Junior Council Aims to Make Prom Tickets Free

On Friday, September 19th, 2014, BSGE students from the graduating class of 2016 gathered in Room 300 for the first meeting of Junior Council – a student group with the aim to raise money to lower the cost of prom tickets. The group meets each Friday of the month, excluding extended holiday weekends. Each meeting will run from 2:20 to 3:30 pm and are supervised by Ms. Hunter, the 11th grade Math teacher.

Prior to the first meeting, Angelica and Beatriz B. ’16 created a Facebook page for students who are interested in finding out more information about Junior Council. Along with the official Facebook page, e-mails and phone numbers are ways that the Junior Council has been proactively keeping in touch with each member. Students who are not in Junior Council but would like to be updated on upcoming fundraising events and possibly contribute to future bake sales are invited to join the mailing list by contacting a council member.




Interview with BSGE’s Nurse – Mireille Desarme Reply

What is your cultural background?

I was born in Haiti.


What are some of your hobbies?

I like to read and travel.

What languages do you speak?

I speak Creole, French and English. More…

The Bacc Rag’s First Ever Photo Column! Reply

This year, the Bacc Rag would like to encourage students to show off their creativity. We are starting a photo column in which BSGE students may post their own photos, and if selected,  these photos will be featured on our website and print newspaper. A Google Drive document has been shared to all BSGE emails, allowing students to paste their photos on the document itself. One can also e-mail thebaccrag@gmail.com if they would like to keep these submissions private.

These photos can range from humorous, artsy, journalistic to whatever! However we advise students to keep images appropriate. And please, don’t post pictures you find interesting on the internet! We want photos that you took!  One of our Bacc Rag members will be in charge of reviewing and selecting the photographs for the More…

BSGE Demystifies IB Reply

Have you ever wondered what our school name BSGE means? It stands for Baccalaureate School for Global Education and it refers to the IB (International Baccalaureate) program established in BSGE in 2005. The IB program has been applied to over 4,000 schools (public and private) in 147 countries, over one quarter of them in the United States and 24 in New York. Students of these schools are aged 3-19. Our school focuses on two of the four programs, the pre-diploma program and the diploma program. In this program students aged 16-19 follow a rigorous two-year curriculum leading to the final examinations. This program helps students to develop physically, emotionally, More…

Opinion Piece: Statewide Exams Reply

Ugh! was the exclamation that crossed my lips when I realized the statewide exams were this April. It’s a tedious thing. No one sane would be willing to sit through three days of ELA and math examinations and read the most boring passages ever written or spend ninety minutes crunching numbers.

statewide exams

This terrible thing is not only a “New York thing”. All other forty-nine states have their own form of statewide tests for public schools. Many of these state tests are taken only from third to eighth grade. Some states like Alaska and Kansas have children take state tests third through twelfth grade. There are complaints all over the internet about state tests being ridiculous. Californians have accused their common core state test as overly complex math for such young students. New York City residents are blaming their rise in taxes on these states, or as they call it, “Cuomo Core Test experiment”. More…

December Snow

On Sunday December 8th, snowflakes floated onto rooftops, gently settled on tree branches, and nestled onto the cold ground. It was the first time it snowed this December.
Though snow makes a beautiful white landscape in the city, it poses threat to people. Heavy snow on roads could prevent people from traveling. Snow also causes sidewalks to be slippery, trapping people when falling from roofs, and giving people the cold. In 2010 Mayor Bloomberg has sent out snow plows too late to find many cars abandoned because they could not move and two people dead because of complications of Ambulances getting to hospitals quickly. Though snow could be dangerous people like Emanuella considered the efforts restaurants and the MTA of putting out salt to be “exaggerated.” Snowfall in New York City this December so far has not exceeded three inches.

The rest of America on the other hand has received a massive winter storm. In Minnesota people received as much as 1 to two feet of snow and Montana had temperatures reaching as cold as -25 Fahrenheit on Thanksgiving. This weather has caused over 250,000 homes in Texas alone to lose power and 11 people to die in the mid west, some in car accidents caused by poor visibility according to Fox News.
Eighth graders alike said they liked snow. Rayna Sinef ’18 said she would like it to snow more often because “it rarely ever snows, it would be nice to have a change and have fun in the snow.” With snow people could build snowmen, make snow angels, and sled down hills. There are many winter sports such as tubing, skiing, and figure skating that will be displayed in the in the Winter Olympics in 2014 starting February 7.
People such as Nicole Svirinavichiyus ’18 claimed with worry “I think snow has sadly decreased over the years.” Numerous studies have shown that the amount of snow on average has been decreasing for over thirty years, possibly as a result of increases in carbon dioxide emissions.

The Change In Streams Reply

This year BSGE created a drastic change to the stream setup throughout the grades. Though stream organizations changed every year, often having students grouped with several students they meet consistently in each class from 7th to 10th grade (11th and 12th graders are under an IB diploma program). Now, under the new system, streams are assigned to only seventh graders. All other students have unique schedules and belong in sections. Sections label specific groups within each subject and students may be part of several sections.
This change had been discussed by the school board for at least six years, though it was only applied this year. It was designed so classes would More…

Photos from IB Art Show 2013 Reply


This evening, BSGE’s seniors exhibited their art pieces at the Aurora Gallery in Astoria, NY. The seniors had been working on their pieces all year and have, since the beginning of the year, found a focus or theme for their pieces as well as what media they like to work in. Today, the seniors showed off their work to fellow students, BSGE teachers, and others as closure to their IB Art curriculum. Click for more pictures of BSGE’s seniors setting up for the show: (Photo credit: Jessica B ’13) More…

Harvard University Displays “Boston Strong” On Campus Reply

Harvard's "Boston Strong" message board

Harvard’s “Boston Strong” message board

Following last month’s bombings at the Boston Marathon in Massachusetts, Boston University set up “Boston Strong” boards on campus for students, staff, and guests to sign. Below are just a few of the many messages left by hundreds of signers. Many were in English but countless were in a different language, displaying the international attention the bombings have received as well as the widespread sympathy. Also below is a drawing of a heart by what seems to be a young child. More…

Helping Hands: Child Sex Trafficking Initiative Reply

somalymam            You might have noticed flyers for Helping Hands’ new initiative – child sex trafficking – around the school. The Somaly Mam foundation was made famous in a documentary called Half the Sky, shown on PBS, which highlighted various women’s issues internationally. This particular organization works with girls and women in Cambodia, who are kidnapped from their families and sold to brothels as young as 3 years old. Cambodia has a huge illegal sex trafficking industry, which generates $500 million a year. The woman who created the foundation is Somaly Mam, who is a survivor of sex trafficking herself. She helps to rescue, More…

Woody Allen: A Witty and Effervescent Human-being Reply

After walking around Union Square one hypothermic afternoon, I found myself seeking shelter in the nearest store which just so happened to be Strand- the real life Beauty and the Beast library but not as grandiose and not free- even though most books are close to it. Although the weather outside was frightful, I found myself gravitating towards the dollar books outdoors because 1) They cost less than a water bottle and 2) They cost less than a water bottle- therefore deeming them to be more vital to our lives than water itself- which is pretty vital. While browsing I came upon an old, antiquated book called “Side Effects” by Woody Allen, which More…

A Letter from Ms. Hernandez Reply

Hi BSGE students!
This is Ms. Hernandez. For those who don’t know me, I taught seventh and eighth grade math for many years at BSGE. I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure having a chance to teach so many of you at BSGE. I left BSGE to explore a new opportunity
but I will always treasure my experiences with you.  I wish you all the best of luck! I hope you have a successful year. Thanks to the BaccRag staff for allowing me to do this!

A Letter From Mr. McGuire Reply

Dear BSGE,
What’s good? I miss you guys and wish I could teleport through the yellow cabinet in the art closet and say hello. I left a secret message in the art room, if you find it, and you’re a senior, you will probably know what it means. Why did I leave? My lady friend received an exciting job offer in Wisconsin so we decided to make an adventure out of it and have a new experience. It was heart breaking leaving BSGE, especially leaving my students, but I always follow my gut and this More…

Sarina Strohl’s Graduation Speech Reply

As I focus my attention on the crowd that sits before me, I am making an imprint of every subtle detail, promising myself never to forget this day. The blue tassels on each of the graduates right side is a simple symbol of coming of age. The obvious excited anticipation of each of our parents is reflected  through their fidgety movements and inconsistent blinks. I must question, as each senior in the crowd is also questioning, how did we get here? Although our presence in this quaint theater is most easily explained by the many nights where sleep was relinquished in the name of a relentlessly cruel  monster otherwise known as IB, I’d like to believe our high school experience has been a much more than More…

In Case You Missed It: BSGE Almuni Shamar Walters’ Graduation Speech Reply

I give honor to our principal Ms. Kelly Johnson, the vice-principal Ms. Ines Loveras, our graduation coordinators Mr. Virge Ramos and Mrs. Vanessa Rabines, to every single member of the Baccalaureate staff from the teachers to the wonderful people working in the office too.  Just any and everyone because all of you have been vital to these past six years. I give honor to my parents and family and to all the families and friends that are in attendance here today. And most of all I honor you the graduating class of 2009!
I can still remember my first day at BSGE, in seventh grade. I hadtransferred in from my old school and I was two months late. I walked into Ms. Kumar’s English class and I sat down at my seat and all I could think about was the fact that I didn’t know anyone in my class and no one was going to talk to me. In the midst of that a girl sat down at her seat looked at me and said “hey, you’re new. What’s your name?”  And as she began to talk to me more and more students started to come over and ask questions and soon that one turned to three and that three turned to seven and so on and so on. As that first day continued and the rest of the year ensued… I realized there was something very different about this school. There was a sense of community. And now six years later looking back on that, I realize More…

Class of 2009 Reply

Remember when … Said …

Omar Noel- “Ms. Kumar said she would do the chicken noodle soup dance in the middle of class if I showed her how, and she actually did it?”

Angelica May- “Dr. H said we weren’t allowed to hug eachother?”

Malorie Mo- “Milena said ‘Malorie doesn’t count as a real Chinese person.’”?

Katie Schwartz- “Paul said his name was pronounced ‘Pa-ool’ to the substitute teach­er in ITGS to make fun of her for calling Jehan “Zehon”?

John Theotokas- “Angelica said that Bob Marley was still alive?”

remember in…

Joseph Rivera- “Adam Noor’s class when Amirah spazzed out and almost beat up the substi­tute because her doll was taken?”

Adrian Lliguichuzhca- “Dr. H’s class Neyla choked and Dr. H. went nuts trying to figure out what to do, and afterwards everyone clapped making it really awkward?”

Vincent Dillon- “Adam Noor’s class when I said a transvestite was the ‘entire’ package?”

Idan Menin- “Mac’s class Stamatis helped Paul imprint his face into the wooden hockey rink wall?”

Argemira Florez- “Ms.Ellman’s class when she threw a marker at Neyla by accident?”

Remember when…

Shamar Walters- “when Mr. Lattimore tried to square dance with Joseph?”

Yanni Stefanidis- “when Ms. Nikkolos sent me downstairs for getting in trouble and asking me to bring her a brownie from the bake sale on my way back up?”

Alejandro Cruz – “when Ms. Kumar was driving the wrong way down a one-way street?”

Eric Park- “when Josh and I accidentally locked Adam in one of the cages behind the music room?  We only found out the lock didn’t belong to any of us after we locked it!”

Shawntal Street– “I said remember that time Monae got stuck in the door – two minutes after it happened?”

Jonathan Touti– “we all went skinny dipping at 2 in the morning at Coney Island in the winter?”

Yocely Nava- “when we had no substitute teacher for math class and we maintained quiet so that nobody would find out?”

Argemira Florez- “when they put toilet water in my water bottle?”

Monae Dudley- “when Latisha threw a pancake in Kimber­ley’s face?  When Ms. Johnson spoke to her, Latisha said, ‘If I knew I would have gotten into trouble, I would have dipped it in syrup.’”