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2007-2008 in Pictures

by Jolijt T '11

Summer in NYC

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Movie Review: Indiana Jones Is Worth Every Cent and Then Some

When a popular
franchise is being revitalized
after 19 years, there are
bound to be huge expectations.
Indiana Jones and the
Kingdom Of The Crystal
Skull, which was released
into theatres on May 22, is
one of the most highly anticipated
films of the year. The
previous installment in the
series, The Last Crusade,
was released on May 24,

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Personal Project: Thomas Kozlowski

What was your topic about? My topic was about getting
to know my parents better, and their reasons of coming
to America.
How did you come up with your topic? I came up with
it when my advisor mentioned that I look into my family
as a topic.
When did you actually start? Somewhere between
November and December
Which stage do you feel was the most important?
Finishing the actual statement
What were your two areas of interaction? Environment

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Personal Project: Shira Almeleh

Shira Almeleh
What was it about? The role that the tools a woman is
provided with in terms of clothing can affect her success
in the business world. I organized a women’s suit drive
through my synagogue with the organization, “Dress for
When did you actually start?
Thinking: in the beginning of the year
Plan: middle of the year (Feb)
Executed: April
So most was planning? Not everything is about executing;

by Dr. Mandler

An Excerpt from John Doe’s Introduction to Myself, and How I Narrowed My Goals

Ever since I was a little
child, I have always wanted
to fly on the back of a
dragon. I vividly recall the
first time I’d ever had this
dream: it was in summer
camp and I, with my little
camp mates, was sitting
next to the big nightly fire,
roasting marshmallows. As
the flames danced upon the
wood, I envisioned a dragon

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Personal Project: Marta Checko

Marta Checko
Title: Living Life in a Blur- Alzheimer’s Disease
What was your topic about? Well, I researched Alzheimer’s
disease and different aspects of it. I focused
on cause, prevention and just learning how the brain is
affected. This also tied into how people around the individual
were affected. I included behavior as part of the
study as well. Because my grandfather suffers from the
disease, I really wanted to find out as much information
in different areas of the disease so I can apply it into my
own life
How did you come up with it? My inspiration was my

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Personal Project: Peter Minzicu

Peter Minzicu
What was your title? Building a Scale Model of an
What was your topic about? Making Airplanes.
Areas of Interaction? Homo Faber, Health and Social
Did your project change over the course of the year?
Yes. At first I wanted to build a scale model of a plane
called the “Beech Craft Baron” but I didn’t find any plans
for it and I couldn’t make one myself because I didn’t
have the internal structure so I found a plan of a different

by Kyril K '10

‘BSGE Computers [are not good]’

As a student at
BSGE, you are undoubtedly
aware of the computer
problem in the school.
Perhaps you may have
noticed the abundance of
“Need Repair” signs found
on a large portion of the
computers that you take
out of the cart. Some computers
appear normal, but

by Kelly V '12

Teacher of the Month: Ms. Kerri Mahaney

Subject:Algebra Grade(s): 8

What do you think of the kids in your classes? Do they misbehave or are they generally well-be­haved?

I love the kids in my classes. Yeah they misbe­have, to a normal degree.They’re normal; lovely and normal. I believe that all kids are good people. I believe that people go bad between like the ages of 22and 60.

What is the weirdest h.w. excuse you have ever heard?

Jamal H. has the best homework excuses this year. His cousin,more than

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Pass the Ball! At the Sports Dinner

On May 29th, the BSGE
students who participated
in the school’s sports teams
this year gathered together
for the 1st annual
BSGE Sports Dinner. The
boys and girls of the two
basketball teams, softball
team, and baseball team

by Jolijt T '11

Cramtations Cramming: A procrastinators’ blunder or study technique?

High school students
won’t be in class after
the 16th; unfortunately
Tuesday is not the start of
their summer vacation. In
fact, it’s the beginning of
Regents week; a stressful
week of #2 pencils, practice
tests, Baron’s Books
and the smell of newly