by Rahid M '18

The Famous History of Kaufman Studios

Did you know that some of your favorite movies, tv shows and animations  have been made less than 3 blocks away from school? That celebrities like Will Smith, Jeremy Renner, the Smurfs and the cast of Sesame Street live and act and have traveled here to make movies? Well, Kaufman Studios has done it, all behind that dark tanned mysterious and historic building which houses the sets of multi-million dollar movies.

Source: Brownstoner Queens
Source: Brownstoner Queens

Kaufman is one of the most sophisticated movie and television show production centers in New York. It has 8 massive stages, including their new backlot, making Kaufman the only outdoor staging facility in NY. Every year each stage is dedicated to a different show or movie that will be produced over time. It has been producing as far back as 1977 and has produced a number of famous TV shows and movies. This includes Sesame Street starting from as far back as 1992, The original Cosby Show (1987 to 2000), Law and Order, and Trials By Jury (2004-2005).