by Bianca M '11

Book Review: Zig Zag

Ellen Wittlinger, author of many other teen books including Hard Love, awes us with a realistic-fiction novel of hardships, a long distance relationship, the struggle of two vulnerable kids who have just lost their father and one cousin who wants to fix it all.

Robin and Chris have been a couple for two years now and have made plans to spend everyday of their last summer together. Chris’ parents offer him a trip for a summer learning program in Rome.  The gift being too good to refuse leaves Robin crushed – all of their romantic plans automatically cancelled. Ironically,

by Paulina C '13

Students Are Growing…Growing…

Eating healthy has become old fashioned for many children and teens nowadays.  Veg­etables and fruits have been replaced by chips and candy bars.  Long hours of televi­sion, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits are some of the many factors contributing to the growing problem of child­hood obesity in the United States.  This rising epidemic is risking the health and well being of todays youth.

According to the NYC Depart­ment of Health and Mental Hygiene, 27% of all the kids that start pre Kindergarten are already overweight.  Also, the National Center for Health Statistics published a study that

by BACC Rag staff

Sugar and Spice

A column for girls by a girl, about how
we should react to our classmates
and teachers on the first day
of school.

The summer has passed and we are all back
together. For some of us that is a great thing, seeing all
our friends again and some of our favorite teachers. For

by Kristen S '11

Exercises of the Month

Quad Strengthening Short-Arc Leg Extensions:
Sit or lie on floor. Place a rolled up towel under
your thigh for support. Keep you leg straight and
raise your foot about six inches off the floor.
Hold for 5 seconds. Slowly lower your foot,
bending your knee. Do 10 repetitions. Switch

by Jolijt T '11

Girls With ACL Problems

A loud “pop!” a “snap”, a torn ACL
and your out for the season. A torn
ACL is the most common knee injury.
The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament
is a stabilizing ligament connecting
the thighbone to the shinbone. Soccer,
basketball and volleyball are the
sports with the highest rates or ACL
injuries. Both women and men injure
their ACL in non-contact situations

by Jolijt T '11

How to write post its

Quick (but very detailed) Introduction
So, you want to write a post-it! Want is
probably not a good word. So, you have
to write a post-it! Post-its are fun, spontaneous
and make reading more interesting.
Just kidding, Post-its are stiff
and break up your reading. Unfortunately,
you have to do them just like the

by Jolijt T '11

10 Ways to Annoy The Whole Train

Try every one of the ring tones
on you phone and then ask the
whole train which one they think
is better.
Gather a few friends and play
human bowling. You can be the
ball and then have your friends
be the pins. Or you can be the
ball and use the fellow commuters
as your pins.
Walk into a full train and then

by Kats T '13

IB What?

What is IB? I BE what? IB stands
for International Baccalaureate, part of The
International Baccalaureate Organization,
or IBO. The IBO deals with education,
government, and separate international organizations
to create challenging curriculums
of international education and intense
review of children. It usually starts at a
young age in a child’s life, and

by BACC Rag staff

Subway Safety Tips

1. Do not stare at anybody.
2. Try to take the subway with
friends or a group.
3. While waiting for a train do
not stand to close to the track.
4. Fooling around near the
tracks is not funny, what if you
slip and fall in.
5. Always keep an eye on your
belongings. Keep bags on your

by Andy C '11

The Grading System

The grading system in BSGE is
quite complicated. It not A-F
nor is it 0-4. It is 1-7, and in its
unique way it makes sense.
Whatever you get, remember
that it can not be converted to a
percentage. Getting a 6-7 is

by BACC Rag staff

10 Tips for Newbs

1. Stay away from Mr.
Mac [ he bites]
2. Love adore, and worship
the school newspaper
3. Do not forget to return
library books because
ms.Shen will hunt you
4. Fighting is for wussies;
go to the girls bathroom

by Kats T '13

Getting Into BSGE

My sister, Jolijt, had been prepping
me for months. She was telling me
what to say and how to say it before
I even went to the open house.
I was already worried about taking
(and hopefully passing) the test,
much less the interview. I really