by Daniel F '10

BSGE Baseball Preview

J u s t
s e v e n
months after
the end of their
last season, the
BSGE Sting baseball
team has begun
spring training.
While the cold air
continues to sting (no pun
intended) and the temperature
rings in right around
the 30’s and 40’s, the boys’
team practices in the gym,
now weight training for a
month. The sessions take
place after sixth period
Tuesdays, Wednesday’s and
Thursday’s, however, now
into late February, the team
is doing partial outdoor
practices in preparation for
potential Mid-march season
opening games.
While the team
concluded their season
10-4, a large part of the
starting 9 was lost, as well
a key group out of the
starting rotation. Pitchers
Nick and Chris Alvarez are
gone, along with starting
catcher Frankie Alvarez.

as the Alvarez
broth- ers,
BSGE suffered the loss
of infielder Jamal Waire,
who now plays for Molloy.
Senior’s Josh Valladares,
John Kunicki and Sean
Chin are gone as well. This
means that certain spots
are open, and players have
the opportunity to join last
years .700 ball club. Speak
to Coach MacDonald,

by BACC Rag staff

BSGE Team Introductions

by Daniel F '10

Boys Baseball Working on Their Sting

Who says BSGE doesn’t have sports? The
school known which originated
just six years ago,
known for serving IB standard
education, now holds
four established sports:
Boys Basketball, Girls
Basketball, Girls Softball
and Boys Baseball. While