by Neha M '14

New York Gets A New Chancellor

On November 9th, 2010 Mayor Bloomberg announced that Joel Klein, our school chancellor, would be resigning from his post.  Cathie Black, previous publisher of USA Today and manager of several magazines, was appointed to his position.  Designating Black as the new chancellor began a large controversy in New York City.
This decision caused much uproar among NYC parents and students who complained that Black had no experience in the education field.  After their experience with Klein, formerly a lawyer with a similar lack of education experience, NYC residents want a fresh face that represents change in children’s education. They feel that a chancellor must have some history or credentials in the field of education which Black lacks.  Black doesn’t have an education

by Neha M '14 by Sebastian A '14

Obama Proposes Shorter Summer Vacations

The Obama administration proposed a plan on September 27th, 2010 about an extended school year in order to raise student achievement, which raised much controversy among to adults and kids alike.  The plan would extend the school year by a month, decreasing the length of summer vacation.  When this idea was proposed, many issues were brought up that both supported and went against it, one of the prime issues being the economy.  It is well known that America is in an economic recession and our funds are being cut.  Some people believe that if we were to pass such a plan, more governments funds would be spent rather then saved because, teachers and administrators would have to be paid an extra month’s salary. In addition, money would be needed to keep the school open for things such as electricity (air-conditioning, lights, etc.)
Another concern the plan raised was the potential damage it could inflict upon the tourism industry.  During the summer time or break families spend money to go on vacations both in and out

by Neha M '14

In Defense of the Social Network Phenomenon

What is the first word you think of when you think of Social Networking? If you are like most people, Facebook probably comes to mind.  Facebook is THE social networking site with more than 500 million active users.  It seems as though everyone has a Facebook nowadays from second and third graders to some senior citizens and teachers for that matter.  Facebook is the site teenagers and adults use the most; constantly updating their statuses, adding pictures, writing on peoples’ walls making it an ever-changing website. This generation is addicted/obsessed with social networking moving from Facebook to Twitter to Tumblr.
Having a Facebook has its pros and cons.  Many times people find themselves

by Erin C '14 by Neha M '14

10 Tips For New Bees

(1.) Do not procrastinate.  You’ll regret it at 2 o’clock in the morning.
(2.) Do not throw textbooks out of the window. (It’s happened before.) Do not hide them either.
(3.) Do not attempt to do martial arts by kicking bathroom stall doors because someone WILL chip his tooth.
(4.) Make sure if you’re going to the fifth floor pool to travel with a teacher.
(5.) If your backpack weighs more than 20 pounds, lighten up your load.  File your notes and use your locker.
(6.) If you have any problems, don’t be afraid to talk to your advisor, other teachers, or the Guidance Counselor.
(7.) Don’t fall asleep in class unless you want a rude awakening.
(8.) Take initiative in your grade and in the school.  You decide how fun or depressing your years will be at BSGE.
(9.) Do not send “love” notes in class.  Teachers will get the wrong idea.
(10.) Join the BaccRag! It’s awesome and helps with community and service hours!

by Neha M '14 by Steven A '14

7th Graders, Show Us Your Sting!

Steven Alvarez
Hey welcome the BSGE, this school as you know is one the best schools in this nation. In here you will be expected to do things where in your old school sounded crazy. In the beginning of the year it would seem easy but by the middle of the year it will get a lot harder. The only advice I have for you is to just adapt and don’t

by Neha M '14

Looking Back at the First Year of Memories

The seventh graders in BSGE have almost completed their first year. They have been through many experiences, overcome various problems, made a ton of friends, and reflected on their first year at BSGE. When looking back on it, most seventh graders feel the workload has been stressful and close to an overload. At the same time, a lot of 7th graders have changed their feelings about BSGE and now consider it their second home.
When reflecting about their first year at BSGE the students will remember the amount and difficulty of the work they got. Compared to many schools, BSGE gives its students a lot of work that sometimes is quite stressful. Isabel Castro said that this year was, “hard, busy, stressful and preparing.” Ana Miljak, added, “All the work was really stressful and