by BACC Rag staff

4th Annual Boat Dance Cancelled

Beautiful dresses,
done-up hair, great
makeup, button-up
shirts, and fancy shoes
will all not be in attendance
at Friday’s
boat dance. In fact,
neither will the students.
This year’s boat
dance was canceled

by Emily D '11

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a form of harassment, embarrassment, or torment using a website like Facebook or instant messenger. Unlike other forms of harassment, cyber bullying is not illegal in the state of New York, cyber bullies can just walk away. The thing that makes cyber bullying a major problem is that the bully can do it secretly. So even if there were laws to stop them, you might never find the person to stop.
People might do it to stand up for themselves or their friends, that’s why Argina Girsang a ninth grader at BSGE did it to a girl who was harassing her friend. Other times it is meant as a joke, sometimes kids sign on

by Simran V '11

Think Twice Before Cheating

Sitting in class, you have an extraordinarily hard test in front of you. Not knowing the answers, you just took a little peek at your neighbor’s answers. You copy them quickly, hoping that your neighbor knew what he or she was saying. You get your test back a few classes later and have gotten those answers right. But you don’t really deserve those answers. According to Olga Lucia Botero from Columbia University, “in the short term, maybe you won’t be caught, and you will get good grades without studying, which sounds fantastic, but you are wasting your time and your money trying to ‘learn’ by cheating.” I am pretty

by BACC Rag staff

Spring Music Concert Pictures

by Kelly V '12

Teacher of the Month: Mr. Mark Wolov

Name: Mark Wolov
Subject: Humanities
Grade(s): 8th and 10th

1) What do you think of the kids in your classes? Do they misbehave or are they generally well-behaved?
Well, they’re mostly well-behaved. Of course teenagers are teenagers but no one throws things at me. The kids in this school take their education seriously.

2) What is the weirdest h.w. excuse you have ever heard?
Hmm….”My brother flushed it down the toilet because there was no toilet paper”.

3) What did you do in school that got you in trouble?
It’s not what I did in school; it’s what I did in


Book Review: Uglies

By Alexandra K ’13 and Naimh N ’13

“She could see New Pretty Town through her open window. The party towers were already lit up, and snakes of burning torches marked flickering pathways through the pleasure gardens. A few hot-air balloons pulled at their tethers against the darkening pink sky, their passengers shooting safety fireworks at other balloons and passing parasailers.” All Tally Youngblood wanted was to be pretty and party in New Pretty Town with every other 16-year-old. Tally’s world is not like anyone else’s. It’s a few centuries after our time, and things have changed. When people turn 16, they get an operation that turns them from ugly to pretty.
When Tally meets a new girl, Shay, while sneaking out of Uglyville, they instantly become

by Alexis C '13

Movie Preview: Iron Man

Iron Man Strikes Theaters! Iron Man, based on the Marvel comic, hit movie theatres May 2, 2008. Directed by Jon Favreau and Starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, a billionaire weapons maker. When demonstrating his newest weaponry in Afghanistan, he was kidnapped by a terrorist who said he was going to hold him captive unless he built a missile. Instead of making the missile, Tony Stark built a suit that helped him escape. When he

by BACC Rag staff

BSGE Meets College

On May 22nd, 2008, BSGE held a college panel with representatives from 10 different colleges and universities.  The audience was comprised of 11th grade students while 12th grade students, already admitted to colleges, asked questions to the representatives about topics ranging from the application process to student life on campus.  The event was held from 1:00-3:00 PM in the cafeteria.  After the panel discussion was over, students had time to talk to the representatives individually.
The representatives from each school discussed what the schools emphasized as far as its admissions policies and which factors each found important.  Each school stressed the importance of grades, saying that they were looking for students who received 5, 6, and 7’s from IB schools.  In addition, schools stressed the importance of

by BACC Rag staff

BSGE Team Introductions

by Mr. Lakhaney

Primaries 101 (It’s Complicated)

What is a primary election? Why do we have primary elections?
We have two major parties in our nation today, the Republican and Democratic parties.  Within each party, there is a variety of opinions and sometimes there is more than one person in a party who wants run for a particular office.  A primary is the election within a party to choose the candidate to represent that party in the general election.  It’s like the election before the election.  There are primaries for many different offices such as President, Senate, Mayor, city council, etc.

How does our primary process work?
When it comes to the Presidential Primary elections, each party decides when each state has its vote.  In 2008, the primary elections started in January with Iowa and finish up in June with Puerto Rico. 

by Ava M '13

Which Candidate Does BSGE Support? Obama by a Landslide!

Who is going to win the presidential race? You’ve heard about it on the news and even your parents are talking about it. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain… these names are commonly used when talking about the presidential election. Who are these candidates and do they have the support of BSGE students? Even if our students select a certain candidate, do they know why they’ve chosen that person? Did they make a selection based on important and relevant issues or based on media popularity?
Approximately 68% of students from BSGE believe that Barack  Obama Jr. should be our future president. Barack Obama is a senator from Illinois and if elected, he would be America’s first African-American president. Obama has many important issues on his platform such as free health insurance. Another issue he is

by Dimitri B '13

Election 2008 Coverage

John McCain by Dimitri Baskous
John McCain is a senator from Arizona and he also served in the Navy as a pilot during the Vietnam War.  He was born in Panama, which means that he would be the first president born outside of the U.S. if elected. Born in 1936, McCain would be the oldest President ever to take office if he is elected. He’s way older than the Democratic candidates, who accuse each other of having minimal experience. He is the son of an admiral, as well as the grandson of another admiral, (both named John McCain) so naturally, the Navy was a perfect fit. While serving in the Vietnam War, he received some honors and declarations, such as the Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross. He was shot down on one mission and held prisoner in a place known as the “Hanoi Hilton” until the war ended; McCain later revealed that he was tortured frequently. He retired from the Navy in 1981, and won his first term in the House of Representatives for