by Steven A '14

Teacher of the Month: Mr. Jim Heine

Why did you want to become a teacher?
Teaching found me.  I was looking to make a change in my career, and New York City was in need of teachers. Several events came together, and I became a teacher.

Photo Credit: Isabel C '14

How do you feel about working here for so long?
I did not realize that I had been here so long.  Time really does fly when you enjoy what you do.

Why did you choose to work at BSGE?
I did not choose BSGE, BSGE chose me.  I am very fortunate that they did.

by Steven A '14

BSGE’s Boys Basketball Team: Sting’s First Win

The BSGE boys basketball team is headed by 7th grade English teacher Mr. Anderson and this year they appear more serious than ever. Their record for the previous school year was 0-14, and yes, they lost all of their games. As an initiative to improve the team, Mr. Anderson has been working with the squad on team chemistry and how they can make their jobs easier on the court. Surprisingly enough, the basketball team won a game this year against Millennium High School on November 23rd. The score was 22-23 with the game’s winning shot made by

by Neha M '14 by Steven A '14

7th Graders, Show Us Your Sting!

Steven Alvarez
Hey welcome the BSGE, this school as you know is one the best schools in this nation. In here you will be expected to do things where in your old school sounded crazy. In the beginning of the year it would seem easy but by the middle of the year it will get a lot harder. The only advice I have for you is to just adapt and don’t

by Steven A '14

Editorial: Does BSGE Really Need a Gym?

Due to the size of our school, BSGE students have lost the opportunity to have a gym, an indoor place to go and to play sev­eral kinds of sports. Having a gym would be best for the school because outside factors such as weather and the terrain wouldn’t af­fect the gym giving BSGE students more chances to play their favorite kind of sports. It would also give the stu­dents a chance to play more variety of sports other than just basketball or football out at the park.

Students have different reactions about whether having a gym would affect students’ ac­tiveness. “It makes the stu­dents a lot less active since we are in school all day, students can’t play their fa­vorite sports or play on their