by Fazla R' 14

New Football Team

    Just a few weeks ago, Coach Mac announced the start of the new after school football program. This program is for seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth graders only. Coach Mac’s new football program is for students who can take the heat. The first hour, they do drills and then get into some intense flag football. The first practice was on October 3rd. After that practice, most people didn’t want to go back. Ilir Hidra, 7th grade, said that it was hardest football training that he ever did. For the first hour and a half, they did drills and agility techniques. They started a game of Flag Football. Many students

by Thomas K '10

Kristen Spang- Leading The Way to Lady Sting Victory

Kristen Spang has high hopes for the upcoming basketball season at BSGE.  With the first game on November 25th, Kristen and the Lady Sting are really practicing hard to have what it takes to compete in the girls High school basketball league. “ We have 11 practices before our first game so we’ll be practicing almost every day until the 25th.” After an impressive start to last year’s development season with a record of 5-4, Kristen is helping to lead the way for the Lady Sting to an even more successful season. Although a captain has not been announced for the Lady Sting yet and

by Daniel F '10

Vince Dillon- Leading The Way to Sting Victory

   Vince Dillon, standing a full 6’2 ¾’, has never been given the shot to captain a team, until now. With the loss of last year’s center Josh Valladares, the BSGE Boys basketball team was in need of a leader to take charge this season. Mr. Anderson called upon Dillon as his man. “I’m looking for Vincent, Taylor and Jehan to step up and teach the rest of the team our motto: “Hustle, Leadership, Focus”. Anderson went on to discuss the leadership qualities presented by Vincent last year, and even more so, the progress of his game going from freshman year on to his new role on this ’08-’09 team in his fourth year of BSGE basketball.  Naturally, as any four-year player, Dillon has seen his playing time increase tremendously over the course of his high-school career.
His role as a leader on the team has affected his attitude toward his own game.  “On the court I

by BACC Rag staff

Pass the Ball! At the Sports Dinner

On May 29th, the BSGE
students who participated
in the school’s sports teams
this year gathered together
for the 1st annual
BSGE Sports Dinner. The
boys and girls of the two
basketball teams, softball
team, and baseball team

by BACC Rag staff

BSGE Team Introductions

by Mr. Anderson

Dotted T’s and Crossed I’s: A Misspelling of Sting

In an effort to summarize the achievements of the boys’ basketball season, an article was printed in the Bacc Rag that did not delve into the finer details of the season. The boys’ basketball team didn’t experience much success statistically last season, however, there were inaccuracies printed about their accomplishments. The team played a total of 12 official games and ended the season with a down-to-the-wire victory over Manhattan Village Academy High School. Yes, the team only experienced one victory this year, but their season exemplified the growth and development of a winning spirit.
How Do You Sting?
In the last game of the season, the boys’ basketball team sparked an attitude that

by Kristen S '11

Let’s Go Sting

To my surprise,
BSGE’s small
didn’t quash the
amount of girls
that were truly
dedicated to
playing softball.
Although not
all of us have a
sports orientated
background, the

by Daniel F '10

Boys Baseball Working on Their Sting

Who says BSGE doesn’t have sports? The
school known which originated
just six years ago,
known for serving IB standard
education, now holds
four established sports:
Boys Basketball, Girls
Basketball, Girls Softball
and Boys Baseball. While

by Jamie C '10

What do bees do?

With a record of
0-8 for the season the boys
basketball team seems to
have gotten stung eight
more times than they were
able to sting. With so many
boys interested in playing
for the team and so much
potential, why did the team
do so poorly in the season?
If you ask the

by Jessi H '11

Shut Up and Run The Coming Track Team

“What? Your school has no sports teams?!”
I’ve heard that shocked response a million times from students like me who were surprised, and disappointed, to learn our school has no sports teams. But that never meant our school didn’t want them. So, after speaking to several people involved in running clubs and at our school, including Ms. Johnson, about creating a running club, they were all for it.
Being on a sports club would be good for everyone. There are

by Bianca M '11

Editorial: Team Baccalaureate

Athletics and academics are the two main aspects of what most high schools focus on. Our school in particular only focuses on one of the two. Here at BSGE, we concentrate on getting high grades and striving to get IB diplomas by the end of twelfth grade; all of which are going to help us in the future. Bad grades aren’t rare and many opportunities show themselves when we are struggling in a certain topic. We have many chances to correct our mistakes. The teachers make it their business to help us out when we need it and make sure we learn almost everything we need to go off into the real world.
One topic at BSGE, that seems almost taboo, is sports. We don’t have a ‘regular’ gym, only a weight lifting room. There is only so much you can do with the weights and machines and frankly it doesn’t