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No, It’s Not That Kind of Pie

On March 14, Ms Hernandez and Ms Lambrini’s Math students in 7 and 8 grade celebrated Pi day. This day is known as Pi day because of the first three digits of Pi, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, are 3.14.  Some people mistakenly think the day is a celebration of pie not of a math constant.  It turns out that March 14th is also Albert Einstein’s birthday, a further cause for celebration. Students brought in chips, cookies, munchkins, soda and juice, and of course, pie to celebrate the occasions. Students prepared projects in their groups such as plays, poems, the History of Pi, and a presentation on Albert Einstein. Students also memorized Pi to at least 30 digits (Pi is an infinite series of numbers), read a

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Got Guidance?

When it comes to a problem, BSGE’s Guidance Counselor, Tim David-Lang is there to find the solution. When he thinks about his job, he really seems to like it. Tim explains, “I do like my job, most days I feel like there’s some interaction that has been meaningful or purposeful.”  He plays many important roles in this school like, the counseling work, admissions work, and other administrative work.
Tim believes that BSGE is a positive school. He explains, “I think children and adults who are here want to be here and that makes a school a good school. People here focus and do what they’re

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New Bees Are Adjusting Well

This year’s seventh graders really seem to love BSGE so far.  The new students came to BSGE looking for a better education and they seem to have found it.  They really like their new teachers and the style of learning at their new school.  7th grader, Luca Cognata explained, “We do a lot more interactive things in this school than in my old school.”
Although the students are happy at their new school, many find it difficult here.  The new kids find the level of work here as well as the classes challenging.  7th grader, Luis Silva complains, “70 minute periods are long and boring and I lose concentration.”  Some also complained about the amount of homework they have received so far.  BSGE students, especially in middle school, do far more homework than their peers at other schools.  One student complained,