by Murtaza A '20

Final 2014-15 Crossword Puzzle!

June (Final) Crossword Answers

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Teacher of the Month: Mr. Laskowski

Mr. Laskowski wearing an Iron Man mask even though he says his favorite comic book character is The Hulk
Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Buffalo, NY which is about 20 min. from Niagara Falls.

What were you like as a kid?  What did you like to do?

I liked playing sports, I went outside and played every day. I also loved playing video games on the weekend.

When did you develop your love for science?

My 12th grade teacher was really inspiring but he was very passionate about physics and it showed in his work. He also looked like Albert Einstein, his hair was really frizzy, and I think he purposely styled it that way. 

by Murtaza A '20

December Word Search and Solution

December Word Search








December Word Search Answer Key