by Marissa R '08

Word from the Real World: Marisa Reichel

So its one week until I have officially
completed my freshman year.
I know most kids on the verge of
leaving home for college can barely
contain their excitement. I was
absolutely not one of those kids. For
the most part I loved high school and
was not particularly eager to leave
and close that chapter of my life. It

by Samantha C '14

Shamar Walters Reflects On His Time at BSGE

Many new students
at BSGE believe that there
is too much work given.
But some of the older kids
think there is a good side of
the heavy workload. One
senior, Shamar Walters, believes
that to younger kids,
it may seem as if the assignments
are overwhelming,
but once you reach the end
of high school, you start to

by Neha M '14

Looking Back at the First Year of Memories

The seventh graders in BSGE have almost completed their first year. They have been through many experiences, overcome various problems, made a ton of friends, and reflected on their first year at BSGE. When looking back on it, most seventh graders feel the workload has been stressful and close to an overload. At the same time, a lot of 7th graders have changed their feelings about BSGE and now consider it their second home.
When reflecting about their first year at BSGE the students will remember the amount and difficulty of the work they got. Compared to many schools, BSGE gives its students a lot of work that sometimes is quite stressful. Isabel Castro said that this year was, “hard, busy, stressful and preparing.” Ana Miljak, added, “All the work was really stressful and

by Stephanie A '11

Yearbook: The Circus Comes to BSGE

Everyone was feeling Britney Spears’ hit “Circus”, so why not make it the theme of this years’ yearbook? The book is packed with memories and everything associated with the Circus including bright colors, originality, and mayhem.
With the table of contents as a world map, the creativity put into this yearbook was apparent immediately. The yearbook staff was devoted to this years’ theme, using clever headings such as “We are cirque D’IB”. Only a few pages stray from the circus theme, like the “Where have we gone?” page.
One of the most exciting pages is filled with baby photos. It was interesting to look at the old faces and match them with the new. The yearbook also brought back their original senior profile format, used in the first and second yearbook. Each senior has two pictures, one formal and one silly, and then a few lines about the senior. It’s a nice parallel but I found the index card layout for the senior profiles from the last year’s yearbook more appealing. However, looking at these couple of

by Erin C '14

BSGE Walks the AIDS walk

Every year on the third Sunday of May, tens of thousands of people march from Central Park to Riverside Drive and back to raise money for people living with HIV/AIDS. Last year, they raised over $7 million dollars. According to, “Since 1986, AIDS Walk New York has raised more than $105 million for HIV programs and services in the tri-state area.” Most of the money raised goes to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), and they use it to help people with the disease get public benefits, get people tested, and to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS.
The first thing you do is register online for the walk. You can join an existing team, or

by Nathan N '11

How to Save the World

My name is Nathan Nikolic and for my tenth grade personal project I chose the topic of global warming. In specific I created a plan to move the United States off of fossil fuels in 50 years. It took a lot of work and research, but on the upside I now know quite a bit about alternative energy and America’s consumption habits.
For those who are unaware of what global warming is or have some confusions to what it means, this article will clarify that. For those who are already informed about the topic, this article will provide more information and some tips on how you can reduce your impact on the environment.
Global warming describes the change in the earth’s climate and weather patterns. Since the

by Steven A '14

Editorial: Does BSGE Really Need a Gym?

Due to the size of our school, BSGE students have lost the opportunity to have a gym, an indoor place to go and to play sev­eral kinds of sports. Having a gym would be best for the school because outside factors such as weather and the terrain wouldn’t af­fect the gym giving BSGE students more chances to play their favorite kind of sports. It would also give the stu­dents a chance to play more variety of sports other than just basketball or football out at the park.

Students have different reactions about whether having a gym would affect students’ ac­tiveness. “It makes the stu­dents a lot less active since we are in school all day, students can’t play their fa­vorite sports or play on their

by Jolijt T '11

Thank You Notes

S u m m e r ’ s
quickly approaching,
the school year’s almost
over and this is
our final issue in our
2008-2009 volume.
This 16 page
issue is packed tight,
and includes senior
goodbyes, a page for
the entering diploma
students and articles
by our new, talented,


Editorial: BSGE’s New Lateness Policy

I enjoyed reading
Kristen Spang’s
editorial on the school’s
lateness policy. It’s
nice to know that we
can voice our opinions
openly in the school
newspaper. I wanted to
offer some perspective
on the issue and discuss
other aspects of the
To understand

by Simran V '11

Helping Hands’ Weekend Walk for Darfur

            Over the years, BSGE’s Helping Hands Committee has been helping raise money for the Save Darfur Coalition. A big part of their do­nations to the orga­nization will include money raised from this Saturday’s SOS Walk for Dar­fur at Socrates Sculpture Park. The money will be used to buy medical supplies, healthcare and in general, for the 2.8 million peo­ple that have been displaced due to the genocide in Darfur, Sudan.

The genocide in Darfur is currently a very dire situation and according to Peter Wilson, who runs BSGE’s Helping Hands committee, any event to raise awareness will help “put pressure on the government to do something about

by BACC Rag staff

Short Stories 6/09

BSGE plans, Rain laughs

                  The Helping Hands Committee planned our an­nual BSGE Earth Day cele­bration at Socrates Sculpture Park for Friday, June 5th but it was canceled due to rain. Many students showed up to school with a hoe in one hand and a shovel in the oth­er only to find themselves sitting in English class.

The Recession Hits Close to Home At BSGE

The recent eco­nomic downturn has inevita­bly led to budget cuts across New York City and BSGE is not immune from these reductions.  Despite being ranked US News and World Report’s #38 High School in

by Mikael M '10

The Life and Times of Fred