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New Chancellor, New Opportunities

The NYC school system began a new year and a new beginning for new chancellor Dennis Walcott to shape and mold the nation’s largest school system. It was last April when Dennis Walcott replaced Cathie Black as the school chancellor. Mayor Bloomberg appointed the former chancellor Black, a longtime magazine executive with no educational experience, for her managerial skills and business like attributes. She became the first woman to lead a school system of some 1.1 million kids and some three months later with approval ratings at all time lows, proving hazardous for the Bloomberg administration, was replaced by Dennis Walcott in April 2011.  Walcott, before becoming school Chancellor, was president of the

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BSGE’s New Ninth Graders

BSGE welcomes some fresh new ninth grade faces. When asked what their first impression of the school was, Laura Agosto said, “It seemed like a secure environment compared to my old school that was deep in a ghetto area.” Some students were not just fascinated by the area in which our school is located. Another student, Lauren Hallisey, commented, “It’s a really nice environment, and the people are nice.” When asked about their impression of the students and teachers, Gabriella Bayshtok said, “The kids seem disciplined, and the teachers are nice and organized.” Laura was just satisfied with having teachers that “make you feel like you learn something new everyday and challenge you.” Of course first impressions are not the only things that make up the first day of school. Laura went on to say, “My best experience was probably being able to meet new people.” While this was great for the new students, sadly to every best experience there is a worst experience. Lauren said, “Having a lot of homework was probably the worst part of school.” Some students seemed to find the positive side to any situation (even going to school). Gabriela said, “I didn’t have a bad experience.” Despite all of their experiences and impressions they are now part of the BSGE crowd.

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Meet Mr. Sheridan

BSGE kicked off the start of the year with two brand new teachers. Art teacher Mr. Sheridan, who replaced Mr. McGuire was one of them. Mr. Sheridan grew up “in the Northeast corner of Connecticut in a small town in the foothills of the Berkshires. The town has 2 stoplights”.
He discovered his passion for art at a young age. He started making art “under the desk in (his) dad’s office [where] there was a bucket of crayons.” Surprisingly his parents never kept his work from when he was little. He said ,“the whole bring it home and put it on the fridge-that never happened.” He originally

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A Topsy-Turvy Start

The beginning of the school year started off with some bittersweet reactions from the 10th graders. On the 3rd day of school at the beginning of 1st period, many students were con- fused when they reached their 1st period class and found out that their class’ schedule had supposedly been switched. The sophomores were informed about this unexpected change.
The students who had taken Spanish for 4 years and the students
who took Spanish for 2 years
were assigned
to the “incorrect teachers.”
Due to this, the
schedules had
to be switched. Considering that 3 days into the school year had already passed, and many students had their supplies ready for their current classes and it caused much disappointment among the many
of the 10th graders due
 to the fact

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Staff Changes at BSGE

The 2011 school year began with some big changes to the BSGE staff. Here is a list of the changes: Tech teacher Ms Brownstone took a job as an MYP Coordinator at a school in the Bronx.

Math teacher Ms Hernandez left BSGE to return to school to pursue another degree. Long time Parent Coordinator Ms. Amy Reichel also left BSGE.

Art teacher Mr McGuire moved with his wife to Wisconsin. Art teacher

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Who’s Who at BSGE

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A Word on Science: Neutrinos

Until recently, it was a widely accepted notion that the fastest possible speed was the speed of light at 299,792,458 m/s. But new information about neutrinos, subatomic particles, has surfaced revealing that its own speed may be faster than the speed of light. These tiny particles whose mass is close to 0 penetrate all mass in the known universe, including the sun.
Neutrinos were first postulated in 1930 by Wolfgang Pauli, known for his contributions to the field of electron configurations. The first image of a neutrino was taken with the aid of a

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BSGE Class of 2011 Receives a Record Number of IB Diplomas

                         The Class of 2011 at Graduation.                             Photo Credit: Ms Van Schilfgaarde

BSGE’s Class of 2011 received a school record 36 IB Diplomas last year. Of the 64 students who graduated in 2011, 55 were IB Diploma candidates and 36 students received enough points to earn the full IB diploma, a major achievement for the students and the school. “They worked together to support each other in the gauntlet of senior year and the IB exam process. Hopeful- ly this will continue to benefit them in their college years” said 12th grade IB History of the Americas teacher and Diploma coordinator, Ms. Jennifer Dikes.

In addition to their hard work, Ms. Connie You, 10th and 11th grade English teacher, identified

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It’s a Small World (part 2)