Senior Art Show Openings 3/14, 3/16 6pm

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10 Things I Learned When I Went to Buzzfeed

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to visit Buzzfeed’s New York headquarters. Here’s a few things I discovered when I went to this virtual sanctuary.

  1. Each conference room is named after a celebrity, including each member of Destiny’s Child.
  2. Outside each conference/celebrity room is a cardboard cutout of the aforementioned celebrities. I got a picture taken next to 2-dimensional Harry Potter.
  3. On the structural pillars in the building are random celebrity heads, such as Ryan Gosling and Kanye West that watch you ominously.
  4. There are bagels every Friday. EVERY. FRIDAY. It would be the perfect place for Mr. Mehan.
  5. There is a cornucopia of food! There are seven types of cereal, and bins filled with pretzels, welch fruit snacks, etc. There are coffee and hot-chocolate machines. For free. The liquids are dispensed into large Buzzfeed mugs.
  6. There’s a British telephone booth that may or may not work. However it did not double as an elevator that went into the subway station (you go Arthur Weasley).
  7. The heating system in the building is apparently terrible, so all the Buzzfeeders(?) go around wearing hats and blankets.
  8. Everyone there is pretty much in their 20s, so kudos to Generation Y.
  9. The walls are decorated with huge circular “OMG” and “LOL” posters. Oh my god!
  10. They gave me free memorabilia in the form of Buzzfeed pens, stickers, notebooks, and notepads. The one time I actually support shameless promotion.
  11. Bonus: I got featured in a Buzzfeed article! It’s called 28 People Share Why They Love Their “Flaws”. I mentioned the itty bitty dot on my nose, that never fails to give me symmetry. Check it out here!
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BSGE Computer Cart Olympics! After school today!

The school purchased new computer carts for the competition to ensure the competitors had only the finest equipment.

BSGE will hold its first annual Computer Cart Olympics on Wednesday, April 1st, after school at 3pm. Teams will compete in various events to evaluate their skills in pushing computer carts around the building. There are three different events and winners will be crowned for each individual event and best overall team performance.

photo 1
7th graders practicing after school with their coach.

Speed: The first event will be a race that requires students to take a computer cart from room 416 to the conference room in the fastest time. There will be randomly placed obstacles of 50lb 7th grade backpacks that students must avoid. Teams that bump into the obstacles or the walls will be disqualified.

Grace: The second event will be a synchronized computer cart dance event in which two teams of two students have to perform a synchronized routine to ballet music in the cafeteria.

Strength: The final event will be a computer cart dead lift in which teams have to lift increasingly heavy computer carts weighed down by science textbooks.

photo 2
The look of intensity.

The competition is open to students in all grades though they have to get their parents to sign a waiver stating the school is not responsible for any computer cart injuries.

Sign up forms will be posted outside of room 316 on April 1st before the competition.

(This article is a joke. If you didn’t know that by now, please see us during one of our meetings about a bridge we have for sale. We are required to state that this is a joke because of the April Fools’ fiasco of 2011).


BSGE Mets Game 5/15

You will be getting a copy of this form next week. The school is organizing school outing to a Mets game on Friday, May 15th at 7:10pm. This is not a field trip but the school is organizing a group purchase of tickets. If you are interested, please complete the form below and submit it to the parent coordinator, Ms. Pasach, before April 27th and the sooner you complete it the better. Students, families, alumni, and friends are all welcome. If you have questions, please talk to Mr. Ramos, Mr. Lakhaney, or Ms. Pasach

mets order form copy

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The Running Club: The Journey to 5k

Running is a common form of exercise that many people around the world take part in either to lose weight or for personal enjoyment. The latter is seen in the case of Kohen Rahman 18’, who said: “BSGE really needed a running club. I decided to ask Tim about it because running is something I love to do. It’s a great way to let go with all the schoolwork we get in BSGE. I think BSGE’s Running Club is a great escape for all students, to just come and run.” After much persistence, Kohen had finally found a teacher that was interested in supervising the club. Timothy David-Lang, BSGE’s guidance counselor, enjoys running and has participated in several marathons in recent years. Mr. David-Lang realized that participating in the club would be a fun opportunity to help students learn how to run and also to help prepare for a race in May. Mr. David-Lang’s goal for the club is for them to be able to run a 5k, which is approximately 3.1 miles. In order for the members to accomplish this goal, Mr. David-Lang formulated a plan that would gradually increase the amount of activity over a 10 week period. The Running Club meets twice a week, stretching in the cafeteria before taking a jog through the streets of Astoria. Students as well as faculty members are still able to join the club at any time and can also follow the scheduled program advised by Mr. David-Lang if they don’t have the time to participate with the club.



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Extra Day Off! Hooray! (Or, Not So Much?)

A few weeks ago, Mayor de Blasio announced that New York City public schools would be closed for Eid holidays, starting in the 2015-2016 school year. This year, we’ll be having September 26th off.

After years of fighting for this, many Muslims across the city rejoiced.  “When these holidays are recognized, it’s a sign that Muslims have a role in the political and social fabric of America,” said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group. This is especially important because of the post-9/11 state of mind that many people still tend to hold tight to.

What is Eid, anyways?

There are two Eids, both at different times at the year and celebrated for different reasons. The first is Eid Al-Fitr, celebrated at the end of Ramadan, the holiest month of the year for Muslims, in which they fast for approximately 30 days in a row, from sunrise to sunset each day.  Eid Al-Fitr marks the end of the month, being the first day out of the past thirty that they’re allowed to eat and drink during the day. Muslims start the day off by praying, then tend to go join in festivities with family and friends. Depending on the culture, children may also receive money and or gifts from family members.

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Bathroom Door Mystery


Most BSGE girls of all grades have probably noticed that the bathroom door on the third floor was replaced with a wooden door last month. Many thought such a sudden replacement was strange and didn’t know the reason, but have assumed that the old door wasn’t stable enough.

“It’s strange, but I have no idea why,” one senior said with a shrug of her shoulders. “I guess it was the janitors. Maybe the old door was falling off its hinges and they thought it was a safety hazard. I don’t know, but I don’t think Ms. Johnson does either.”

The students interviewed all agreed that they don’t know why the door was replaced with a wooden one, but it is definitely strange. “I actually haven’t noticed it, no.” states one anonymous girl. “I’ve been in too much of a rush. That sounds kind of weird, though, and I don’t know why they did it.” When asked, another student, Rachel Z ’20, said “Nope. I don’t know why. Does anyone?”


BSGE PTA Fundraiser at Panera Bread, 3/26 from 4-8pm

PTA Panera Fundraiser Flyer copy 2


BSGE IB Art Exhibition and Auction 3/25 6-8pm


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Bake Sale Craze at BSGE

Bake sales.  This once-every-two-month, or maybe non-existent treat for most schools are pretty common events at BSGE.  Most students have taken advantage of these delicious events, going into the corridor  in search of a what more-than-likely is a tasty snack.  Others, however, groan in frustration because a) they don’t have enough cash b) they want food but don’t want to spend cash c) they’re just plain tired of the same food items being displayed over and over again in these sales d) some other reason.

Source: TomoNews US
Source: TomoNews US

There are many people who enjoy these bake sales, claiming that these dessert items are one of the things that they look forward to each day.  According to Sophia C ‘19, bake sales basically equals food, and, well, food is good.  Obviously, she has a point.  It’s basically common knowledge that for the most part, cafeteria food plain sucks.  If the bake sale has some partially substantial food such as donuts, dumplings, fried rice, or samosas, many students would be willing to pay the dollar or two instead of eating the mystery meat available for lunch that day.  Even if students bring in their own lunch, desserts such as brownies and carbonated soft drinks are usually not included.  Bake sales give these students a chance to purchase drinks and desserts of their choice.

However, not everyone views the sales as a good thing.  Some students, like Sunny J. ‘19, think that they cause us to spend too much money at once since many bake sales are literally back to back and then all of the sudden, there are none for a long time.  Others, like Matthew D. ‘19 are allergic to foods provided at bake sales and dislike them because they can’t eat anything that is being sold.


Throw BACC Thursdays: BSGE Votes; Obama Prevails

The BACC Rag will repost an old article or interview (from our archive of almost a thousand stories!) each Thursday to help share great stories from the past that would still resound today. 

On Monday, November 3rd BSGE students cast their ballot for the President of the United States. For many it was a first, for some seniors it was practice for  the next day.
The  mock election was sponsored by The BACC Rag. Students voted during their lunch period. At the booth the student would sign next to their name and then fill in the oval corresponding to the candidate of their choice.
This first time event helped students better grasp the significance of the  election. It gave students a chance to voice their opinions and opened many disscusions about the nature of politics and the responsibility of voting.
Obama won at the election BSGE too but by a much larger margin then the national election. Obama won 78% of the school’s vote. This is even higher than in New York City where Obama won by 62%.