BSGE’s Resident “Rocker” Reply

  The new found presence of a rocking chair has emerged in both the cafeteria and, more recently, outside Mr. David-Lang’s room.  Initially a present from the gracious Ms. Nikkolos, the chair was intended to offer added comfort to the ever busy Ms. Johnson.  Fortunately, though the rocker does not quite fit in our principal’s office and students and faculty alike can take a few seconds to kick back and relax.
However, we as BSGEers are faced with an urgent problem: what to call it?  It’s on you all, so let us at the BACC Rag know what you think.  And keep it classy, San Diego.


Tim David-Lang: The Man Who Hears the Drama Reply

Mr. Timothy David-Lang, BSGE’s school’s guidance counselor, has seen a large portion of the 400 students at BSGE in his office. They come to talk to him about personal issues they are having in their lives. This could pertain to a number of subjects, including school, parents, relationships, substance abuse, friends, or anything else they have the urge to spill to someone. Some talk by choice, while others are there because it has been ‘recommended.’
‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘Secret Life,’ ‘One Tree Hill,’ what do all of these shows have in common? Drama. If you were to tune in during just about any ‘teenage’ based show on TV, there is a high chance of seeing tears or hearing shouting. That is because many teenagers are naturally intrigued by people’s, sometimes over the More…

Movie Review: The Runaways Reply

Sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll. These are the fundamental components of the all girl punk rock group, The Runaways. The movie, also entitled “The Runaways,” is supposed to be a look into the lives of both Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning) and Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart), two of the five members in the band, but instead focuses on the temporary success of Currie (nicknamed “Cherry Bomb” by producer Kim Fowley). Although it was clear that the band’s formation was due to the hopeful and determined Joan Jett, Stewart’s role in the movie was not nearly as big as Fanning’s.
Although this was a time where women came upon hardships when facing the rock & roll scene, this movie tells the story of the exception. It starts off with Jett invading the 70’s club in More…

Future Music Moguls At NYU Reply

New York University is known as an over-priced college spread out through most of downtown Manhattan. Although it lacks the traditional campus and frat-bonding experience, it is still on most seniors’ college list. Surrounded by clubs, restaurants, and many high-fashion clothing stores, NYU has attracted many music fans because of the endless opportunities the city holds. As the music industry grew, the Tisch School for Recorded Music formed. An email from our very own Ms. You informed me about a special program called The Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music at NYU-Tisch School of the Arts, which was holding a program called Future Music Moguls. The program introduces all aspects of the contemporary music business to students, with a special focus on developing entrepreneurial skills. Learning about More…

Tests, Tests, Tests, and More Tests! Reply

From third grade to eighth grade, New York State students have been required to take New York state tests. There has never been a huge amount of prep for them at BSGE because BSGE already provides an accelerated level of learning. Unlike most other New York Public schools however, BSGE’s 8th graders not only have to take these state tests, but also the Regents exams in some subjects. This year 8th graders will be taking the Living Environment Regents and the Integrated Algebra Regents. Now, students in the 8th grade must be prepared for regular, in-class tests, state tests, and Regents exams.
Although it is a lot of work, some students are okay with taking the Regents this year if it means less testing next year. When asked how she felt, Isabella Hernandez answered, “I want to take More…

Saving lives with music Reply

BSGE students know first-hand how important Blood Drives  are. One that I have been involved with combines music with saving lives. Music Saves Lives is a relatively new organization, started in late 2005, on a mission to collect as many blood and bone marrow donations as possible. Although it hasn’t even been 5 years since MSL has started, they’ve reached out to an astounding number of individuals under the age of 25. In total this California-based organization has collected more than 1 million blood donations and 15,000 bone marrow registrations.
The music aspect of this organization comes from the creator, Russel Hornbeek. Previously working as a tissue recovery tech for 9 years with the American Red Cross, he was very knowledgeable More…

No Prom for Some Seniors Reply

This year, seniors who were absent a certain number of days will not be able to attend prom. According to Ms. Johnson there were a large number of absences in the 12th grade this year. Ms. Johnson said, “The Mayor and Chancellor will give us a negative rating if the attendance goes down.” To keep this from happening, Ms. Johnson has created a punishment for students who were absent too often.
Since there were a large number of absences this year, a decent number of students will be affected.  “We need a 96 percent attendance rating—unless the Mayor and Chancellor change their minds—so this is More…

Summer is For College Apps. Reply

With summer approaching work is probably the last thing on the minds of juniors. However, it is crucial that this summer, the one between junior and senior year, juniors take the time to work on different aspects of their college applications. Work that juniors get done over the summer is work they don’t need to do in September, when school work, Extended Essay work and more college application work kicks in. If you dedicate just one hour More…

Performing On Stage At CARNEGIE Hall Reply

On April 14th,  Ms. Nikkolos’ 9th grade advisory and Ms. Matani’s 10th grade advisory went on a trip to the Carnegie Hall for a Cultural Exchange Concert. Within those two advisories, there were six students who were scheduled to perform on stage that day: Seong Ae Hong, Myles Petillo, Adrien Carrere, Ashley Narvaez, Tenzin Thunsur from 10th grade and Zakir from the 9th grade. Students of BSGE collaborated with a famous band from India, Indian Ocean, for this concert. Although the performance was only few minutes long, a lot of time and effort were needed for the epic stage at Carnegie Hall.
Ms. Nikkolos and her advisees have been participating in the Cultural Exchange program for several years. And this year, she got Ms. Matani’s 10th grade advisees to participate in the program as well. Towards the beginning of the year, staff members of the program requested the teachers to ask a couple of students to take a More…

IB Art Students Show off Their Work Reply

April 22 was BSGE’s fifth annual IB Art show. 11th Grade SL and 12th grade HL students showcased their works in the library from 5-7PM. The artists discussed their art with the many parents, teachers, students and friends who attended. Paintings, sculptures, photos, and more lined the walls and hallways, and each piece was original and unique.
This year’s art show did not feature the usual auction of student-produced art. This year pieces were still sold, the art department taking 30% of the profit. According to Mr. McGuire, the auction takes a lot of energy and the small number of students makes it difficult to pull off. This year, art was still sold, although not in an auction.
Art students were interviewed by IB Art grading officials. Students More…

EARTH DAY 2010 Reply

BSGE students made their way to Socrates Sculpture Park despite a forecast predicting afternoon thunderstorms and were rewarded with a cloudy but otherwise perfect day for cleaning the park.
Earth Day is typically an annual event but it was cancelled last year due to rain. Students, teachers, Ms. Johnson and the Helping Hands Committee were determined not to let that happen again.
Photo Credits: Marjorie Balaguer

What to do In New York city Reply

It can be easy to forget during the school year that we in the city that never sleeps, because work quickly and effectively takes over our lives from the very beginning of September. Now that the summer is finally here, its time to put the books down and have some fun! Here’s a list of some exiting things to do this summer in the city:

The Summer Stage in Central Park: The City Parks Foundation has a program called the Summer Stage, which is a collection of stages throughout the five boroughs that hold great acts throughout the summer, including plays, concerts, and dance performances. The Main Stage is in Central Park, and is celebrating its More…

AIr Conditioning, Popcorn, and A Summer Movie Reply

Knight and Day On June 25:
This action-comedy movie stars Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise, who act as a fugitive couple on a lethal adventure. The lines between truth and lies blur as betrayals impact this couple’s relationship. Eventually, they end up traveling the globe in attempt to escape from being caught by a federal agent. This movie also stars Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Grace.

Grown Ups On June 25:
This film is an upcoming summer comedy starring Adam Sandler, David Spade, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, and Kevin James. These five best friends from high school reunite after 30 years due to the death of their basketball coach. They and their families spent the 4th of July weekend together at the lake house where they had More…

Monsieur Rajiv and Mr. Lakhaney visit france Reply

Recently, Mr. Rajiv and Mr. Lakhaney took a trip to Montpellier, France, to arrange a foreign exchange program. They visited Jules Guesde, the school that the French students who will be participating in the exchange program. They also looked at the beautiful sights around Montpellier. “The view is like history,” said Mr. Rajiv. They both agreed that they would definitely like to go back again.
Mr. Rajiv raved that, “It’s very cool there,” and spoke of the many activities available such as hiking up a mountain or on a beach, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, or camping. Walking around and looking at the More…

Silly bans on Silly Bandz Reply

Cabbage Patch Dolls, Beanie Babies, Pokémon cards, and Crocs are some of the most wildly popular fads of the past few decades. Silly Bandz can now be added to that list.  For those who don’t know, Silly Bandz are the thin colored bands made of mostly silicone and rubber molded into various shapes. These shapes fall under any of their fourteen categories, including beach, zoo animals, Spring, dinosaurs, and others. The band is designed so that it retakes its original shape after being taken off the wrist or is no longer restricted.
The characteristics of the bands were originally selected with children in mind. The extent to which the popularity soared however, was surprising to even the creators. The company that makes this More…

Borrowing Cash from the U.S. Of A. Reply

For some BSGE students, college is right around the corner and money has recently become an increasingly important factor in students’ college decisions. The choice of where to apply or go to for college is not only decided based on academics, location, and size, but also based on how much financial aid a college will provide. Going to college is becoming increasingly expensive as even public universities have increased prices, averaging $7,020 just for tuition and fees and many private universities charging an average of $26,273 just for tuition and fees (not including room and board, textbooks, or meal plans), many students end up taking out loans or apply for grants and scholarships in order to pay for college.
Usually, student loans would have to be taken from private banks and corporations like More…

Parent Teacher Conferences Come at Odd Times Reply

Parent-teacher conferences are meetings that could help you understand where you are in a class, but BSGE’s timing might not always be great. At the beginning of the year, BSGE students had their first parent-teacher conference of the year. It was only a few weeks since the first day of school. It seems like a little too soon for teachers to get to know exactly who you are and how you work. Students like Amy Furusho, who is an eighth grade student, agrees that teachers might need a little longer to get to know them better. “I think the conferences are way too soon,” she says. Other students that agree with Amy think this makes less accurate and perhaps worse parent-teacher conferences.
Parent teacher conferences for the first semester were during the beginning of More…


Every year students are issued two report cards and two periodic assessments. These evaluations tell us, our parents and the colleges we apply to, how well we do our jobs as students. When the evaluations are positive, the rewards are great but when they are negative, the consequences can be dire. The same should be said about teacher evaluations.
Teachers do get official annual reviews, as required by the Board of Education. Ms. Johnson rates their performance as either “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” based on her observations throughout the year. Recently, the New York State Assembly changed the system and starting in 2012, 40% of the evaluation will be based on student performance on standardized tests. However, neither the current system nor the future system leaves room More…

BSGE Students Offered $9.8 Million in Aid Reply

This year’s senior class of 69 students was offered an amazing and unprecedented total of $9,853,780 in scholarships and grants. Multiple students were even offered full scholarships.
The total is even more astounding than it typically would be because of today’s economic situation. According to U.S. News, financial experts predicted that this year’s fight for scholarships would be more intense than ever before. With a bad economy comes an increase in need and an increase in the number of students that need.
In a survey distributed by The BACC Rag, the same one used in More…