Would You Like Some Marijuana With Those Fries? Reply

Most if not all of us have heard the rumors: marijuana may become legal. Some kids joke about drugs, some kids do them, but it is a topic of conversation for everyone. Like most issues some people feel strongly against making it legal and some are crossing their fingers that it will. The best way to make an opinion is to know what you are talking about first.

Marijuana became il­legal for the first time in 1915 because of groups: Mexicans and Mormons. With this new group of Mexican-Americans and Mormons bringing it back with them from Mexico, whose church wanted no part of it and banned the drug. Many states followed that example. The East made marijuana illegal for its own reasons. They saw More…


Advil Can Give You Headachces Reply

Headaches. Everyone has them. You failed a few tests and had a stressful day at school. Your brother insists on blasting heavy-metal music through the house. You just watched too much TV. There are hundreds of reasons for headaches. But I bet you never thought of adding Advil to the list of causes. Or Excedrin, Tylenol, Benadryl, or any other painkiller. Recent studies have shown that these drugs are a very likely cause for your headaches. The funny thing is More…

2008 Presidential Campaign for Dummies Reply

As many of us should know, the United States holds elections every four years. The president is chosen by the people and for the people through a process called voting. To vote you must be 18 or older and must be a U.S. citizen. However, it is significant for us to under­stand that what constitutes an election is more than just the buttons we press.

Running for president starts about 1 year before Election Day. This g More…

Movie Review: Pulp Fiction Reply

With a cast headlined by John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, Quentin Tarantino did not need much help in making a modern-day masterpiece. Originally known as “Black Mask”, Pulp Fiction provides a severe level of intensity and shock throughout the film, mixed in with the dark humor of its two main characters – Vincent Vega (Travolta) and Jules Winnfield( Jackson). These two characters take a series of twists throughout the film, having their lives intervene with the lives of 4 separate criminals all in one night.
Originally released in 1994, many say that Pulp Fiction was the gateway to a More…

The SHATS Reply

On the 27th and 28th of October, the 8th grade students of BSGE are taking the Specialized High School Admission Test if they wish to enter a specialized high school, such as Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech, Bronx Sci­ence, and 5 more. This test is very strenuous for many students, because it is dif­ficult, and proper training is needed. Because this admission test is extremely hard for the 8th grade level, lots of students have extra help by tutor, after school, etc… Some students have studied extra hard to get into the best of the best. But not only 8th graders were to take the test, 9th graders had the More…

Sugar and Spice Reply

School is in full swing, and we have almost completely gotten used to it. School is school, and we have to adjust to it, but there is one thing that still annoys me. What’s up with the locker situation??? We have been lugging books, binders and whiteboards (Chinese students) around for more than a week now and our backs are killing us, at least mine is. Maybe by the time this article comes out everything will be organized and we will have our lockers. But doesn’t it strike you as odd that when school first started a lot of things were disorganized. Our advisories weren’t set up yet, our lockers were More…

Book Review: Zig Zag Reply

Ellen Wittlinger, author of many other teen books including Hard Love, awes us with a realistic-fiction novel of hardships, a long distance relationship, the struggle of two vulnerable kids who have just lost their father and one cousin who wants to fix it all.

Robin and Chris have been a couple for two years now and have made plans to spend everyday of their last summer together. Chris’ parents offer him a trip for a summer learning program in Rome.  The gift being too good to refuse leaves Robin crushed – all of their romantic plans automatically cancelled. Ironically, More…

Students Are Growing…Growing… Reply

Eating healthy has become old fashioned for many children and teens nowadays.  Veg­etables and fruits have been replaced by chips and candy bars.  Long hours of televi­sion, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits are some of the many factors contributing to the growing problem of child­hood obesity in the United States.  This rising epidemic is risking the health and well being of todays youth.

According to the NYC Depart­ment of Health and Mental Hygiene, 27% of all the kids that start pre Kindergarten are already overweight.  Also, the National Center for Health Statistics published a study that More…

Girls With ACL Problems Reply

A loud “pop!” a “snap”, a torn ACL
and your out for the season. A torn
ACL is the most common knee injury.
The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament
is a stabilizing ligament connecting
the thighbone to the shinbone. Soccer,
basketball and volleyball are the
sports with the highest rates or ACL
injuries. Both women and men injure
their ACL in non-contact situations More…

The 8th Grade Poconos Trip Reply

On the day before the last day of school the former BSGE 8th grade was busy getting their funk on with nature. They went to the Poconos Environmental Education Center (P.E.E.C) in the Pennsylvania Poconos.
On Monday at 9:00am (sharp) 48 BSGE students and 4
teachers boarded two coach buses. With snacks in hand
and sleeping bags in cargo the 8th graders (and Niki, Mrs.
Africano, Linda and Mr. Powell) began their adventure.
The first bus smelled like someone dumped a bottle
of cherry flavored Tylenol all over the backseat. Turns
out the bus company just had something for More…