2016-2017 by Lisbeth A '20 by Reshmi A '21 Faculty Features

BSGE’s New Assistant Principal

Among the many recent changes introduced to BSGE is the arrival of a new assistant principal, Ms. Maria Mamo-Vacacela. She has been appointed as an Interim Acting Assistant Principal, meaning that before Ms. Mamo-Vacacela gets permanently hired she has to undergo a trial process. Ms. Johnson explained, “She is with us now, you can think of it as a probation period to see if it is going to be a good fit. Then, she gets interviewed for the position. Afterwards, teachers, students, and parents get a chance to say, “‘yes’ or ‘no’.” According to Ms. Johnson, Ms. Mamo-Vacacela is being tried for the position because “the responsibilities placed on principals have increased, and we may eventually need more help, especially if our population will grow.”

When asked about her education, Ms. Mamo-Vacacela said laughingly, “I’m a Queens girl.” After having graduated from Christ the King High School in Middle Village, she pursued and received B.A. degree in Mathematics at Queens College. Ms. Mamo-Vacacela also holds a master’s degree in multicultural education from the College of Mount St. Vincent. She perceives this specialization especially fitting here, at BSGE, because of our school’s diversity.

by Reshmi A '21

The Marvelous Math Club

There are over twenty clubs currently functioning in BSGE. Students, based on their hobbies, can choose to attend clubs with themes such as French, Yoga, Fashion, Math and many others. For me, as an addict to Sudoku-like puzzle and logic games, Math Club was an obvious choice. Hence, as soon as Middle school Math Club opened, with Mr. Mehan at its helm, I was on board, along with 50 other Math enthusiasts. The club offers engaging and challenging mathematical activities that can build skills and logical thinking.

Every Wednesday from 2:15 P.M. to 3:15 P.M. Middle School Math Club opens its door. Mr. Mehan, in his typical engaging manner, makes all the sessions enjoyable and exciting. When asked about the benefits of joining the club, Mr. Mehan explains, “students [in math club] are exposed to different kinds of math problems that they may or may not be exposed to during school. Most importantly, I just want students to have fun socializing while doing math.”