Class of 2013 College Destinations

2013 Senior Final College List Ricardo Aguayo                                 Brandeis University (POSSE Foundation Scholarship: $170,728) Kyra Allen                                          Northeastern University (Northeastern U Grant: $72,000) Mohammed Amin                             City College: Grove School of Engineering Steven Armanios                               Polytechnic Institute of New York University Dimitri Baskous                                 Binghamton University Maria Belchikova                               Rochester Institute of Technology (Achievement Scholarship: $40,000) Jessica Belkin                                     Binghamton University Jessica … Continue reading Class of 2013 College Destinations

The New (and Improved?) Teacher Rating System

Believe it or not, teachers get graded too and the system for how teachers are evaluated that has been in place in New York City for over a decade is about to change. Teachers used to get rated either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory based on an administrator’s observations. Starting next year, a more complicated system will … Continue reading The New (and Improved?) Teacher Rating System