual Spring Concert will be on May 30th. This is a benefit concert that will raise money for charities. The Players for Peace, the school orchestra, will play that night in addition to the 9th grade. The Players for Peace will play “Cyberspace Overture”, “Water Music”, “The National Anthem” and “Fiesta Mexicali.” The 9th … Continue reading BSGE’s Annual Spring Music Concert, Thursday 5/30, 6:00pm

The 7th Grade Technology Project

The 7th grade recently completed an animation project using the computer program, Scratch. Students worked in groups to create a short film using the program. In each group, several students made Sprites, the actors of the Scratch program, and others created scripts for the Sprites. Students integrated their individual ideas to make compelling stories. One … Continue reading The 7th Grade Technology Project