#IBDating (A Complete Breakdown) Reply

We all know the story: the basketball jock falls in love with the science geek over a karaoke duet, the two overcome their differences to star in the school musical, and then everyone breaks out into a huge song and dance performance. Unfortunately, BSGE is not East High and actual high school is not High School Musical (1, 2, or 3). So then how does dating in our school work? Is there hope for a love equivalent to Troy and Gabriella’s? Five BSGE students were interviewed on their prior experiences or general observations about dating in school, and all are anonymous for the sake of privacy.

“Crowded,” “constrictive,” “restrictive,” “open,” and “awkward” were all used to describe dating in BSGE. Four students stated that boys are usually the first ones to make the first move. Even though girls may be the first to “initiate the flirting,” boys are the first to ask for phone numbers and set a date. Everyone agreed that relationships usually begin through a combination of texting and face to face interaction. But one student warns to be wary of picking up the wrong cues, because nowadays, asking someone to spend time outside of school “does not always make an official relationship.”

Three interviewees thought that the movie theatre is an ideal first date spot, because movies “take away the awkwardness of a first date.” The top recommendations are scary movies, because there is “an opportunity for cuddling,” and a movie series, because they are “gender neutral” and allow “both the guy and the girl to get excited for something they both like.” The other two interviewees believed that getting food together in a cafe, or going for a walk in Central Park were ideal first date spots. Whatever you choose to do, remember that a first date is for “really getting to know your significant other” and building off of that initial crush. More…


Gender Gaps In BSGE and Other NYC Public Schools Reply

The number of female students versus male students in high schools varies over New York City. BSGE’s population consists of more female students than male students. Like BSGE, Townsend Harris High School and Forest Hills High School also have a majority of girls attending these schools. On the other hand, Specialized High Schools like Bronx Science and Stuyvesant High School have a majority of boys attending the school.

School Name Female Students (%) Male Students (%)
Baccalaureate School for Global Education 56.49 43.51
Townsend Harris High School 70.57 29.43
Forest Hills High School 52.01 47.99
Bronx Science High School 43.46 56.54
Stuyvesant High School 41.13 58.87 

Why is this? Males score higher on the SHSAT, the test required for attending Specialized High Schools. Along with this, there are more adolescent males in New York City than females. In the US, the ratio of males to females is 105:100. This could obviously contribute to having more boys than girls in high schools. More…

Recap of Seniors IB Art Exhibition

On Wednesday, March 25th, sixty-five BSGE seniors each showcased five artworks they created as part of the IB Visual Arts program. This took place at the Aurora Gallery, less than 3 blocks from school. The exhibition took around a year and a half to complete, for seniors had to produce a minimum of 12 artworks for their IB Art submission. In the start of their junior year, each student chose their own personal theme for their artworks, which ranged from beauty, nature, social class, emotion and more. Each senior chose five pieces of art that they felt communicated their theme best. Everyone was welcome to attend the art show, and make bids on possible artworks they would like to take home.

PC: Alexandra Calpo

PC: Alexandra Calpo


Junior Council Hosts Spring Fling Reply

Photo Credits: Beatriz Benares '16

Photo Credits: Beatriz Benares ’16

On Friday, April 24th, Junior Council hosted a successful Spring Fling dance in the cafegymatorium from 6-10 pm. The dance, which juniors had been planning, selling tickets for, and organizing for weeks, helped raise a lot of money for the committee, which works toward ultimately reducing the cost for prom and other senior expenses. Tickets were sold at $8 ahead of time and $10 at the door, and between ticket sales, donations, and snack/drink sales, Junior Council raised a total of $1071, making the party a fundraising success. More…

Gym vs. Yoga: Which is better? Reply

It’s been the longest debate in BSGE history, perhaps right after whether there’s a pool on the roof of the school. Which is better, gym or yoga? Gym and Yoga teachers Ms. Jackson and Mr. Powell gave their commentary on the benefits of each class.

Ms. Jackson listed on how yoga helps students with “stress relief, range of motion in the joints, flexibility, strength, and overall strength.” When asked why she would rather have yoga over gym class, she answered: “My personal experience with Yoga is just an overall calm feeling, a kind of ease in my day and regular activities. It helps me to stay more balanced in terms of my temperament and energy level. More…

Know Before You Judge: BSGE’s College Acceptance Board Reply

Each year the very same process occurs beginning in January and ending in late June when passerby hover around the blue bulletin board that inhabits the lobby. The list of seniors and their accompanying college acceptances, paired with the amount of financial aid they received from each university are stapled on the wall so that students, staff, parents and virtually anyone walking into BSGE can see and comment. These displayed words and numbers are frequently met with either admiring acclaims, “Wow, she got into Stanford AND Columbia!” or critical remarks such as, “This person only got into CUNYs… This person didn’t receive any money from this school…”

Overall, it creates a very controversial environment, which was not intended when the idea of posting seniors’ acceptances on the wall, was born. The purpose of the college board was to glorify and congratulate Seniors on all the amazing schools they were gaining acceptance to, and to show how much money they received to attend these schools – an especially important factor in our current economy. It was a way to bring positive light to BSGE, and also a way for prospective students and parents to get an idea of what kind of schools BSGE’s seniors were gaining acceptance to.

But as most ideas with good intentions evolve, this board has received such negative connotations that many Seniors experience discomfort at the thought of having their name and college acceptances on the board. More…

The Origins of BSGE Reply

Virge Ramos and Peter Wilson were almost laid off during the first year of BSGE’s existence. And, students in the first year were promised laptops if they came to the school.

The Baccalaureate School for Global Education has travelled a long way since 2002. The first year of BSGE had to share its space with Robert F. Wagner Secondary School for Arts and Technology, and only had a seventh and ninth grade. There were a meager 50-55 students in the seventh grade compared to around 80 students now, 60-65 students in the ninth grade, and only 11 teachers.

“The overwhelming majority of the student population More…

The Running Club: The Journey to 5k Reply

Running is a common form of exercise that many people around the world take part in either to lose weight or for personal enjoyment. The latter is seen in the case of Kohen Rahman 18’, who said: “BSGE really needed a running club. I decided to ask Tim about it because running is something I love to do. It’s a great way to let go with all the schoolwork we get in BSGE. I think BSGE’s Running Club is a great escape for all students, to just come and run.” After much persistence, Kohen had finally found a teacher that was interested in supervising the club. Timothy David-Lang, BSGE’s guidance counselor, enjoys running and has participated in several marathons in recent years. Mr. David-Lang realized that participating in the club would be a fun opportunity to help students learn how to run and also to help prepare for a race in May. Mr. David-Lang’s goal for the club is for them to be able to run a 5k, which is approximately 3.1 miles. In order for the members to accomplish this goal, Mr. David-Lang formulated a plan that would gradually increase the amount of activity over a 10 week period. The Running Club meets twice a week, stretching in the cafeteria before taking a jog through the streets of Astoria. Students as well as faculty members are still able to join the club at any time and can also follow the scheduled program advised by Mr. David-Lang if they don’t have the time to participate with the club.



Successful Turnout for BSGE’s Mardi Gras Reply

On Friday, March 20th from 6:30 to 10 p.m., the French Club and Senior Council hosted BSGE’s first party of the 2014-15 school year: Mardi Gras. The themed party is a tradition in BSGE, and brought a variety of students from 7th to 12th grade from both BSGE and other middle and high schools throughout New York City.


The two school clubs had been preparing for the party for weeks in advance, dealing with the pressure of selling tickets, making posters, marketing and organizing while counting down the days to the party. Because there was very short notice of when the actual event was approved by BSGE administration, it was stressful for the party hosts.


Bathroom Door Mystery Reply


Most BSGE girls of all grades have probably noticed that the bathroom door on the third floor was replaced with a wooden door last month. Many thought such a sudden replacement was strange and didn’t know the reason, but have assumed that the old door wasn’t stable enough.

“It’s strange, but I have no idea why,” one senior said with a shrug of her shoulders. “I guess it was the janitors. Maybe the old door was falling off its hinges and they thought it was a safety hazard. I don’t know, but I don’t think Ms. Johnson does either.”

The students interviewed all agreed that they don’t know why the door was replaced with a wooden one, but it is definitely strange. “I actually haven’t noticed it, no.” states one anonymous girl. “I’ve been in too much of a rush. That sounds kind of weird, though, and I don’t know why they did it.” When asked, another student, Rachel Z ’20, said “Nope. I don’t know why. Does anyone?” More…

BSGE Wins the MoMathlon Reply

The BSGE team wins first and fourth place in the MoMathlon Tournament

The BSGE teams win first and fourth place in the MoMathlon Tournament

On Monday, March 9, BSGE’s middle school math team tasted victory in the annual MoMathlon Tournament. The tournament, sponsored by the Museum of Mathematics, took place at Queens College on Kissena Boulevard. A total of 23 teams from different schools participated, comprised mostly of 7th and 8th graders. The schools included BSGE, 190 Russell Sage, 185 Edward Bleeker, and the Institute for Collaborative Education. The BSGE team, supervised by Mr. Mehan, had members who were chosen to compete based on the students’ achievements in the official Math Club meetings at BSGE. The meetings took place through the Math Olympiads, Rocket City Math League, New York State Math League, and the Mathematical Association of America. The cumulative achievements of the students in these meetings helped determine the team members who would participate in the tournament. “The kids were very excited about the opportunity. The smiles were on their faces at Queens College,” recalls Mr. Mehan. More…

Personal Projects: Fundraising Edition Reply

Two personal projects this year were more visible to the school than most. These are the fundraising projects, one by Isabelle Mah ’17 and the other by Najwa Jamal ’17. You might have seen ads for different kinds of sales around the school, such as a burrito sale or a Christmas-themed bake sale.

Photo Credit: Isabelle Mah

Photo Credit: Isabelle Mah

Isabelle raised money for the Wild Bird Fund, the only wildlife rehabilitation center in New York City, with a goal of $500. She did three different fundraisers in school for it, one joint sale with Najwa and two burrito sales. Though a burrito sale is an odd choice, Isabelle explained that “it was a fun and creative way to raise awareness about my project and fundraiser without following the usual norm.” This certainly worked, as the three fundraisers made $276 for Isabelle total, more than half of the way to her goal. The rest and more was made up by an online campaign, which, although the project itself has ended, remains open until the end of March for people to donate to, and can be found here: https://fundly.com/lets-help-raise-awareness-about-nyc-birds

Photo Credit: Isabelle Mah

Photo Credit: Isabelle Mah

Najwa’s personal project is for Services for the Underserved, an organization that helps mentally challenged homeless people in NYC. She chose this organization because she sees many homeless people, More…

Lady Sting Hosts Second Annual Flapjack Fundraiser Reply

Photo Credits: Beatriz Benares '16

Photo Credits: Beatriz Benares ’16

On Saturday, February 28th, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., BSGE’s varsity softball team hosted their second “Flapjack Fundraiser” breakfast at the nearby Applebee’s on 35th Avenue. Members of Lady Sting sold $10 tickets for the event throughout February, and many students, faculty, alumni and parents attended the breakfast to show their support for the team. The players, who wore their jerseys for the morning, took orders, served pancakes, bacon, sausages, and beverages, bussed tables, greeted people at the door, and sold raffle tickets at each table. Many of the girls felt that the fundraiser was an improvement compared to last year’s.

“It was a lot more organized than our first one was,” said Nina Don ‘16. “Especially in the kitchen.” Lady Sting was happy to welcome back BSGE alumni who returned for the occasion, including former captain Lauren Katzenstein ‘14. Several teachers also attended, including Mr. Lakhaney, who will be joining the team this year as a coach. “It was fun being in an environment with students, teachers, parents and alumni all just having a good time and eating pancakes.” Mr. Wolov said. “It should happen more often.” More…

BSGE’s New Semester Resolutions

For many of us, we really aim to improve our entire school experience. Here are some things fellow BSGE’ers aim to accomplish in the next semester:

“I’d like to procrastinate less!” – Katie D. 15’

“A 7 in French would be nice!” – Sasha S. 19’

“I want to raise my grades, especially in advisory.” – Portia V. 18’

“My goal is to do my homework before watching TV shows when I home.” – Sarah M. 18’

“I think my new semester resolution is to not stress as much over school.” – Daniel S. 20′

“I’d like to finish my novel by the end of the school year.” -Loli A. 17’

“Getting exercise more often would be nice.” – Mr.Laskowski

No matter if you did poorly or well in the Fall-Winter semester, there is hope to do amazingly in the coming semester! Best of luck to everyone.

Students’ Opinions: What to Change About BSGE Reply

It’s no secret that BSGE has its flaws, like all good schools do. Many BSGE students wished that we had a gym, auditorium and generally more space, feeling that our school now is too cramped and lacks many fundamental resources. They wished BSGE had more funding so students could host more events such as parties or field trips.

“More money towards the school would be really great, for it would not only allow us to pay for necessities, but would also give BSGE the chance to give back to its student body,” said Max-Musashi Fischman ’15. He continued,  “Softball could get better equipment, seniors could receive help in paying for prom, and students could have more field trips to create a stronger tie to what they’re learning.”

Source: Maya Juman '16

Source: Maya Juman ’16

Another student, Samuel Brown ’18 explained, “I feel like even though trips are not a priority being that this is a high school, it would still be a good idea to get the students to have a learning experience outside of the classroom once in a while, like with the trip to the Met the ninth grade took with Ms Schwarz on January 20th.” He added, “There, we observed galleries to do with art concepts and methods we experimented with in class earlier in the year. Teachers should look for different learning experiences, taking into account and advantage of all the museums in New York.” More…

Bake Sale Craze at BSGE

Bake sales.  This once-every-two-month, or maybe non-existent treat for most schools are pretty common events at BSGE.  Most students have taken advantage of these delicious events, going into the corridor  in search of a what more-than-likely is a tasty snack.  Others, however, groan in frustration because a) they don’t have enough cash b) they want food but don’t want to spend cash c) they’re just plain tired of the same food items being displayed over and over again in these sales d) some other reason.

Source: TomoNews US

Source: TomoNews US

There are many people who enjoy these bake sales, claiming that these dessert items are one of the things that they look forward to each day.  According to Sophia C ‘19, bake sales basically equals food, and, well, food is good.  Obviously, she has a point.  It’s basically common knowledge that for the most part, cafeteria food plain sucks.  If the bake sale has some partially substantial food such as donuts, dumplings, fried rice, or samosas, many students would be willing to pay the dollar or two instead of eating the mystery meat available for lunch that day.  Even if students bring in their own lunch, desserts such as brownies and carbonated soft drinks are usually not included.  Bake sales give these students a chance to purchase drinks and desserts of their choice.

However, not everyone views the sales as a good thing.  Some students, like Sunny J. ‘19, think that they cause us to spend too much money at once since many bake sales are literally back to back and then all of the sudden, there are none for a long time.  Others, like Matthew D. ‘19 are allergic to foods provided at bake sales and dislike them because they can’t eat anything that is being sold. More…

Tiny Humans’ Views on BSGE’s 7th Grade Entry Exam Reply

On Saturday, January 31, hordes upon hordes of prospective seventh graders flooded into BSGE in order to take the admissions exam that could perhaps be the first step into their acceptance in the Baccalaureate School for Global Education. The test, which consisted of a verbal and a math section, received mixed reviews from the students who nervously took it.

The children taking the test came from a mixed background of public, private and parochial schools. The children felt that the different schools they came from put them at either an advantage or a disadvantage for the test. Some students, such as a 6th grader named Kevin, from a public school, said that “The majority of the test was taught in school.” This made the test easier for him, saying, “The test was fifty-fifty, meaning that… some of it was hard but some of it was not. The hardest parts were in the ELA when I had to answer questions about grammar and also I didn’t understand some of the math formulas.” Other children felt that the test was very difficult because the content was not taught in a private school. A student from a yeshiva said that, “For some of the questions, I did not know how to go about the questions as I didn’t learn them before and had to resort to process of elimination and guessing.”

Interestingly enough, despite BSGE’s high standing on almost every high school ranking list, BSGE is not the first choice of many students. It has come to the point where students have been signing up for the exam and simply not actually coming on the day of the test. This happened on quite a few occasions and the reasoning behind the students’ “ditching” was that they would rather go to Hunter High School, a well regarded, well More…

Fewer Students in BSGE: What Does That Mean? Reply

Two years ago, there were 109 students in the BSGE seventh grade. Now there are 85. Does that mean that BSGE’s graduating class sizes are getting smaller each year? Is our reputation suffering? This is what some people think when they hear these numbers. It seems like it, but the truth is much more straightforward.

In the 2011-2012, and 2012-2013 school years, there were four streams of 7th graders which allowed for a much bigger overall number: 99 and 109 respectively. For the last two years there have only been three streams which accounts for the smaller number. During those years with four 7th grade streams, there were only 2 streams of 11th and then 12th grade to ensure that there were enough rooms for all the classes.

One student, Katia B. ‘20 said, “the amount of More…

9th Graders Get Artsy Reply

On January 20th, BSGE IB Art teacher Ms.Schwarz and the entire 9th grade went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the largest museum in the Western Hemisphere. According to Ms.Schwarz, this is her third year going to the museum with BSGE students.



Ms.Schwarz wanted to have this trip because she thought it would be a great learning experience for the students. Ms.Schwarz said, “I think it’s important for students to have the experience of looking at artworks up close and not just study them.” She also added, “It’s a very different experience studying from a computer screen or book than up close.”


Throughout the months prior, the freshmen had been learning about ancient Egyptians and how they created their tombs. The students had a project of creating unique designs using relief carvings to imitate the ancient Egyptians’ carvings. For those unfamiliar with relief carvings, this technique makes certain images three dimensional on a surface.  More…

BSGE’s 2015 Winter Concert

On January 22, 2015 at 6 p.m., Ms. Nikkolos held a Winter Concert in the cafeteria. The concert featured pieces performed by all of the 7th grade and the orchestra. The pieces, which the students have been working on for months, include “Hoedown” and “CB dance,” performed by 7-1. The concert also accepted donations that went to Helping Hands organizations such as Water.org, a foundation dedicated to providing clean water, and the BSGE Haiti Committee, which works to build schools in Haiti.

The BSGE orchestra at an earlier event. Photo Credit: Abdel Berraha

The BSGE orchestra at an earlier event. Photo Credit: Abdel Berraha