BSGE’s Annual Winter Music Concert Reply

BSGE Students at the annual Music Concert

Pictures by Joseph Vonrick


Editorial: Response to last month’s “The Rapid Rise and Fall of BSGE” Reply

“Rise and Fall of BSGE:”  Five words that have created a buzz among BSGE’ers; teach­ers, students, secretaries, school aides- even the nurse has had a say on this article. But people agree and disagree all the time, it’s no big deal! Why then, has the previous Op-Ed by a fellow BACCrag writer Daniel Fridman provoked so much rage? Why have his sophisticated prose been the basis of so much controversy? He was only sharing his opinion. “Well,” an anonymous source explains, “Op-ed pieces are opinion articles, but with FACTUAL basis. I mean, where is he getting his facts?”

(Click here to read last month’s editorial: “The Rapid Rise and Fall of BSGE”)

This previous Op-Ed piece was one that attempted to describe BSGE in its purest forms, More…

Got Rice? Reply

Do you know what the mean­ing of the word commode is? It’s actually a synonym for the toilet. is a website that really helps you brush up on your vocabulary, and helps the world one word at a time.  The concept of the website is not only to help Americans find ways to use new words in the English language, but also feeds the hungry at the same time.  The people that go to the website are given a word, with four possible synonyms.  Every time a person chooses a cor­rect word, 20 grains of rice is donated to those of who are starving in the world.  20 grains of rice may seem like almost nothing, but it really helps.

Free Rice vocabulary program adjusts to your level of vocabulary, and the words get More…

Baccalaureate School for Global Education Say What?!? Reply

Is it just me, or do you dread being asked what school you go to?
Aunts, uncles, friends, ask you innocuosly, not knowing that this question will take them by the hand and lead them into a further state of bewilderment. You tell them where it is, you tell them that it is ‘The Baccalaureate School for Global Education at least ten times and still, they stare at you, stupefied. So for all of you struggling with this, here it is, this is how you answer them. This school enforces a program that leaves students friendless, overstressed, and addicted to coffee, but it is all worthwhile because teachers say, “It will definitely help you in college!”
On a more serious note, it is generally the highest pre-college education that a More…

BSGE Gets a “C” ! Reply

Close your eyes and imagine, a group of principals sitting in the classroom, hands folded, while the School Board stands in front of room, handing the principals their progress report.  That is not a scene you would usually envision.  However, that is the idea Mayor Bloomberg and School Chancellor Joel I. Klein had when they gave out 1,224 New York City (NYC) public schools their first letter grades ever.
Just as the students get report cards every year, the NYC learning facilities got their yearly progress report, receiving grades that ranged from A through F.  According to the Department of Education (DOE) website, there were three categories on which they based their grades: Learning Environment, Student Progress, and Student Performance.  The grades were based on how high or low the schools scored on each one of the above-mentioned categories in comparison with other schools with similar characteristics, such as number of students, attendance, and social and racial composition of the pupils’ population, etc.
At about this time you might be wondering what grade did our school get?  I have More…

New Principal Ms. Johnson Explains Reply

With the old principal, William Stroud leaving last year, BSGE faces a new era with a new principal. Ms. Johnson, formerly vice principal and now BSGE’s Chief explains her situation and BSGE’s report card.

Why are you the best principal for BSGE?
This is a loaded question.  Why wouldn’t I be the best principal for BSGE after the founder?  I was here from the inception.  I was a member of the hiring committee for most, if not all of the personnel in the building.  I know the school’s growing pains and history and I am committed to its mission.  I’ve implemented structures and policies to help the school realize its mission.  After the founder I am the best person for the job because I am BSGE; tried and proven.

 Do you have a philosophy?

This is too general.  I have many More…

Shut Up and Run The Coming Track Team Reply

“What? Your school has no sports teams?!”
I’ve heard that shocked response a million times from students like me who were surprised, and disappointed, to learn our school has no sports teams. But that never meant our school didn’t want them. So, after speaking to several people involved in running clubs and at our school, including Ms. Johnson, about creating a running club, they were all for it.
Being on a sports club would be good for everyone. There are More…

Where’s the Respect? Reply

Although it’s been almost a month since 9/11, many students at BSGE, including myself, haven’t forgotten the schools lack of incentive towards this historically painful date. Much of the student body felt as though something has been done incorrectly on that day this September – our entire nation honored those lost, as well as respected everyone in connection, but for some reason a school that is located roughly under an hour away from the site can not spare a minute to pay their dues.

Of course our school is not the only school to not have a mo­ment of silence on this day, and it isn’t that large of a problem that it’s something to grow irate over. However, something came across my attention that I More…

The SHATS Reply

On the 27th and 28th of October, the 8th grade students of BSGE are taking the Specialized High School Admission Test if they wish to enter a specialized high school, such as Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech, Bronx Sci­ence, and 5 more. This test is very strenuous for many students, because it is dif­ficult, and proper training is needed. Because this admission test is extremely hard for the 8th grade level, lots of students have extra help by tutor, after school, etc… Some students have studied extra hard to get into the best of the best. But not only 8th graders were to take the test, 9th graders had the More…

The 8th Grade Poconos Trip Reply

On the day before the last day of school the former BSGE 8th grade was busy getting their funk on with nature. They went to the Poconos Environmental Education Center (P.E.E.C) in the Pennsylvania Poconos.
On Monday at 9:00am (sharp) 48 BSGE students and 4
teachers boarded two coach buses. With snacks in hand
and sleeping bags in cargo the 8th graders (and Niki, Mrs.
Africano, Linda and Mr. Powell) began their adventure.
The first bus smelled like someone dumped a bottle
of cherry flavored Tylenol all over the backseat. Turns
out the bus company just had something for More…

Welcome Back to School! Reply

Ahh, the two months of July and August are simply amazing. No pressure of school work on your shoulders, no waking up early, and no parents nagging you about getting your homework done. Unfortunately, those long days at the beach and days of care­free fun are over. Yes, as hard as it is to be­lieve, the summer of 2007 has come to an end. We know how hard it is to hold back tears right now. Please, take a brief mo­ment to wipe your eyes. . . As we experience the More…

From the BACC Rag Staff: The Lack of School Moral and How We’re Going to Fix It Reply

We are the Baccalaureate School for Global Education but you might not have known that due to our lack of school sprit. Maybe it’s be­cause we have globes on our school shirts. Or maybe because there is no sprit because, up until this year, we never really had a mascot. Many people use our nonexistent sports teams as an excuse for their lack of sprit. That is all going to change.

As of now we are no longer the nerdy school. We will no longer mock our school’s ef­forts. We will fight for our school. We will go to school events. We will support our school teams. We will love our school. We will take care of our school. We will stick up for our school when it gets into fights with big bully schools. We, the students, will be proud that we go to BSGE. Okay, now that I’m done making these proclama­tions let me tell you how we will up the school moral. As the school paper we feel responsible for the school moral. The BACC Rag has gone on a mission to make you love our school. We’ve got plans, big plans. Those include hosting party’s, or­ganizing grade football tournaments and possibly a t­shirt contest.

Intro to The BACC Rag: Reply

Welcome to The Bacc Rag. Here you will be able to read and explore a collaboration of writing from a wide range of talented writers here in

B.S.G.E. Our weekly meet­ings allow us to keep track of what is happening inside and outside the school and keep readers entertained about the strange and wild things that are happening in life. For only about 2 hours every Thursday, you will be able to be a part of a school newspaper that will benefit everyone. We write articles, for love for writing, about anything and everything that we think will be appealing to you and quiet frankly to us. All are welcome to join The Rag, and enter with bright ideas and a place for free expression. To look for Bacc more information about this newspaper or just to have something to look at, check out our website: http://www.the­ Enjoy the paper.

Is the Peace Pole Peaceful? Reply

BSGE students Kari Lind­berg, Amalia Carusone, Erica Lla­nera, Pamela Reyes, Charisse Sanchez, Shaquille K., Matthew M., Kevin Encarnacion, Sophia Bourara, Hannah McFadden, Au­drey Rivera along with Pat Llaneer collaborated with artist Francesca Nikkolos to make our very own peace pole.

In a school with 400 stu­dents and over 100 different spo­ken languages, there needs to be abond that brings us all together.

There needs to be some con­nection that al­lows us to live in harmony. All 400 students here at BSGE are very differ­ent. So how can you repre­sent 400 very different peo­ple in one sculpture? Ac­cording to Francesca Nikkolos, itʼs possible. With

some plexi glass, acrylic paint, makers and tissue paper, we will all be represented on one pole.

The pole is creative to say the least. Itʼs got six sides but itʼs not a hexagon. There is a triangle in the middle with a plexi glass cylin­der surrounding it and a circle on top. There is no More…

Mr. Powell, the new PE teacher Reply

Mr. Powell is one of two physical educa­tion teachers here at Baccalaureate School for Global Education. This is the first year for Mr. Powell working here at BSGE. It is also Mr. Powellʼs first year working as a physical educa­tion teacher. We donʼt know that much about him since he is new at the school and many of us havenʼt had him as a teacher yet, so I went to interview him to find out what he likes and other interesting facts.

Mr. Powellʼs full name is Jacques Pow­ell, which means he doesnʼt have a More…

Teacher of the Month: Ms. Elizabeth Olive Reply

Elizabeth is working with Niki Singh as a student teacher. We chose her as this monthʼs teacher of the month because you canʼt not like Eliz­abeth. Even though sheʼs not an official teacher at BSGE she hasalready inspired the 8th graders she works with.

Full Name: Elizabeth Lithgow Olive Age: 24 Birthday: July 23 Zodiac Sign: Leo Hometown: New York City Ethnicity: Caucasian College: Harvard College

Favorites-Movie: “Waiting for Guffman” Food: Indian

T.V. Series: “The Office” Sport: Baseball / Basketball Team: Red Sox / Nets Season: Fall Day of the Week: Friday

If you had to place yourself into a stereotypical high school group(jocks, preppy, nerds) which one would it be?

Well, I graduated with only 24 in my class (and we were all girls), so Iʼd say we were really just one big group in high school. My classmates would probably have considered me somewhat of a jock since I spent More…