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Teacher of the Month: Ms. Jennifer Dikes

If you were to be on a stranded island with one BSGE teacher who would it be and why?
Virge because Virge would keep me alive. Because if I was stranded with Ms. You or Adam, we’d collectively starve to death.
It sounds like you have experience with that.
With Virge keeping me alive. Yeah, absolutely.

If you were stuck in a room for 48 hours and you had to bring two movies but you had to watch them over and over again, what two movies would you bring?
That is a good question. Two movies to watch over and over… Ferris Bueller’s Day Off because it would make me laugh over and over again. And then something really complicated that each time I’d watch it I’d get something out of it. Probably Momento because I’ve only seen that once.

by Stephanie A '11

Teacher of the Month: Niki Singh

You’re always surrounded by kids (family, school), where do you go to escape?
The hour-long subway ride to and from school is my escape, especially when I don’t have anything to grade.

What were you like as a teenager?
I always think of myself as being a goody-two-shoes, but I also remember  wanting to have a particular friend around because she NEVER got into trouble, whereas I always did.  I was in boarding school in India so the kinds of things that got us into trouble were feeding stray dogs and exploring the hills around. And going over

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Understanding the Billboard Charts

Every musician knows that a spot on the Billboard Charts means that they’ve made a name for themselves. These statistics are read by entertainers like the Holy Bible. There are different charts for best single, best album and best digital album as well as divisions among those categories for different genres of music. These charts are updated weekly.
It’s important to realize that actually calculating these statistics is very difficult, and for the most part, unreliable, especially when it comes to radio play and physical CD sales. This is especially true for the “Top 200” chart, which ranks the top 200 albums, because of the wide scope of albums that have to be covered. Another grey area

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Future Music Moguls At NYU

New York University is known as an over-priced college spread out through most of downtown Manhattan. Although it lacks the traditional campus and frat-bonding experience, it is still on most seniors’ college list. Surrounded by clubs, restaurants, and many high-fashion clothing stores, NYU has attracted many music fans because of the endless opportunities the city holds. As the music industry grew, the Tisch School for Recorded Music formed. An email from our very own Ms. You informed me about a special program called The Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music at NYU-Tisch School of the Arts, which was holding a program called Future Music Moguls. The program introduces all aspects of the contemporary music business to students, with a special focus on developing entrepreneurial skills. Learning about

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Saving lives with music

BSGE students know first-hand how important Blood Drives  are. One that I have been involved with combines music with saving lives. Music Saves Lives is a relatively new organization, started in late 2005, on a mission to collect as many blood and bone marrow donations as possible. Although it hasn’t even been 5 years since MSL has started, they’ve reached out to an astounding number of individuals under the age of 25. In total this California-based organization has collected more than 1 million blood donations and 15,000 bone marrow registrations.
The music aspect of this organization comes from the creator, Russel Hornbeek. Previously working as a tissue recovery tech for 9 years with the American Red Cross, he was very knowledgeable

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Entertainment with Steph.

The formal definition of “jersey shore” is the Atlantic coast of New Jersey and the adjacent resort and residential communities. But since the new MTV show Jersey Shore, a new meaning to the term has formed. The area is known for attracting hard-partying Guidos who fist-pump the night away. You want the official definition to the term “Guido” too, don’t ya? Well, the definition had is a little too explicit to share with you all, but it did have a nicer way of defining their “wardrobe and natural habitat” which you guys can read up on at the website!
The MTV producers definitely took a chance with this new type of reality show. I can honestly say I’ve never heard of a show where we watch Italians — some real and some fake — party, tan, work out, tan,

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Entertainment with Steph

Whether change is benevolent or for the worse is a topic that has always been debated. I personally don’t think there is always a right or wrong answer but for certain subjects I have an opinion. Lately people have been bashing on artists for changing their sound, voicing that they are sell outs, poseurs, etc. I, on the other hand, believe that it is perfectly fine for an artist to change their sound or genre. In fact, I think it’s necessary in order to be considered a successful musician. Writing and making music is a learning process. Artists discover things they never have before throughout

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Entertainment with Steph!

This year’s was no doubt one of the most talked about MTV Video Music Awards. It was full of unintended surprises and a series of “unique” Lady GaGa outfits. The awards began with a ten-minute Michael Jackson tribute. Madonna gave an impressive speech on his life, and the tribute continued with an opening of the famous “Thriller” as well as with numerous dance numbers of other famous Jackson songs like Bad and Billie Jean. Closing the ceremony Janet mimicked her beloved brother’s dance to “Scream;” a duet between brother and sister. Honestly, I thought the tribute was phenomenal. Surprisingly enough, due to all of the excitement that took place after it, I had to keep on reminding myself that this performance took place.
One of the most jaw-dropping moments that will forever stay in my memory is

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How to Meet Celebrities

Living in New York, it’s not that difficult to spot a celebrity. My 10th grade personal project was to film a documentary about my quest to meet Nick Jonas. I had come very close before, I’ve even held Joe Jonas’ hand, but I’ve never really been able to speak to Nick. I got very close to getting to meet him, unfortunately the deadline came before I could complete the project. Recently, however, I spent a few hours with Jonathan Cook, Caleb Turman, and Austin Bello from the band Forever the Sickest Kids in Times Square.
I found out that they were going to stay at a hotel in Times Square (through Twitter) and that they were

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Yearbook: The Circus Comes to BSGE

Everyone was feeling Britney Spears’ hit “Circus”, so why not make it the theme of this years’ yearbook? The book is packed with memories and everything associated with the Circus including bright colors, originality, and mayhem.
With the table of contents as a world map, the creativity put into this yearbook was apparent immediately. The yearbook staff was devoted to this years’ theme, using clever headings such as “We are cirque D’IB”. Only a few pages stray from the circus theme, like the “Where have we gone?” page.
One of the most exciting pages is filled with baby photos. It was interesting to look at the old faces and match them with the new. The yearbook also brought back their original senior profile format, used in the first and second yearbook. Each senior has two pictures, one formal and one silly, and then a few lines about the senior. It’s a nice parallel but I found the index card layout for the senior profiles from the last year’s yearbook more appealing. However, looking at these couple of

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‘lol noodz 4 u plz 4wrd’

Who knew sending text messages could get you in trouble? Well, when you’re sending explicit pictures, videos or messages relating to sex, your right to speech becomes complicated. Teenagers have started this new trend known as “Sexting”. Today’s technology has opened up a whole new medium for typical adolescent “experimentation” which may be more dangerous than many teens comprehend.
Eleventh grader, Alex Gutu has yet to send or receive a “sext” message.  Even so, he thinks people who send these dirty text messages are “stupid”.
Most students who were caught had their phones on during school and

by Stephanie A '11

Movie Review: Benjamin Button

What would happen
if instead of growing
older as time went by you
grew younger?
Based on the
F. Scott Fitzgerald short
story, The Curious Case of
Benjamin Button tells the
tale of a man who ages in
reverse; he is born an old
man, and as the years progress,
he gets younger. Over
the course of two hours