Editorial: BSGE’s New Lateness Policy

I enjoyed reading
Kristen Spang’s
editorial on the school’s
lateness policy. It’s
nice to know that we
can voice our opinions
openly in the school
newspaper. I wanted to
offer some perspective
on the issue and discuss
other aspects of the
To understand


SOS Walk for Darfur

The SOS Darfur Walk hosted by the BSGE Helping Hand Committee is an initiative to raise awareness and an act to help the refugees of the six-year-long genocide in Darfur, Sudan.  At Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria, NY, teams composed of at least 5 members will participate in a day long walk with a suggested donation of at least $20 per member. Registered groups must have at least one member walking during the walk hours 9am-6pm. Team members can also educate themselves by provided documentaries and literature at the event. To raise extra money, t-shirts, bracelets, and


Movie Review: Slumdog Millionaire, Best Movie by Far

by George I ’10

Every so often,
an independent film comes
along and makes a splash in
awards scene. For the past
couple of years, it was Juno
and Little Miss Sunshine.
This year, that film is undoubtedly
Slumdog Millionaire.
The film has already
received heaps of critical appraise,
and won eight Oscars
at this year’s awards. Slumdog
Millionaire, directed by


Book Review: Twilight From a Guy’s Perspective

by Sayeed A ’14

I don’t understand what all the fuss was about because this book was just okay. The plot in the book was decent but the characters were hollow and boring. I am a guy so maybe I would not like a story in a girl’s point of view. The love story parts of the book were freaky and inexcusable and also a little graphic and detailed. The book was also repetitive at times. It always stated how it rained in the Forks, Bella’s hometown and how she went to class and talked to her friends. Why do I care what


Original Comics from 2/08



by Bryan Levin

As a high school student, I always see students glancing at peer’s test papers when


Double Music Review: Kanye and The Killers

by Kris K ’11

November 24th, 2008 was a big day for the music industry.  Two albums came out both from big name, mainstream artists:  Kanye West and The Killers.  For both Kanye and the Killers, it was their fourth album.
Kanye’s new smooth styled album, 808’s and Heartbreaks had fans questioning his production.  His first single off the new album, Love Lockdown was first heard and performed at the MTV video music awards on September 7th, and immediately gained popularity because of how it differed from Kanye’s previous work.  The album gradually leaked all over the internet, and most songs were heard long before the album was released.  Sources say the album was influenced by the death of Kanye’s mother, and his separation from his fiancé.  Most of the songs are slow tempo, with lyrics that express his


Helping Rebuild New Orleans

by Taylor M ’09

In this project I took a trip to New Orleans with a program called National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC). One of my counselors told us to always smile and to ask the New Orleans citizens about their experience with Hurricane Katrina because they need to know that things will get better.
When we got to the house everyone was surprised at how bad the whole neighborhood looked, there were houses knocked down, there was a small jet in someone’s backyard, there was mud and debris everywhere. My group had


Kendra Jackson’s Advisory On the Respect Ripple Effect

by Mariam Bhatti            

This letter is to encourage the student body at BSGE to be more respectful towards others, themselves and their surroundings. One individual can bring upon a change, although many believe that it is false. However, with determination one can. You need to learn how to respect others in order to gain respect from them. No one likes to be treated unequally. Everyone likes to be treated with trust, respect and dignity. This letter is a request to the BSGE family. Please increase the amount of


Parent Teacher Conferences: Way too Early

by Mariam B ’12

This year parent teacher conferences were held on the 24th and 25th of October, only two months into the school year. Just like every year, students were able to volunteer to help and maintain an organized and calm environment, while the parents got to discuss their children’s progress with teachers. While students and parents were attending the conferences, they were able to give their input on what they thought about this year’s parent teacher conferences. Parents agreed that the conferences gave insight on the work that their child had been doing from the beginning of the school year but they also said that the conferences were too early.  How were students expected to give teachers an accurate sense of their abilities in


Hope vs. Certainty; Vote McCain!

by Alexa O ’10

Millions of Americans have expressed their strong opposition towards electing another Republican president into office. To say the least, George W. Bush has not instilled a positive attitude towards Republicans in the minds of the Americans. Part of the beauty of living in America is being able to choose for ourselves what we want in a leader, and decide to appoint someone with similar traits to office. The fate of our country will soon rest on the shoulders of Barack Obama or John McCain.
The issue of Senator McCain’s experience compared to the experience of Senator Obama has been brutally killed by the media, but still serves as a valid point. McCain was elected to the position of the Arizona


Stop the Drama, Vote Obama!

By Tiffany C ’12

America needs a change. This being, its time we had a democratic president, since its been over seven years having a republican president in office and we havnt been doing so well.
It’s been five years since we began war and American troops are still fighting for what? John McCain wants to stay in war for many more years and he quotes, “It could be 100 years…” War will only put us in more debt.
We had no real reason for invading their country to begin with. We accused Iraq of having weapons of mass destruction even when they denied it.  President Bush announced in 2004 that there