10 Ways to Annoy The Whole Train Reply

Try every one of the ring tones
on you phone and then ask the
whole train which one they think
is better.
Gather a few friends and play
human bowling. You can be the
ball and then have your friends
be the pins. Or you can be the
ball and use the fellow commuters
as your pins.
Walk into a full train and then More…


The 8th Grade Poconos Trip Reply

On the day before the last day of school the former BSGE 8th grade was busy getting their funk on with nature. They went to the Poconos Environmental Education Center (P.E.E.C) in the Pennsylvania Poconos.
On Monday at 9:00am (sharp) 48 BSGE students and 4
teachers boarded two coach buses. With snacks in hand
and sleeping bags in cargo the 8th graders (and Niki, Mrs.
Africano, Linda and Mr. Powell) began their adventure.
The first bus smelled like someone dumped a bottle
of cherry flavored Tylenol all over the backseat. Turns
out the bus company just had something for More…

Welcome Back to School! Reply

Ahh, the two months of July and August are simply amazing. No pressure of school work on your shoulders, no waking up early, and no parents nagging you about getting your homework done. Unfortunately, those long days at the beach and days of care­free fun are over. Yes, as hard as it is to be­lieve, the summer of 2007 has come to an end. We know how hard it is to hold back tears right now. Please, take a brief mo­ment to wipe your eyes. . . As we experience the More…

From the BACC Rag Staff: The Lack of School Moral and How We’re Going to Fix It Reply

We are the Baccalaureate School for Global Education but you might not have known that due to our lack of school sprit. Maybe it’s be­cause we have globes on our school shirts. Or maybe because there is no sprit because, up until this year, we never really had a mascot. Many people use our nonexistent sports teams as an excuse for their lack of sprit. That is all going to change.

As of now we are no longer the nerdy school. We will no longer mock our school’s ef­forts. We will fight for our school. We will go to school events. We will support our school teams. We will love our school. We will take care of our school. We will stick up for our school when it gets into fights with big bully schools. We, the students, will be proud that we go to BSGE. Okay, now that I’m done making these proclama­tions let me tell you how we will up the school moral. As the school paper we feel responsible for the school moral. The BACC Rag has gone on a mission to make you love our school. We’ve got plans, big plans. Those include hosting party’s, or­ganizing grade football tournaments and possibly a t­shirt contest.

Intro to The BACC Rag: Reply

Welcome to The Bacc Rag. Here you will be able to read and explore a collaboration of writing from a wide range of talented writers here in

B.S.G.E. Our weekly meet­ings allow us to keep track of what is happening inside and outside the school and keep readers entertained about the strange and wild things that are happening in life. For only about 2 hours every Thursday, you will be able to be a part of a school newspaper that will benefit everyone. We write articles, for love for writing, about anything and everything that we think will be appealing to you and quiet frankly to us. All are welcome to join The Rag, and enter with bright ideas and a place for free expression. To look for Bacc more information about this newspaper or just to have something to look at, check out our website: http://www.the­baccrag.com. Enjoy the paper.

Is the Peace Pole Peaceful? Reply

BSGE students Kari Lind­berg, Amalia Carusone, Erica Lla­nera, Pamela Reyes, Charisse Sanchez, Shaquille K., Matthew M., Kevin Encarnacion, Sophia Bourara, Hannah McFadden, Au­drey Rivera along with Pat Llaneer collaborated with artist Francesca Nikkolos to make our very own peace pole.

In a school with 400 stu­dents and over 100 different spo­ken languages, there needs to be abond that brings us all together.

There needs to be some con­nection that al­lows us to live in harmony. All 400 students here at BSGE are very differ­ent. So how can you repre­sent 400 very different peo­ple in one sculpture? Ac­cording to Francesca Nikkolos, itʼs possible. With

some plexi glass, acrylic paint, makers and tissue paper, we will all be represented on one pole.

The pole is creative to say the least. Itʼs got six sides but itʼs not a hexagon. There is a triangle in the middle with a plexi glass cylin­der surrounding it and a circle on top. There is no More…

20 Fun Things To Do At A Drive Thru Reply

  1. Drive through the drive-thru in reverse and let your passenger order.
  2. Ask the price of almost every­thing on the menu and thenorder something that you didnʼt ask the price for.
  3. Tell the employee that your window is broken. Order and then pay with your door open.When the food comes, roll down the window and snatch yourorder from their hands.
  4. Go to McDonaldʼs and de­mand a big breakfast at 11:30 at night. Put up a fight.
  5. Pay for a large order in pen­nies and nickels.
  6. Order in another language. Be careful what More…

Mr. Powell, the new PE teacher Reply

Mr. Powell is one of two physical educa­tion teachers here at Baccalaureate School for Global Education. This is the first year for Mr. Powell working here at BSGE. It is also Mr. Powellʼs first year working as a physical educa­tion teacher. We donʼt know that much about him since he is new at the school and many of us havenʼt had him as a teacher yet, so I went to interview him to find out what he likes and other interesting facts.

Mr. Powellʼs full name is Jacques Pow­ell, which means he doesnʼt have a More…

Teens Need Exercise Reply

For many teens in America today, running a suicide on the basketball court could be a real hassle, and have them lose their breath fast. This is a problem for a lot of kids, especially these days. Today, the amount of overweight kids has doubled since 30 years ago. That, obviously, is not good, and this epidemic is becoming more problematic than it ever has been. Many people blame it on the greasy foods that children are eating instead of homemade meals, or the fattening sweets that take over the closets rather than fresh fruits being stored in the refrigerator. That is part of the problem, but it is not including a very impor­tant factor, which is exercise. People of today are not making sure that their kids are receiving the correct amount of exercise every day. The target amount of exercise for kids ages 2 and up is actually around 1hour most or More…

Things in NYC Reply

New York City has many things to offer. There are hundreds of shopping areas, restaurants,shows etc. For everyone who has nothing to do over the summer, here are some places to hang out and explore. If you like strolling around by yourself or with friends, then you can go to Times Square. There you will be able to find fun stores and mini malls, restaurants, some strange people (like the Naked Cowboy), and Broadway plays. The streets are always busy and youʼll never get bored. There are places like The Hard Rock Café, designer stores, fun little shops with collectables and more. Going with friends will More…

Tan V. Skin Cancer Reply

Remember hearing people say, “Hey make sure you put on sun lotion?” Well they have their reasons, and theyʼre not nagging you, theyʼre actually reducing your chance of getting skin cancer. Like when youʼre out in the beach and you want a tan, your mom is like “Sweet heart put on some sun screen youʼre going to get sun burned”. I know it gets annoying but hey like people say, par­ents know best. Ever heard of skin cancer? Thatʼs what you get when youʼre out in the sun without protection. Summer is right around the corner and Iknow that everyone is dying to go to the beach, and getting a suntan. Through More…

The Burden for Boys Reply

You always hear warnings for girls. Donʼt get pregnant, be strong, no abortion, no sex for you and worst of all, WHATʼS WRONG WITH YOU? Conver­sations always go something like, “how could she get pregnant? Her life is ruined forever.”

Iʼd just like to remind boys, girls and society in general that sex is a two way street and guys play a part in baby making too. So why donʼt they share the responsibility? Boys donʼt seem to get the blame but itʼs half their doing.

If itʼs going to ruin the girlʼs life shouldnʼt it ruin the boyʼs life to? The sad truth is that society doesnʼt More…

The Choices You Make Reply

Have YOU ever felt pressured to have sex? Do you think that by having sex will make you seem older? Sex thatʼs what practically every teenage boy and girl is talking about. Have you ever actually thought about the consequences about having sex? I mean what would happen if youʼre a girl and you have sex and then youfind out that youʼre pregnant, what would you do?Teenage pregnancy has been one of the biggest is­sues in our country.The National Center for Health (NCHS) has collected data obtaining the topic of Teenage Pregnancy. Within a period of 10 years (1990-2000) teenagepregnancy has dropped a total of 27 percent. A rateof teenage pregnancy was taken in 1990. 116.3 pregnancies per 1000 women (ages 15-19) were re­ported. This percentage was More…