Behind The Metal Counter Reply

“Pizza and fries please.” Four words may be all we ever say to the people working our cafeteria, but what really goes on behind the metal counter?
The “School Food Service Manager” (the professional term for the person who runs our cafeteria) is named Dorothy. She comes to BSGE twice a week and works at three other schools. Her job as manager consists of ordering food, making phone calls, and making sure the kitchen is clean. Her orders are sometimes read off of a preprinted menu that’s made for New York City public schools.
Dorothy says that she tries to talk to BSGE students to understand More…


Graduation 2011 Reply

The 2011 commencement ceremony took place at the Queens Theater in the Park. The master of ceremonies was Mr. Tim David Lang. Student Jolijt Tamanaha gave the first speech and was followed by student Nathan Nickolic. The adult speakers picked by the students were Ms. Jennifer Dikes, Mr. Virge Ramos, and Ms. Lily Shen. Ms. Johnson gave the final speech and the graduates then all walked up onto the stage and recived their diploma. The students closed the ceremony by dancing to a mash up of “Time of My Life” and “The Show Goes On.”

Seventh Grade Rocks Out At MMI Reply

The seventh graders recently went on a field trip to the Museum of the Moving Image.  Many of us have already experienced the amazing, creative things in the museum, but then again, for some, this was a first time experience. Located on 36-01 35Av Astoria NY 11106, this museum is the perfect educational spot for middle schools and high schools and provides many resources to learn from. This museum is all about technology of film and digital related topics. This is the whole reason why all the seventh grade technology classes decided to go to this museum. The seventh graders are heading into the unit of multi-media; so going to the museum would be the perfect opportunity to learn about the topic that More…

Interview with A Departing Student Teacher Reply

 As the school year ends, BSGE’s 8th grade says goodbye for good to their English class student teacher Phillip Ashton Marnell The First. (Marnell had specifically said that he was “The First”). The 25 year old that worked with English teacher Nikki Singh and the 8th grade from April to June, is not only leaving BSGE, but leaving the country! Marnell had been hired for a job as an English Teacher in Korea, a few hours away from Seoul. When asked about how he felt flying all the way to Korea for his new job, the current Columbia student had said,


Japan Charity Raffle At BSGE Reply

Ms. Matani’s tenth grade advisory organized a raffle in an effort to raise money for the victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  On that day, a 8.9 magnitude earthquake occurred off the east coast, about 250 miles northeast of Tokyo. It was so powerful that it shook the earthquake-resistant skyscrapers of the city.  It triggered a tsunami that caused even more damage along the coast of Japan. This resulted in large waves that reached about 6 miles inland at some places. According to the Japanese National Police Agency, 15,057 deaths have been confirmed, 5,282 people were More…

Sports Dinner Reply

On June 15, BSGE held its fifth annual sports dinner. A few students on the boy’s soccer team, the girl’s volleyball team and the girl’s and boy’s basketball team came up, but the girl’s softball team had the largest amount of students showed up. Students brought food for everyone, and each team’s coach made a speech. Students received awards for being on the teams, and the students gave their coaches presents. The sports dinner was an opportunity for BSGE’s sports teams to celebrate a year of hard work and their achievements.


On June 8th, BSGE held its first ping-pong tournament hosted by the Sophomore Council.  There were around 10-12 competitors, including Science/Forensic teacher Mr. Laskowski and the entrance fee for the competition was three dollars.  Numerous rounds were held and each round went up to 21 points.  Adam Gakin, former BSGE student won the final match against Mr. Laskowski and his prize was a green customized t-shirt.

Teacher of the Month: Ms. Hernandez Reply

When did you start teaching?
I started teaching in 2002.

What did you want to be when you were younger?
When I was younger I really wanted to be a doctor.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Astoria, around Ditmars Blvd. Steinway Street area.

What hobbies do you have?
I like to play video games.

How old were you when you wanted to be a teacher?
I was about 24 years old.  I was working in Business, I wanted to do something to give back to society.  I was good at More…

Thank You Notes Reply

The Bacc Rag experienced its first taste of controversy in April. Our right to free speech (and our right to make a joke) was ignored when the issues were collected. But I am grateful it happened because it gave me a moment to reflect on the amazing opportunity that I have had working on this newspaper at BSGE. Over the past six years, many, many people have been extremely supportive.
When Kristen Spang, Nathan Nikolic and I first approached then-principal Bill Stroud about creating a newspaper for the seventh grade he didn’t hesitate. Mr. Aly Lakhaney signed on as adviser. The “Popcorn Weekly” was born and distributed (kinda) weekly for two years. In the 100th issue, we announced that we would become “The Bacc Rag,” a tabloid-sized, school-wide newspaper.
Not once did someone question (at least not to our faces) whether More…

Summer Reading Assignment Adds Dread to the Hot Days Reply

Finally summer break is approaching for BSGE students and the majority of them are ecstatic that school is near its end. Though everyone is looking forward to this time of the year, there is just one problem: summer reading reports.
The summer homework for my grade is to read 3 to 4 books and write a report for each book. Ten entries are needed for each book that is read. Students are not able to choose any book they may enjoy reading, but are given a list of books. This restricts the availability of the books they can read. About 4 different genres of More…

Review: King Lear Performed at BSGE Reply

Ms. Nikkolos’s 9th grade advisory has staged their own version of the Shakespeare classic “King Lear.” In the play, the elderly King Lear wishes to give his kingdom to his three daughters. Of his three daughters, two only love him for his wealth. The third daughter, Cordelia, actually loves him, but he disowns her, which he later comes to regret. This is another Shakepearean tragedy, and it does not have a happy ending.
The students in Ms. Nikkolos’s 9th grade advisory have performed an abridged version for the other 9th grade students. It is short enough to fit in one advisory period. The students performed More…

Applying from BSGE: Seniors Reflect Reply

“Don’t be a little girl about it,” senior Meghan McCullough advises juniors, “do anything and everything you have to do to get in.” Another student urges future college applicants to “think realistically” and many seniors stressed avoiding procrastination and starting the process as early as possible.
   About 52% of 2011 seniors said they feel they did not do everything they could do to get into the best school possible. Senior Erica Llanera recommends students “always be proactive about the demands of a college application, ask questions, do research, be aware.” Another senior, Sarah Diaz, says “finish things before deadlines” because it “gives you a chance to revise. A lot.” More…

Double Deposit At Your Own (High) Risk Reply

On May 1st (or earlier for the non-procrastinators) seniors across the country sent in their enrollment deposits, securing a spot in the freshman class at the college of their choice. But some students played the dangerous game of double depositing.
Double depositing is the action of sending in a check for enrollment to more than one school and students do it for multiple reasons. Sometimes seniors cannot make a choice and, therefore, buy themselves some extra time to choose. Other students send in two deposits because the schools have yet to give final financial aid packages; the students More…

Tech Students Connect With the Outside Reply

In Technology, the students of the seventh grade are not only learning about computer programs and websites, but they are also learning about things happening around the world. They learned about the earthquake in Japan and other natural disasters like the tornado in Joplin, Missouri. They are currently in the middle of a Multi-Media project that is about something important happening in the world. The seventh graders have been exploring websites, and programs to make the Multi-Media project such as VoiceThread and IMovie. They have been creating projects on these websites and programs to figure out how they work. This way, if the students choose to create their projects using these websites and More…

2011’s Yearbook Truly Represents Reply

The 2010-2011 yearbook definitely captures the spirit of this year’s senior class.  Beginning with a Dr. Seuss quote on friendship, the idea that close friendships have developed are evident throughout the book. It seems that each page is loaded with pictures of friends having fun. The yearbook also emphasizes all the good times that the seniors have had throughout the year. Pictures of events like Lounge Night, Spirit Week, Senior Trip, and the trip to Denmark are included.
Features that are usually in yearbooks can also be found in this one. School pictures of each student can be found next to their chosen baby picture. Pictures of clubs, groups, and sports teams take up a few pages. Two pages full of “Remember when…” quotes from students are funny for any reader and a great chance for the seniors to reminisce about their years spent in BSGE. This yearbook has all the features necessary for More…