by Solemia G '11

Embarrassing Stories

I was late to school yesterday and I woke up late again this morning. I ran out of my house and managed to run to the bus stop just in time to catch the bus as it was ready to leave. I had fallen asleep without doing my global essay so I did it on the bus. When it came to my stop I ran out for the train. I heard the train so I ran even faster down the stairs I didn’t see the woman who was walking towards me. I full on crashed into her and I fell. The train was there so I jumped back up ran under the turnstiles and hopped on. I was so embarrassed the entire train station’s attention was on me!
– 10th grade

I was at Boston University one summer and I asked my roommate if she was going out she said no so I didn’t bothering taking my keys to the shower room. I returned to my room with only a towel and I knocked

by Solemia G '11

Most Embarassing Moments

“I was at the mall one
day with my mom. We
were outside Afaze and
she pointed to something
really cute and I leaned
over to get a closer look
and I banged my head