Word from the Real World: Samantha Calpo Reply

As I sit still waiting for my Psychology lecture to begin, my professor holds out his hands, wiggles his hips and sings, “Now, let’s get this show on the road!” How familiar a dance it was, as it was the same little movement that Jim Napolitano used to do during Math SL.

“When picking your sources, make sure there is no bias,” my Writing teacher says.  I can almost see Jennifer cringing all the way in BSGE at the sound of that.

“I like to make the answers to quizzes all the same letter, and watch students squirm,” my Chemistry professor gleefully admits. (No one likes him.)

“I am a tutor, an upper year, a friend, and a resource. I only want you guys to exceed in what you do and carry on that selflessness to the next generation,” writes my Physics tutor in his two-page email.

These are just some of the lines that I constantly hear throughout my days as a freshman in college.

My name is Samantha and I am from BSGE’s Class of 2014.  I am a current first-year student at The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education (I must have a thing for schools with long names), which is part of the City College of New York.  Sophie Davis is a seven-year medical program that aims to do two things: medically serve the underserved communities, and increase the presence of primary care physicians. More…


BSGE Spirit Week! Reply

This week starts BSGE Spirit Week! Show off school spirit for:

Moody Monday - Wear your pajamas to school!

Moody Monday – Wear your pajamas to school!

Twin Tuesday - Match clothes with a friend!

Twin Tuesday – Match clothes with a friend!

On Wednesday We Wear Pink

On Wednesday We Wear Pink

Tension Tuesday - Represent your grade's colors!

Tension Tuesday – Represent your grade’s colors!

Fancy Friday - Dress to impress!

Fancy Friday – Dress to impress!

Harvard University Displays “Boston Strong” On Campus Reply

Harvard's "Boston Strong" message board

Harvard’s “Boston Strong” message board

Following last month’s bombings at the Boston Marathon in Massachusetts, Boston University set up “Boston Strong” boards on campus for students, staff, and guests to sign. Below are just a few of the many messages left by hundreds of signers. Many were in English but countless were in a different language, displaying the international attention the bombings have received as well as the widespread sympathy. Also below is a drawing of a heart by what seems to be a young child. More…

Curriculum Night 2012 Reply

IMG_1064Earlier this year on November 5th, BSGE held Curriculum Night, a night when BSGE parents were able to meet teachers. From 6:30 to 8:30pm, parents of BSGE students walked around the school and “attended” classes according to their child’s schedule. Each class was about 9 minutes long and the parents had 4 minutes to get from class to class. In each classroom, the parents got to meet the teachers of each of the subjects that their child took. As stated clearly on the flyers and on the BSGE website, this was not a night for one-on-one talks about specific students and their performance in their classes. Instead, the parents were introduced to the courses, the structure and the expectations of the classes. Some teachers handed out course outlines, materials and binder information, and syllabi, while some handed out tips and helpful information for the success of the students. At some point during the night, each “grade” had 2 periods for time in the cafeteria. This time was devoted for socializing, getting refreshments, and talking to students and alumni of BSGE. There, parents talked to other parents – some More…

The Difficult Transition from MYP to IB

As many of BSGE’s juniors have recently become aware of, the transition from the MYP to the IB curriculum is a particularly difficult adjustment. Moving up to the eleventh grade not only signals the third year of highschool, but also the first year of IB. The two to four years that these students spent at BSGE prior to junior year are supposed to prepare them for the heavy workload and demanding nature of the IB Diploma Program. Whether student or teacher, many at BSGE realize how intimidating the IB DP is made out to sound – with the more work expected to be done and the seemingly less time that can be put in to work on each assignment.

Two classes in which the transition from MYP to IB seems especially difficult are More…

Spanish Spring Breakers Reply

On April fifth, 12 students from the sophomore Spanish classes took a trip to Spain. Being the first BSGE trip to Spain, the planning of the trip was a lot of work for teachers, students, and parents alike. The class, led by Mr. Giraldo, had planned for this trip since October of 2011. With the help of Ms. Johnson, Mr. Giraldo was able to get in contact with a few travel agencies and tour companies in Spain, and was able to put together a schedule for each day that they stayed. Having to get up as early as 5:30 A.M., the students had a busy schedule, having to leave the hotels in time for the tour buses and “a lot of program activities all day,” according to Mr. Giraldo. The goal of the trip was “for the students to be able to use the [Spanish] language in real life situations,” according to Mr. Giraldo. Ordering at restaurants and shopping were two types of events during which the students could utilize their learning of the Spanish language.
Though planning took a long time, it was fairly easy for Mr. Giraldo to contact the parents because he “had a good relationship with them” and, knowing most of them, he was able to talk to them easily and answer their questions via email. Isabella Hernandez ‘14 described her parents’ reaction to the opportunity to go to Spain. “They said, ‘You need More…

Behind The Metal Counter Reply

“Pizza and fries please.” Four words may be all we ever say to the people working our cafeteria, but what really goes on behind the metal counter?
The “School Food Service Manager” (the professional term for the person who runs our cafeteria) is named Dorothy. She comes to BSGE twice a week and works at three other schools. Her job as manager consists of ordering food, making phone calls, and making sure the kitchen is clean. Her orders are sometimes read off of a preprinted menu that’s made for New York City public schools.
Dorothy says that she tries to talk to BSGE students to understand More…

Bringing Culture To BSGE: 9th Graders Celebrate Holi Reply

March 18th, 2011 marked Holi, the spring festival for people who practice Hinduism. Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world with most of its followers in India. Holi is celebrated by throwing colored powder and colored water at each other because it also called the celebration of the Colors of Unity & Brotherhood. Some people believe that the significance of the thrown colors is to break the barrier of race and gender—to forget all differences and celebrate the day together.
The 18th also marked the first celebration of the holiday at BSGE. Neha Mehta ’14, a freshman at our school, took it upon herself to bring her culture into the BSGE building. With permission from Ms. Johnson, Neha brought in 6 bags of Holi powder colored red, green, pink, yellow, and blue. Starting even before 1st period, Neha went around the school to adorn her friends (and More…

Shakespeare at BSGE Reply

Since late November, Ms. Nikkolos’ advisory has been working on a play called ‘King Lear,’ written by William Shakespeare. They practice daily during advisory, and sometimes during lunch, with the help of actor Steve Witting – father of BSGE’s 9th grader Olivia Witting. “’King Lear’ is a play about death,” says Sebastian Ali ‘14, who plays the title role of King Lear. “He gives his land to his three daughters, two of which only love their father for his money. The youngest daughter, Cordelia, loves her father truly but can’t show it. She’s banished from the kingdom, and dies.” The performance is later this year, and advisories will be invited to the music room to watch.

Why You Trippin’, Freshman? BSGE 9th Graders Go Ice Skating at Flushing Meadows Reply

February 15th, tBSGE Freshman went ice skating on their first Council organized field trip. Thanks to the newly created Freshman Council, the 9th graders went to ice skate at World Ice Arena in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. The council members thought that planning a day trip would be much more feasible than an overnight one. Among ideas such as museums, amusement parks, and New York’s landmarks, ice-skating was one of the most requested one-day trips.
Once the trip was planned, the majority of the 9th grade was thrilled. According to the council, around 60 of the 70-something freshmen (and a few teacher chaperones) went ice-skating. One student, Raymond Fu ’14, commented, More…

New Kids On the Block:“So Far So Good” Reply

There are some new faces in the freshman grade this year. Their first year in high school is also their first year at BSGE. Many of them have good impressions of our school and have a clear sense of what they’ve gotten themselves into.
One newcomer, Bill Gao, notes that BSGE is an “okay” school, but the teachers and people are great. He is thankful that the teachers don’t give too much homework. Another new freshman, Jordan Merizalde, is on the boys basketball team and can say that he loves BSGE because of its sports team. Coached by More…

Our Crazy Grades! Reply

In our school, the Baccalaureate School for Global Education, our grading system is not 0 to 4. It is also not A+ through F. Our grading scale is quite unique, and can be a bit confusing at times. Our scale is from 1 to 7, 7 being “excellent”, 6 being “very good”, 5 being “good”, 4 being “satisfactory”, 3 being “ mediocre”, 2 being “poor”, and last but not least 1 being “no course credit”. BSGE gives you separate grades for an overall performance, work, and behavior. This school does not single you out as a student and makes sure you know exactly what you need to do to improve for the upcoming report card or progress report.
A progress report card just like the name says is based on your More…

The Importance of Staying Organized Reply

If you get yourself organized at the beginning of the year, then it will be very easy to stay organized. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have all the notebooks and binders you need. Keep the papers from a subject in a binder with other papers from that subject. This will help you when you need to study for a test, or when a teacher gives you a binder quiz.  Also if anything, have a folder that you can keep papers from a certain subject or a certain day from.  This will help organize what handouts you get that will be needed later on.
You also need to learn some time-management. This will be very More…

Shamar Walters Reflects On His Time at BSGE Reply

Many new students
at BSGE believe that there
is too much work given.
But some of the older kids
think there is a good side of
the heavy workload. One
senior, Shamar Walters, believes
that to younger kids,
it may seem as if the assignments
are overwhelming,
but once you reach the end
of high school, you start to More…