Coffeed: Astoria’s Most Unique Coffeeshop Reply

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Two blocks away from BSGE on Northern Boulevard is a large white building that resembles a warehouse, similar to the many other barren looking structures throughout Astoria and Long Island City (LIC). But if you manage to stumble inside the first floor of this building you will find “Coffeed,” the eco-friendly coffee shop that gives back to the community of Queens through 10% of their beverage sales and 5% of their food sales.

The first thing one would most likely notice is the casual setup of the café with mismatched tables and chairs strung More…


New Student Orientation Reply

On Monday, June 10th, BSGE held a new student orientation for incoming 7th and 9th grade students. Parents stayed in the cafeteria to listen to presentations by teachers and PTA representatives about the school and the program at BSGE. Students went with teachers to classrooms to participate in various ice breaker activities and help answer students’ questions about the school. The Main goal with students is to help them feel welcome and more comfortable due to the big transition they are about to make. Around 100 families were in attendance.

MYP Ceremony Celebrates the End of 10th Grade Reply

On Friday, June 7th celebrated the end of the Middle Years Program with the current 10th grade students.  The ceremony will included the distribution MYP certificates and subject specific awards and speeches by student speakers. The 10th grade students selected Avishek Paul to speak and teachers selected Paulina Nowakowski and Sarfi Chowdhury. Spanish teacher Freddy Giraldo was the host for the event.

2013 BSGE Geography Bee Reply

winners of geog bee-0909

The Winning Team: Elijah K ’18, Michael X ’18, and Nibras I ’18 (Photo Credit: Jennifer Dikes).

The second annual BSGE Team Geography Bee took place on Wednesday, June 5th. A 7th grade team of Michael X ’18, Elijah K ’18, and Nibras I ’18 (team name: The Rainbow Cuddlebunny Powerpuffs) beat out 30 other teams to win the competition. The team scored a total of 66 points out of a possible 68.

Participating students formed team of three and answered questions that evaluated their knowledge of world, national, and local geography over two, 25 minute rounds. The participants were mostly 7th and 8th graders with some high school students as well.

Last year’s champions, Zovinar K ’17, Yassmin E ’17, and Mehraj M ’17 (Team Name: Screw You, We Were Last Year’s Champions!) finished in 2nd place this year with a total of 51 points.

The first place team received movie passes and the second and third place teams received iTunes gift cards.

photo[3]Awards were also distributed for best team names. The “Flatulent Alpacas” and the “Andrew Jackson 5” took home those awards.

A team of teachers also participated. Mr Mehan, Dr. Helfenbein, and Ms. Mihalache finished with 57 points.

Class of 2013 College Destinations Reply

Senior Group 2013

2013 Senior Final College List

Ricardo Aguayo                                 Brandeis University (POSSE Foundation Scholarship: $170,728)

Kyra Allen                                          Northeastern University (Northeastern U Grant: $72,000)

Mohammed Amin                             City College: Grove School of Engineering

Steven Armanios                               Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Dimitri Baskous                                 Binghamton University

Maria Belchikova                               Rochester Institute of Technology (Achievement Scholarship: $40,000)

Jessica Belkin                                     Binghamton University

Jessica Bodeta                                    Queens College


The New (and Improved?) Teacher Rating System Reply

Believe it or not, teachers get graded too and the system for how teachers are evaluated that has been in place in New York City for over a decade is about to change. Teachers used to get rated either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory based on an administrator’s observations. Starting next year, a more complicated system will be implemented at BSGE and throughout New York City schools.

In the past few years, teacher evaluations have become a widely discussed topic on the national, state, and citywide levels. Debates have focused on what exactly should be considered in a teacher evaluation and what role, if any, standardized tests should play in determining teacher quality.

In 2009, President Obama signed the “Race to the Top” Bill that gave states grant money if they made certain changes in their state education policies, among them, More…

BSGE’s Science Class Mobiles Reply

For several years Mr. Laskowski has assigned mobile projects to seventh graders towards the end of the school year. For this project seventh graders have to create a mobile of fourteen balanced distinct objects based off a chosen theme. Students work with partners to accomplish this goal and have a target of balancing two objects each science class.

The project has been a difficult project, as students face many obstacles. One reason is that “objects kept falling apart,” Justin Hamlin ‘17 remarks. Other obstacles include wooden levers breaking, strings not swinging, strings loosening, mobiles unbalancing, and the objects breaking. Mr. Laskowski speaks of unfortunate events of grading finished mobiles of prior seventh graders, such as entire mobiles crashing and objects loosening from More…

BSGE #36 in 2013 US New Rankings Reply

U.S. News and World Report ranked BSGE the #36 high school in the nation and the #4 high school in New York State. The Brooklyn Latin School, a Specialized High School which also offers the IB program, now holds the #1 position in New York State, while The School for the Talented and Gifted, in Texas, holds the #1 position nationally. Last year, Baccalaureate was ranked the #21 high school in the country and the #1 in the state.

The ranking is based on the “college readiness” (or how well students are prepared for college, based on IB or AP grades) of the school’s graduating class from two years ago. Because of this “delay,” the school’s ranking reflects the status of the graduating class several years ago rather than the current progress of the school. The ranking is also determined by comparing the performance of students in the school to the average performances of students in the state or country. Finally, it takes into consideration the performance of disadvantaged students (low-income, black or Hispanic), in comparison to the average in the state or country.

8th Graders Leaving BSGE Reply

Every year, some of the 8th graders in BSGE leave it for other high schools, such as Stuyvesant or Bronx Science.  This year, with the largest 8th grade class in the school’s history, one might expect the largest number of 8th graders in the school’s history to leave, but that is not the case.  Only 14 out of 98, a little over 14%, of the 8th graders are leaving for other public schools this year, which is a much smaller percentage than ever before.

One reason why this might be the case is that the school has gotten much more well-known recently.  The US News and World Reports ranked this high school as #1 in New York state last year, and #4 in the state this year.  Fewer people will want to More…

10th Graders Present their Personal Projects Reply

On May 3rd, 10th grade students presented their Personal Projects to an audience of 7th, 8th and 9th graders. The Personal Project was a yearlong assignment that revolved around topics that interested the students and that they chose themselves. Using information they gathered, they were to create a final project that demonstrated their knowledge of their topic. Students were expected to follow a process that included a presentation at the close of the project. Presentations lasted 10-15 minutes and varied greatly depending on the topic. Students in the audience were given packets to complete based on the presentations to help them learn about the experience.

The 10th graders were assigned to develop a presentation since the start of the school year. They focused on a variety of Area of Interactions to guide them throughout the project process, as well as Guiding Questions (GQ).  10th graders began More…

Lady Sting’s Successful 2013 Season Comes to a Close Reply

On Friday May 17, BSGE’s girls softball team, Lady Sting, was defeated in a tough game against Metropolitan Campus in the second round of the playoffs, 10-1. Metropolitan, who were seeded #2 in the playoff brackets, advanced to the quarterfinals while Baccalaureate’s playoff run was over. Despite the difficult loss, the game marked the end of a great season for the team, who ended up with a final record of 13-5, including one win and one loss in the playoffs.

The season kicked off on March 22, with many new faces on the team. Five freshmen were added to the starting lineup. The team did well considering the number of rookies playing. “The season was a huge success,” Coach Virge Ramos said. The team cruised into the playoffs, led by More…

BSGE Advisories Raise over $2,000 for “Pennies for Patients” Reply

pennies-for-patients-01-19-11The Helping Hands Committee is pleased to share that this year’s Pennies for Patients drive was successful–BSGE advisories raised $2047.59!  A special commendation to Diana Nikkolos’ 9th grade advisory who raised just over $500.  Enjoy the pizza and ice cream party–it was well earned.  Juanita Kumar’s 8th grade advisory came in second and will receive a pizza party as well.  All donations will be given to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in order to aid with cancer research and medical care for children living with leukemia and lymphoma.
We would also like to announce our final Blood Drive sponsored by the NY Blood Center on Tuesday, June 4th from 8:00am-2:00pm.  We hope that you will find time to make a donation as NYC copes with a severe blood shortage in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  If you are available to make a donation, please contact More…