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Personal Project Focus: Jamie Carroll Sells Cupcakes to Raise Money for Charity

photoFor her 10th grade personal Project, Jamie Carroll raised money for charity by baking and selling cupcakes at BSGE. In order to raise more money, each cupcake she sold was also a raffle ticket that allowed those who bought cupcakes also to have a chance to win either $50 or $100. The winning cupcakes had the winning dollar amounts written on the bottom of the cupcake wrappers. Below is an interview with Ms. Carroll about her project.

1. What charity were you raising money for? How much did you end up donating? How many cupcakes did you sell?

I raised money for the Hour Children Foundation. The Hour Children Foundation is a foundation that owns a facility that is used to help children who have incarcerated mothers. The foundation is located in Long Island City which is not too far from our school and it helps guide mothers and children to have a healthy and stable relationship while the mothers are in jail and even when they are released. I raised a total of $507 between cupcake sales and donations. I made a total of 216 cupcakes and I sold approximately 180 of those cupcakes because after the fundraiser, I gave the remaining cupcakes to the French Club and asked them to sell them at the Mardi Gras party.

by Samantha C '14

BSGE Spirit Week!

This week starts BSGE Spirit Week! Show off school spirit for:

Moody Monday - Wear your pajamas to school!
Moody Monday – Wear your pajamas to school!
Twin Tuesday - Match clothes with a friend!
Twin Tuesday – Match clothes with a friend!
On Wednesday We Wear Pink
On Wednesday We Wear Pink
Tension Tuesday - Represent your grade's colors!
Tension Tuesday – Represent your grade’s colors!
Fancy Friday - Dress to impress!
Fancy Friday – Dress to impress!
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MYP Ceremony Celebrates the End of 10th Grade

On Friday, June 7th celebrated the end of the Middle Years Program with the current 10th grade students.  The ceremony will included the distribution MYP certificates and subject specific awards and speeches by student speakers. The 10th grade students selected Avishek Paul to speak and teachers selected Paulina Nowakowski and Sarfi Chowdhury. Spanish teacher Freddy Giraldo was the host for the event.

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Francesca Tan’s Photography Personal Project

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10th Graders Present their Personal Projects

On May 3rd, 10th grade students presented their Personal Projects to an audience of 7th, 8th and 9th graders. The Personal Project was a yearlong assignment that revolved around topics that interested the students and that they chose themselves. Using information they gathered, they were to create a final project that demonstrated their knowledge of their topic. Students were expected to follow a process that included a presentation at the close of the project. Presentations lasted 10-15 minutes and varied greatly depending on the topic. Students in the audience were given packets to complete based on the presentations to help them learn about the experience.

The 10th graders were assigned to develop a presentation since the start of the school year. They focused on a variety of Area of Interactions to guide them throughout the project process, as well as Guiding Questions (GQ).  10th graders began

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Sophomore’s Community and Service Hours Due

On Friday, May 17th, students were expected to complete 100 hours of Community and Service (C&S) hours were due for BSGE Sophomores. It was the final deadline for C&S hours the students had been collecting since the 7th grade, and for BSGE transfers, the 9th grade. Peter Wilson’s office was in a fluster with students rushing in and out, standing in line, waiting in fear and anxiety to get their hours approved.

In total, 66 out of the total 72 students submitted their C&S hours on time which makes 91.6% of the grade. A few students’ deadlines were extended to this Friday, May 24th. According to Wilson, “realistically only two more students will complete the hours and are really close”. This makes around four students from the 10th grade who are unable to complete the MYP Program due to lack of C&S hours. Although completing the MYP Program does not effect entering the IB Program, it helps on college resumes and serves as preparation for completing the required 150 CAS (Community, Action, Service) hours for the IB in the 11th and 12th grades.

Note to Underclassmen: Complete your hours, and get them in ASAP!

by Neha M '14

Regents Preppin’ – BSGE Students to Start Regents Prep

As the school year comes to an end, students from the 8th through 12th grade have been attending Regents Prep classes during eighth period to  get ready for the NYS examinations. These sessions are held to guarantee that students succeed in taking the Regents though with only a short period of time spent practicing and studying; classes in BSGE rarely focus on topics discussed on the actual test. Students are often required to take a math and science Regents every year in addition to various history and language Regents, administered in the 10th and 11th grade. This year, Regents week begins on Tuesday, June 11th and ends on Friday, June 21st; although middle school students do not get the week off, high-schoolers are not mandated to come to class during that time.

by Ritika K '14

Personal Projects from BSGE’s 10th Graders

In order to complete the Middle Years Program, the 10th graders are required to do the Personal Project. The Personal Project is an independent project that gives each of the 10th grade students the freedom to choose or create a topic of their choice and interest. The Personal Project process begins in the summer after the 9th grade where the students use the summer break to brainstorm topics and begin initial research on their topic. The 10th graders are also required to incorporate two of the four Areas of Interaction into their projects. The Personal Project process is organized into four phases; the planning stage, the research stage, the creation stage and the reflection stage. The completion of the Personal Projects takes up the majority of the 10th grade year. The 10th graders are given time in advisory to work on their projects but they are expected to work on a majority of their projects at home. The 10th graders are also required to have a process journal so they can document their Personal Project process. The 10th graders, after completing the product for their Personal Project, have to present their Personal Projects to the 7th, 8th and 9th graders. A few 10th graders were interviewed about their Personal Projects and how they are handling the process so far.

Name: Grace Camia

1)    Personal Project topic?

Comic Books vs. Reality

2)    Why did you choose this topic?

“I got the inspiration for the

by Andres G '15

A Deeper Look into Cheating at BSGE

During all the years that they have been students in BSGE, the current sophomores have faced many incidents of plagiarism on assignments such as essays, exams and tests.  However, these examples of academic dishonesty are problems that extend to all grades in BSGE. At any moment during any one of the lunch periods you can see students of any grade cheating on their assignments. Questioning why students cheat is an extremely vague inquiry for a rather complex issue.

by Neha M '14

IB Changing

As the BSGE community embraced a new and better school year, the new juniors and their teachers welcomed a changes to the IB curriculum for certain courses.   With the introduction of such modifications, teachers and students alike have been adjusting to accommodate for the new assessments, topics and focuses.

The subject with the biggest changes in its curriculum was IB Math SL. The IB organization

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The Difficult Transition from MYP to IB

As many of BSGE’s juniors have recently become aware of, the transition from the MYP to the IB curriculum is a particularly difficult adjustment. Moving up to the eleventh grade not only signals the third year of highschool, but also the first year of IB. The two to four years that these students spent at BSGE prior to junior year are supposed to prepare them for the heavy workload and demanding nature of the IB Diploma Program. Whether student or teacher, many at BSGE realize how intimidating the IB DP is made out to sound – with the more work expected to be done and the seemingly less time that can be put in to work on each assignment.

Two classes in which the transition from MYP to IB seems especially difficult are

by Joshua K '13

Reflections and Advice On the Personal Project

So, what’s there to expect from the Personal Project?
For those of you that don’t already know what the Personal Project is, it’s exactly what its name implies, a personal project. The Personal Project can be thought of as the final test to pass the IB Middle Years Program and receive the diploma. Even though the IB Middle Years Program is no longer available in our school, students are still required to do the Personal Project in order to move onto the 11th grade. Don’t think of it as a drag, however, because it’s not as bad as it seems. Yes, you’re given a couple due dates which you’re required to have completed a number of tasks, but you have a lot of flexibility throughout the course of this assignment. To be specific, you’re able to choose