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The French Club’s Fine Dining Experience

On Friday, June 12th, 39 members of the French Club went to the Madison Avenue Bistro to eat lunch. The restaurant is owned and operated by Claude Godard, the father of BSGE alumnus Gautier Godard. Below are pictures of the trip.

IMAG2569 IMAG2548





by Hana M '18 by Samantha V '18

All Time Low Concert Experience; Tips and Tricks on How to Survive a Concert

All Time Low (Photo Credit:
All Time Low (Photo Credit:

On May 23rd we had the chance to go to an All Time Low Concert which also included several performances by Tonight Alive, Issues, and State Champs. The crowd was filled with people of all different ages, and all the dyed hair made it look extremely colorful. We were lucky enough for it to be a beautiful day out but with all the mosh pits, pushing and overall lack of personal space we found it hard to keep cool and not get dehydrated. Luckily, security guards took water bottles and poked holes in it creating a sprinkler/ water fountain for all of us fortunate enough to be towards the front. There were some moments we’d thought we would die, of thirst, of people trampling over us or even of excitement but in the end it was worth it! Coming to wait on line hours before was one of the most important things to getting a decent spot in the crowd, and a good view despite the height disadvantage. Waitin on line for hours isn’t such a drag as long as you’re with your friends and having fun. Being on line with hundreds of people with the same taste in music as you is also extremely fun and can lead to friendships so don’t be scared of interaction! Going to an All Time Low concert was definitely the experience of a lifetime. It was a learning experience for future concerts and above all, it was extremely fun! For individuals who are planning to go to similar concerts, read this article for tips and tricks for surviving the concert.

by Mahaut B '16

Earth Lab: Part V


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BSGE 2015 Graduates’ College Destinations

Laura Agosto will attend Baruch College.

Alyssa Alvarado will attend Hunter College.

Nicholas Anastasio will attend University at Buffalo.

Mariana Arias will attend Queens College.
The Dream US Scholarship recipient.

Sumbul Baig will attend Long Island University’s Pharmd Program.
Merit Award recipient. Assemblywoman Catherine
Nolan’s Lamp of Learning Award for Community
Leadership and Academic Merit recipient.

Steven Becker will attend Binghamton University.

Christopher Birsan will attend Baruch College.

Grace Camia will attend the University of Southern California.
New York state 2015 Series Scholarship for Academic Excellence recipient.

Grant Cannon will attend Gordon College.
Harold John Ockenga Scholarship recipient.
Department of Education of the City of New York Cooperation in Government Certificate of Recognition for Exemplary Service and Outstanding CitizenshipRecipient.

Gavriela Carver will attend Cornell University.
New York State 2015 Series Scholarship for Academic Excellence recipient. City Council Citation Speaker’s Achievement Award for Demonstrating Academic Excellence and Commitment to Public Service recipient.

Noelani Certuche-Moreno will attend Penn State Abington.
Provost award recipient. Bunton Waller Scholarship recipient.

by Erin C '14

World From the Real World: Erin Camia ’14

This past year has been a lesson in learning that things are never impossible. It is possible to survive moving away from home and its comforts. It is possible for a New Yorker to have fun in Cleveland. It is possible for a BSGE graduate to completely switch gears and become an engineering major.

None of these things were particularly easy to learn, however. I felt ready to return to my parents forever when early in the first semester, I had a terrible ear infection that required a visit to the ER one night. I spent a few hours crying on the phone with my parents, partly because of the pain and partly because I realized adults have to take care of their own health. I eventually got the help I needed and even better, began a friendship with one of my best friends when she accompanied me to the hospital and bought me ice cream afterwards.

by Allen W '20

Lasko’s Lovely Labs

With the school year drawing to a near end, BSGE seventh graders are getting a taste of the kind of work they must do further on in their BSGE career. A good example of this would be the recent two lab reports assigned in science class. Unlike anything a seventh grader has ever done before, the lab reports certainly had an effect on how students viewed their workloads, be it a positive or negative one.

Starting off with an in-class lab experiment, students must collect reliable data, and then produce a report that interprets, draws conclusions from, and reflects on their collected data. With the entire process and report being a rather lengthy process, some students who are still adapting to their new environment and workload see this as a good thing, while others are happy to get this leg of the race over with.

Despite some of the negative opinions on the report and its process, the majority of seventh graders consider it beneficial to their future academic career, writing abilities, and even time management skills.

by Vivian Y '16

Which Zodiac Sign Does Your Teacher Have?

No longer something which is read commonly in the daily newspapers, zodiac signs have been appearing on social media such as Tumblr blogs and Instagram posts. When people think of zodiac signs, they usually think of the daily horoscopes which predict how their day will go, and you might have noticed the “Capricorn” needlepoint hanging in the art room. But what exactly are zodiac signs?

Zodiac signs are assigned to a person based on their birthday and whether or not it falls within a month and date range. A zodiac cusp like BSGE Music teacher Ms. Nikkolos, who is both a Scorpio and a Sagittarius, is when their birthday falls in between two zodiac signs’ month and date ranges, so they qualify as two zodiac signs. As Ms. Nikkolos said, zodiac cusps have “the best qualities of each sign.” A person’s zodiac sign is used by some to determine their personality and love compatibility.

by Daleelah S '19

Ramadan what?

Thursday, June 18 is the day of the Integrated Algebra Regents Exam for eighth graders at BSGE. For students in other grades, it’ll be just another day. But June 18th is a special day for Muslims. Those following the scientific calculations of moon positions, at least. For these people, the 18th will be the start of a month-long holiday, known as Ramadan.

During this month, Muslims fast (go without food or drink) from sunrise to sunset. Sunrise will be around 3:45 am this year, which means that many of us will be waking up around 3 am to make ourselves a meal, also known as Suhoor, before making the intention to fast.

Sunset will be around 8:30 pm this year (give or take a few minutes throughout the month), which means that as soon as the call to prayer (also known as the Athan) goes off, we will be breaking our fasts with a date and some water, followed by a meal. This process is known as Iftaar. To put this into perspective for you, people will be going for 17 or so hours (between Suhoor and Iftaar) without putting any kind of food or drink (including water) into their system.

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Students’ thoughts on Ms. Shen’s retirement

While asking students for their thoughts on Ms. Shen’s retirement and reflections on their time being Chinese language students, we collected way more than we could use in any story. Rather than let information go to waste, below is a collection of quotes and thoughts from students. If you want to have your thoughts added to the collection below, please email:

Noah Levine, ’09

I took Chinese since the 7th grade and it was always a struggle for me. Ms. Shen would take the initiative to help me anytime, all the time. By 11th grade, Chinese wasn’t getting any easier. But Ms. Shen never gave up on me, even when she wasn’t my language teacher then. She helped me out everyday after school for the upcoming regents. We worked for hours and she was always very patient with me. At the end of it all, I passed the regents thanks to her guidance. I couldn’t have done it without her. I truly appreciate Ms. Shen and what she did for me.

Malorie Mo, ’09

Ms. Shen,

You were a very important BSGE family member to me during my years at the school. I remember meeting you for the first time as my advisor and you welcomed us with such a warm, motherly heart, always taking the time to guide and support us as new students in the school.

A defining trait every staff member at BSGE has is their dedication to the wellbeing of students both inside and outside of school. The care and extra mile every staff member is willing to go for the students is a quality every educator should aspire to have. I firmly believe every public school teacher should learn from each of you at BSGE. We have you and all the other staff members to thank for the success of BSGE and its students.

You took on multiple roles throughout my years at BSGE – as my advisory teacher, my MYP project advisor, language teacher and my personal favorite, a mother to all. Whenever I had problems and came to you for guidance, you never hesitated to take time out of your schedule to comfort me. When I scored a 7 on the IB exam, you were happier than I was and held me in tears – it was all thanks to you, but you thanked me instead. I will never forget that moment when you were more proud of me than my own biological parents. Visiting you at BSGE after I graduated was always bittersweet – always happy to see you but sad that I’m no longer your student.

My years spent at BSGE were among the most challenging years of my academic career (so far) but also the most valuable. You’ve touched my life as an educator, advisor and mother. “Choose the job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” is clearly seen through you. There was never

by Ashley W '16

“Do Not Use Shorts”

FullSizeRender (2)

You are walking down the hallway, trying to avoid the daily traffic congestion. You see the same posters from last week: another advisory bake sale, blood donation, club to eventually join… and a poster about shorts? Recently, BSGE’s walls have been adorned with posters mimicking the nature of the “In case of fire, do not use elevators, use stairs” sign by the elevators. Instead of advocating for fire safety, however, the poster states, “In case of severe heat, do not use shorts, burn for the sake of boys not being distracted instead.” The posters appear to be making a statement against the dress code in terms of the length of females’ shorts. Several copies have been taped to the hallway walls, girls’ bathroom mirrors and stalls, as well as the staircases. Four BSGE students were interviewed and chose to remain anonymous. They all agreed that the dress code being based off of the concept that “boys will be boys” is ridiculous and sexist. However, there were some discrepancies in their opinions on Tanksy and their posters. Some students described the posters as “courageous,” “striking,” and “a battle for student justice.” Whereas others agreed that the cause was just, but felt that the means were a bit “disrespectful” to “the people who are setting us up for our future education and lives.”

by Maya J '16

Lady Sting Ends 2015 Season

Photo Credit: Lauren Katzenstein
The team, coaches and alumni at the annual barbeque. Photo Credit: Lauren Katzenstein

BSGE’s varsity softball team has concluded what many consider to be its most successful season yet. Despite being eliminated by Robert H. Goddard High School in the first round of PSAL’s B Division playoffs, Lady Sting won its division, Queens B I, for the first time in BSGE history, with a season record of 15-1. Lady Sting was ranked #2 in Queens entering the postseason. “The 2015 season was the best season that BSGE has ever seen,” said co-captain Nina Don ’16. “It was fun. We played more efficiently than we had in previous years. It went well especially considering we lost some experienced players last year.”

by Justin H '17

BSGE Students’ Summer Plans

As this school year winds down, many BSGE students have started thinking about what they want to do over the summer. Students from all grades have interesting plans.

  • Scott Seigel ‘20 is going to study history at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY).
  • Emma Van Bergen ‘19 will travel to Oxford University to study photography and conspiracy theories
  • Ben Bagbek ‘18 will be a teen advisor for Junior Scholastic, writing opinionated articles on various topics.
  • Emily Costa ‘17 plans to experience a Chinese language and cultural immersion program in Beijing.
  • Angelica Benares ‘16 will participate in and help lead a youth seminar in Rome about conflict and resolution.
  • Beverlee Chin ‘15 obtained a paid internship lasting for the next four summers with Crown Media/Hallmark Channel. This summer, she will be in their Ad Sales Marketing department.