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Pictures from the Senior Art Show 2015

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BSGE Seniors Display Work at IB Art Exhibition

Photo Credits: Ms. Jennifer Dikes

On Tuesday, March 18, BSGE seniors exhibited selected artworks they had created as part of the IB Visual Arts program at the Aurora Gallery less than three blocks from the school. The show marked the second year of BSGE displaying their work at the gallery, a shift from the library exhibits of past years. The exhibition was a year and a half in the making for the senior class, who had first chosen their exhibition theme at the start of Junior year. Each senior chose five artworks that they felt best communicated their themes to display at the show. Friends and family were invited to enjoy the show and bid on any works that they wanted to buy. This was also the first year in which students were able to keep 100% of the profit made from selling their art.

Although creating the artwork took a year and a half, the exhibition process was very hectic, fast-paced and occurred in the span of two days. The seniors missed first period on both Monday and Wednesday to hang up their work and take it down, respectively. Lina Rahmani, ’14, says, “It was pretty crazy getting there, but overall I was proud to be a part of it and the way it turned out.  I was very impressed with the end product.”

Lauren Ouaknine, ‘14, says that one great thing about the show this

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More Pictures from the Art Show

Photo Credits: Ms. McCabe



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More Pictures from the Art Show

Kats Tamanaha showing off her work. The theme of her artwork was, different levels of consciousness.












Chernobyl by Kats Tamanaha










Kohamche by Kats Tamanaha











Photographs by Andrea Joseph, titled, “Ideal vs Indulgence”












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BSGE Senior Art Exhibition: Tuesday, May 21 5:30pm

The Art Department is pleased to announce the Senior IB Art Exhibition and Auction! All BSGE students, parents, and staff are welcome and encouraged to attend this special event that is two years in the making!
2013 BSGE IB Art Exhibition & Auction
Tuesday, May 21, 2013
5:30 – 8:00pm
Aurora Gallery
35-18 37th Street (bet. 35/36 Ave.)
Just 3 Blocks from School!


by Ariel T '14

The New Art Display

The school’s art department recently decided to purchase the Seniors’ art work  in an attempt to create a school collection of art. The art now on display in the lobby across from the office is new this year and has attracted a lot of attention. The framed painting on display now is a wolf painted by Kara Tong called “Stripped” and portrays animal abuse.

Kara Tong's piece, titled, "The Strap"
Kara Tong’s piece, titled, “Stripped”

A painting titled “New York/Nevada” by Dominique Cottichio and Sofia Chelpon’s print of a patio also need to be hung. In total three seniors from last year from the senior show were chosen because their work demonstrated and exemplified the goals of the IB art program. The art chosen from last year was decided based on how thoroughly students studio work investigated ideas, developed skills and clearly communicated ideas. Mr. Sheridan said he also looked for confidence and independence in the work. The students whose work was chosen spent a lot of time in eight period and were curious to use new media. The research thoroughly backed up their work and there were high

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BSGE’s 2012 IB Art Show

The BSGE Senior IB art exhibit is a main product of those working on the IB art show in which artwork is displayed, graded and sold through auction. The art show occurs every year in the month of April. However this year might be the last time because next year will be different. Students will submit work digitally online next year. According to Ms. McCabe, the teacher in charge of the show this year, “this will allow for there to be multiple art shows or exhibits at different times of the year. This is the last year in April but dates are set by IB.” The art show grand opening and reception, held on April 17th, went over extremely well. Students felt that it was very professional and the pieces were impressive, showed a lot of hard work. According to Robert Gajda in the tenth grade “I was surprised how many pieces each student had and I really loved how much color there was.  The finished pieces in the show are only part of the work the students completed during the 2-year course. In total students chose 12-18 pieces to display. A big part of the IB art course is a sketchbook that contains written research and plans for their

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Van Gogh, Picasso and BSGE Class of 2008

of Education
Building on Queens
Borough Plaza, this
years IB Art Show
was one of the most
successful and classiest,
yet! The fantastic
and interesting
work of BSGE’s own
graduating class not
only livened up the
bland, cubicled room
their work occupied,
but also managed to
capture the attention of
dozens of students and
a few outsiders. The