IB Tired!

When was the last time that you slept at 10pm on a school night? Studies show that students and teachers need about 9 hours of sleep to properly function. However, the BSGE community knows that this statistic is ridiculous and doesn't apply to the school. Sleep not only plays an important factor in how engaged … Continue reading IB Tired!

IB Changing

As the BSGE community embraced a new and better school year, the new juniors and their teachers welcomed a changes to the IB curriculum for certain courses.   With the introduction of such modifications, teachers and students alike have been adjusting to accommodate for the new assessments, topics and focuses. The subject with the biggest changes … Continue reading IB Changing

New York Gets A New Chancellor

On November 9th, 2010 Mayor Bloomberg announced that Joel Klein, our school chancellor, would be resigning from his post.  Cathie Black, previous publisher of USA Today and manager of several magazines, was appointed to his position.  Designating Black as the new chancellor began a large controversy in New York City. This decision caused much uproar … Continue reading New York Gets A New Chancellor

Obama Proposes Shorter Summer Vacations

The Obama administration proposed a plan on September 27th, 2010 about an extended school year in order to raise student achievement, which raised much controversy among to adults and kids alike.  The plan would extend the school year by a month, decreasing the length of summer vacation.  When this idea was proposed, many issues were … Continue reading Obama Proposes Shorter Summer Vacations