BSGE’s Resident “Rocker”

  The new found presence of a rocking chair has emerged in both the cafeteria and, more recently, outside Mr. David-Lang’s room.  Initially a present from the gracious Ms. Nikkolos, the chair was intended to offer added comfort to the ever busy Ms. Johnson.  Fortunately, though the rocker does not quite fit in our principal’s … Continue reading BSGE’s Resident “Rocker”


Tim David-Lang: The Man Who Hears the Drama

Mr. Timothy David-Lang, BSGE’s school’s guidance counselor, has seen a large portion of the 400 students at BSGE in his office. They come to talk to him about personal issues they are having in their lives. This could pertain to a number of subjects, including school, parents, relationships, substance abuse, friends, or anything else they … Continue reading Tim David-Lang: The Man Who Hears the Drama

Future Music Moguls At NYU

New York University is known as an over-priced college spread out through most of downtown Manhattan. Although it lacks the traditional campus and frat-bonding experience, it is still on most seniors’ college list. Surrounded by clubs, restaurants, and many high-fashion clothing stores, NYU has attracted many music fans because of the endless opportunities the city … Continue reading Future Music Moguls At NYU