Movie Review: Indiana Jones Is Worth Every Cent and Then Some Reply

When a popular
franchise is being revitalized
after 19 years, there are
bound to be huge expectations.
Indiana Jones and the
Kingdom Of The Crystal
Skull, which was released
into theatres on May 22, is
one of the most highly anticipated
films of the year. The
previous installment in the
series, The Last Crusade,
was released on May 24, More…

Personal Project: Thomas Kozlowski Reply

What was your topic about? My topic was about getting
to know my parents better, and their reasons of coming
to America.
How did you come up with your topic? I came up with
it when my advisor mentioned that I look into my family
as a topic.
When did you actually start? Somewhere between
November and December
Which stage do you feel was the most important?
Finishing the actual statement
What were your two areas of interaction? Environment More…

Personal Project: Shira Almeleh Reply

Shira Almeleh
What was it about? The role that the tools a woman is
provided with in terms of clothing can affect her success
in the business world. I organized a women’s suit drive
through my synagogue with the organization, “Dress for
When did you actually start?
Thinking: in the beginning of the year
Plan: middle of the year (Feb)
Executed: April
So most was planning? Not everything is about executing; More…

An Excerpt from John Doe’s Introduction to Myself, and How I Narrowed My Goals Reply

Ever since I was a little
child, I have always wanted
to fly on the back of a
dragon. I vividly recall the
first time I’d ever had this
dream: it was in summer
camp and I, with my little
camp mates, was sitting
next to the big nightly fire,
roasting marshmallows. As
the flames danced upon the
wood, I envisioned a dragon More…

Personal Project: Marta Checko Reply

Marta Checko
Title: Living Life in a Blur- Alzheimer’s Disease
What was your topic about? Well, I researched Alzheimer’s
disease and different aspects of it. I focused
on cause, prevention and just learning how the brain is
affected. This also tied into how people around the individual
were affected. I included behavior as part of the
study as well. Because my grandfather suffers from the
disease, I really wanted to find out as much information
in different areas of the disease so I can apply it into my
own life
How did you come up with it? My inspiration was my More…

Personal Project: Peter Minzicu Reply

Peter Minzicu
What was your title? Building a Scale Model of an
What was your topic about? Making Airplanes.
Areas of Interaction? Homo Faber, Health and Social
Did your project change over the course of the year?
Yes. At first I wanted to build a scale model of a plane
called the “Beech Craft Baron” but I didn’t find any plans
for it and I couldn’t make one myself because I didn’t
have the internal structure so I found a plan of a different More…

Teacher of the Month: Ms. Kerri Mahaney Reply

Subject:Algebra Grade(s): 8

What do you think of the kids in your classes? Do they misbehave or are they generally well-be­haved?

I love the kids in my classes. Yeah they misbe­have, to a normal degree.They’re normal; lovely and normal. I believe that all kids are good people. I believe that people go bad between like the ages of 22and 60.

What is the weirdest h.w. excuse you have ever heard?

Jamal H. has the best homework excuses this year. His cousin,more than More…

Cyber Bullying Reply

Cyber bullying is a form of harassment, embarrassment, or torment using a website like Facebook or instant messenger. Unlike other forms of harassment, cyber bullying is not illegal in the state of New York, cyber bullies can just walk away. The thing that makes cyber bullying a major problem is that the bully can do it secretly. So even if there were laws to stop them, you might never find the person to stop.
People might do it to stand up for themselves or their friends, that’s why Argina Girsang a ninth grader at BSGE did it to a girl who was harassing her friend. Other times it is meant as a joke, sometimes kids sign on More…

Think Twice Before Cheating Reply

Sitting in class, you have an extraordinarily hard test in front of you. Not knowing the answers, you just took a little peek at your neighbor’s answers. You copy them quickly, hoping that your neighbor knew what he or she was saying. You get your test back a few classes later and have gotten those answers right. But you don’t really deserve those answers. According to Olga Lucia Botero from Columbia University, “in the short term, maybe you won’t be caught, and you will get good grades without studying, which sounds fantastic, but you are wasting your time and your money trying to ‘learn’ by cheating.” I am pretty More…

Teacher of the Month: Mr. Mark Wolov Reply

Name: Mark Wolov
Subject: Humanities
Grade(s): 8th and 10th

1) What do you think of the kids in your classes? Do they misbehave or are they generally well-behaved?
Well, they’re mostly well-behaved. Of course teenagers are teenagers but no one throws things at me. The kids in this school take their education seriously.

2) What is the weirdest h.w. excuse you have ever heard?
Hmm….”My brother flushed it down the toilet because there was no toilet paper”.

3) What did you do in school that got you in trouble?
It’s not what I did in school; it’s what I did in More…

Book Review: Uglies Reply

By Alexandra K ’13 and Naimh N ’13

“She could see New Pretty Town through her open window. The party towers were already lit up, and snakes of burning torches marked flickering pathways through the pleasure gardens. A few hot-air balloons pulled at their tethers against the darkening pink sky, their passengers shooting safety fireworks at other balloons and passing parasailers.” All Tally Youngblood wanted was to be pretty and party in New Pretty Town with every other 16-year-old. Tally’s world is not like anyone else’s. It’s a few centuries after our time, and things have changed. When people turn 16, they get an operation that turns them from ugly to pretty.
When Tally meets a new girl, Shay, while sneaking out of Uglyville, they instantly become More…

Movie Preview: Iron Man Reply

Iron Man Strikes Theaters! Iron Man, based on the Marvel comic, hit movie theatres May 2, 2008. Directed by Jon Favreau and Starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, a billionaire weapons maker. When demonstrating his newest weaponry in Afghanistan, he was kidnapped by a terrorist who said he was going to hold him captive unless he built a missile. Instead of making the missile, Tony Stark built a suit that helped him escape. When he More…

BSGE Meets College Reply

On May 22nd, 2008, BSGE held a college panel with representatives from 10 different colleges and universities.  The audience was comprised of 11th grade students while 12th grade students, already admitted to colleges, asked questions to the representatives about topics ranging from the application process to student life on campus.  The event was held from 1:00-3:00 PM in the cafeteria.  After the panel discussion was over, students had time to talk to the representatives individually.
The representatives from each school discussed what the schools emphasized as far as its admissions policies and which factors each found important.  Each school stressed the importance of grades, saying that they were looking for students who received 5, 6, and 7’s from IB schools.  In addition, schools stressed the importance of More…