The Civic Discussion Club Reply

We live in a time of great change. Faster than anyone thought possible, society has been evolving to better suit today’s modern culture. Every day, a new topic is brought to the table along with the controversy surrounding it. Issues such as LGBTQ rights, woman’s rights, the Black Lives Matter movement, abortion, and health care never seem to be too far away. The wars and conflicts in the Middle East are becoming more and more apparent in BSGE students’ everyday lives. Technology has been advancing beyond a level people can easily comprehend, while lives become more reliant on it, as well as new threats such as global warming now loom over humanity. There has never been a time when society has more rapidly been changing than right now. It’s hard to fully comprehend everything that’s been occurring, especially since the news spits out one thing after another. There barely is any time to discuss and fully think about what is happening. This is the reason Daniel Sahr ’20 has created the Civic Debate Club, “so students can learn about current events and issues.”

The club was created after he experienced a series of political discussions with friends and classmates. It has, Daniel said, “the ultimate goal of preparing the members to be able to formulate opinions and ideas based on information and facts, and work with other people to find effective ways of presenting.” Especially with the recent changes facing the country, the club serves as a way for people to become more “politically active in forming and defending opinions.” According to Olivia Wegrowski 20’, the club has “helped me see people’s viewpoints on significant issues we have and opened my eyes to those issues as well.” More…


Putting the “Fit” in “Fitness” Reply

From its original four seniors to the present eight, the Fitness Club has begun to grow, yet most students don’t know it exists. It was established to create a comfortable forum in which people can not only get their essential physical activity but also enjoy the experience with their friends in a judge-free zone.

The club leader, Mohammed Roshid ‘17, wanted to “work out during the week and inspire people to join the gym … [and] to try and get fit.” He explains that incorporating a fitness club into the building makes it possible for those who have a difficult commute to their local gym to work out. He does this for those he shares a similar story with. Mohammed explained that in the past few years he began going to the gym with his older brother, but found it difficult to make time during school days to work on his routine. Thus, he was inspired to motivate others with similar struggles to work out at school. Frequent club member Ryan Zhuo ‘17 expresses the same challenge.  He said, “My gym is too far from [my home] so coming here makes it a lot easier.” Not only is this club a great way to encourage physical activity, but it’s also very convenient. In fact, Ryan continued that the convenience is what he “likes most about the club. More…

The Robotics Club Reply

With robotic technology advancing rapidly, robots will be a large influence on our world today, making everyday tasks easier for us humans. As well as doing simple chores for us, robots will also provide interaction for people, especially the elderly. Further, these benefits of robots apply not only to humans, but also to animals, which is something many don’t realize. As such, BSGE’s Robotics Club, though not very well known, has an important role in the world.

The club works on programming robots to portray educational themes. They have completed several previous missions, which challened them to create differently functioning robots. According to Eric Karhan ’19, the leader of the club, they are currently preparing for the Lego league competition and will compete against several other schools. The theme of the competition is animal allies, and the Robotics Club chose bees as their animal, since the bee represents BSGE. Specifically, the club focused on beekeepers, people who take care of bees and keep them healthy. This shows an interaction between humans and animals having a positive impact on the animals. When bees sting the bee suits of beekeepers, it is very expensive to clean, and the suit is attractive to bees, which can hurt the beekeepers. Thus, the club’s goal is to use robots to create a cheaper and stronger alternative, preferably white instead of the yellow, since bees aren’t attracted to white. More…

The Fantastic Femtastic Team Reply

The clever wordplay in the Femtastic Team’s name, conceals a serious club beneath the surface. They are a newly established group that already has a many members. Their flyers have been posted in many places around the school, such stairwells, hallways, and the cafegymatorium. Further, the founders Riya Saha ’17, Isabelle Mah ’17, and Caitlin Tsang ’17, sent out an email to further inform us about this recondite club. As a result, on the day the club started, many people flocked to room 300.  Caitlin, Isabelle, and Riya, proved willing to share information about their femtastic team via email. More…

BSGE’s Dodgeball Club Reply

Every Friday after school, students can be heard cheering as they pelt each other with dodgeballs in BSGE’s cafegymatorium. The dodgeball club has become a huge success, attracting about 100 students from grades 7 to 12. When asked his opinion of this club, leader Malcolm Sherman-Godfrey ‘17 said, “it’s exceeded my expectations.” Originally, the club was a way to gain Activity hours for CAS, which is a requirement for the IB Diploma. Juniors and seniors joined out of the convenience and freedom that the club provides, unlike in official school teams which require regular commitments from the student. However, after several months of dodgeball, the club has started to attract students as a genuine interest rather than an obligation.

On Friday, December 16, 2016, the club held a dodgeball tournament to raise money for charity, in which students created their own teams consisting of five players. Admission cost $10 per team. One of the tournament’s objectives was for students to engage in a more competitive, physical activity. Many students were excited for the tournament on Friday, ready to have their names signed up to participate. Others showed up as onlookers. More…

A New Cafeteria Mural for CAS Reply

IMG_5372The vast majority of BSGE students eat lunch in the cafeteria, and many spend time there after school for various extracurricular activities. Thus, for a group of five determined seniors, repainting the cafeteria mural seemed like the obvious choice for a CAS group project that would impact the entire school community. Isabelle Lee ‘16, Alvaro Bermejo ‘16, Joly Zakaria ‘16, Akib Rahman ‘16, and Sara Asprilla ‘16 wanted to replace the long-standing mural with a brighter, fresher design. With the supervision and input of the art teachers, Peter Wilson, and Vanessa Rabines, the group put in 20 hours of after-school work over the course of 2 months, sanding and repainting the original mural and creating the new design on the wall. More…

Rocking Out for CAS! 1

The new CAS group project requirements have led many BSGE students to explore interesting ways of fulfilling the Creativity, Activity and/or Service requirement through teamwork. One such project is a rock band created by Jotham Kim ‘17 and seven other juniors. While you may not have heard of the band itself, you may have noticed signs for a Rock Band Club, which is linked to the CAS project. The club involves members of the CAS project teaching other interested students to play instruments and produce music. The eight juniors host their own practices and performances separately. More…

Model UN: A Model for the World? Reply

Model UN – a club that many have heard of, but few know anything about. Unlike most activities, there are no regular weekly meetings, no advertisements to be in a certain place at a certain time to join. But occasionally a school will hold a Model UN convention, such as the Dalton School in the Upper East Side did on April 23rd, and BSGE will be well represented.

Three juniors and five seniors, along with supervisor Ms. Meisler, attended said conference, where students from many different schools attempt to solve world issues in eight to ten hours. Each school is assigned one or more countries to represent, and for the weeks leading up to the conference, the students learn about their country’s strengths and issues so they can be accurate representatives. In this case, BSGE was assigned Australia, Belgium, and the Philippines, but due to a lack of people, the Philippines ended up being ignored. During the conference, there are many subcommittees that focus on world issues such as climate change and disease control, and each participant joins one of these subcommittees to represent their country. Hours of spirited debate ensue. Eventually, proposals are created, voted on, and announced to the rest of the conference, sometimes with awards for countries and/or schools whose representatives stand out. More…

BSGE’s Middle School Math Competition Success Reply

0319161235aBSGE’s middle school math team has been succeeding in numerous city and state math competitions this spring, led by Mr. Mehan. 8th graders Rachael Cheung, Christie Choi, SiLiang Lei and Christy Guan, as well as 7th grader Ahmed Shekani participated in the MathCounts citywide chapter competition on February 6th at IS 74, where the team won 2nd place. They moved on to the state finals, held at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York on March 18th. More…

The Marvelous Math Club Reply

There are over twenty clubs currently functioning in BSGE. Students, based on their hobbies, can choose to attend clubs with themes such as French, Yoga, Fashion, Math and many others. For me, as an addict to Sudoku-like puzzle and logic games, Math Club was an obvious choice. Hence, as soon as Middle school Math Club opened, with Mr. Mehan at its helm, I was on board, along with 50 other Math enthusiasts. The club offers engaging and challenging mathematical activities that can build skills and logical thinking.

Every Wednesday from 2:15 P.M. to 3:15 P.M. Middle School Math Club opens its door. Mr. Mehan, in his typical engaging manner, makes all the sessions enjoyable and exciting. When asked about the benefits of joining the club, Mr. Mehan explains, “students [in math club] are exposed to different kinds of math problems that they may or may not be exposed to during school. Most importantly, I just want students to have fun socializing while doing math.” More…

All’s Fair at the Club Fair Reply

In a successful attempt to raise money and help clubs all over the school advertise their existence, the BSGE Business Club hosted a club fair. It took place on Tuesday, November 10, in the school cafeteria. From 2:30 to 4:30 the club ran for students only, and then it continued from 6:00 to 8:00 during the open house for families, too. When asked about the process for creating the event, Carolyn Wang ’16 explained that the BBC first came up with the idea last June, and started planning to make it a reality by the end of September. She said that the most important concern the club had was to make sure that there would be enough people participating for the event to be profitable. Due to the vast number of new clubs this year, that did end up being the case.



Stitch to Enrich: Sewing For A Cause Reply

image1Stitch to Enrich, a new club at BSGE, held its first meeting on Thursday, November 5th. The club, created by Amelia Chen ‘18 and me, Camilla Khan ‘18, combines art and community service. Club meetings are held every Thursday from 2:15 to 3:15 in the art room with Mr. Sheridan as the club advisor. During this time, students learn how to sew stuffed animals that will eventually be donated to children’s hospitals in New York City. No previous sewing knowledge or experience is required. The club will teach its members how to design and sew stuffed toys in no time.


BSGE Running Club Runs McCarren 5K Reply

Mr. Anderson, Mr. David-Lang, Betsy Morales, Eammon Kelsall, Kohen Rahman, Aadarsh Dekvota, Ms. Schwarz, Ms. Rabines, Brandon Chu (Left to right)

Mr. Anderson, Mr. David-Lang, Betsy Morales, Eammon Kelsall, Kohen Rahman, Aadarsh Dekvota, Ms. Schwarz, Ms. Rabines, Brandon Chu (Left to right)

Members from BSGE’s running club ran in the McCarren 5K at McCarren Park in Brooklyn on Saturday May 30th. The run was organized by NYCRUNS and benefitted St. Nicks Alliance. BSGE’s running club had been meeting and training together twice a week for almost three months prior to the event. Each week the club, composed of both students and staff members, followed a training regimen at Astoria Park. The regimen was designed to help participants go from a lifestyle of very little physical activity to be in good enough shape to run a 5k. The Running Club was new this year but will continue in September.



New Police Brutality Subcommittee Reply

Recently, police brutality has been a major issue throughout New York City and the United States. These cases and many others involving police brutality caused protests all over America, as most recently seen from the riots in Baltimore. There was a mixture of violent and peaceful protesting against the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of the police.  Being such a significant and controversial topic, BSGE’s Helping Hands decided that students should be allowed to take a stand. A police brutality subcommittee was created to help BSGE students be better informed on what is actually happening.

Members of this new subcommittee feel very strongly about this topic and are willing to do as much as possible to get people to understand how serious of a topic this is. After watching the movie Fruitvale Station, Natalia Blagic ‘18 was deeply affected. She noticed how it related to current cases such as the Eric Garner. After seeing all of this unfairness, she decided to join the police brutality subcommittee. Ramisa Bashar ‘18 joined because she wanted to help advertise how police brutality doesn’t just affect specific races, it affects all people whether they be minorities or not. Another member I talked to, Rayna Barua ‘18, said, “I wanted to join the police brutality committee because there were many recent cases such as the Michael Brown case and the Eric Garner case. It just really intrigued me how police were abusing their power and authority”.

This committee has many plans for the future and they are all looking really well. A future plan is to sell buttons relating to recent, controversial police brutality cases. This will raise awareness towards police brutality and will also help raise money for different charities that help families who have been affected by police brutality. This committee has a lot of potential and we must do our best to help support it. This subcommittee is open to all members of Helping Hands, so if you feel very strongly about this topic, it would be a great idea to join. Be on the look out for new events that will be hosted by the Police Brutality Subcommittee.

Watching With the Anime Club! Reply

"Death Billiards," a popular anime screened at Anime Club. Photo Credit:

“Death Billiards,” a popular anime screened at Anime Club. Photo Credit:

The Anime Club is an after-school club at BSGE that provides entertainment for students who are fans of anime. For those of you who don’t know what anime is, it is an abbreviation for Japanese animated films that show stories of a variety of different types and genres. These genres include Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, or Horror. Anime often comes in series of multiple episodes, usually ranging from 10 to 20. But when it comes to mainstream anime, the number of episodes can reach all the way to above hundreds or even to thousands. Depending on which type of anime you like, your viewing experiences may vary. More…

Successful Turnout for BSGE’s Mardi Gras Reply

On Friday, March 20th from 6:30 to 10 p.m., the French Club and Senior Council hosted BSGE’s first party of the 2014-15 school year: Mardi Gras. The themed party is a tradition in BSGE, and brought a variety of students from 7th to 12th grade from both BSGE and other middle and high schools throughout New York City.


The two school clubs had been preparing for the party for weeks in advance, dealing with the pressure of selling tickets, making posters, marketing and organizing while counting down the days to the party. Because there was very short notice of when the actual event was approved by BSGE administration, it was stressful for the party hosts.


Inside Scoop on the Knitting Club Reply

One new club at BSGE this year is a knitting club, supervised and started by Ms. Shen. She started it because she is interested in knitting and wants to share her interest with the school. The club meets in the library immediately after school every Thursday, and has members from a variety of grades. Meetings officially last until 3:45, but most people usually leave by 3:15. Most members work on knitting scarves, because those are easiest for beginners to make. However, some have been making headbands.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 11.06.22 PM


During a typical meeting, members sit in the lounge area of the library. Ms. Shen described them as knitting while they “talk about issues that are interesting in their lives. Stress is totally off their minds. It’s so relaxed…a real fun environment.” If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new skill, a place to relax, or both, the knitting club might be right for you.

BSGE’s Most Successful Basketball Season Reply

BSGE’s 2014-15 basketball season was concluded during the first week of February, with the girls’ last game on the 5th and the boys last game on the 6th. It was an exciting season to say the least, with the girls finishing with 6 wins to 11 losses and the boys with 6 wins to 12 losses. Both teams performed its very best in BSGE basketball history, in terms of total losses, wins and standings.

Photo Credit: Jamie Carroll '16

Photo Credit: Chaimaa Riad ’16

The girl’s team, which has always performed quite well in the past, beat six different teams this year (Wagner, Aviation, American Studies, Frank Sinatra, High School for Construction, and Metropolitan Campus), which contrasted with the boys who although won six games as well, only beat four different schools (Frank Sinatra, Cambria Heights Academy, Information Technology High School and Academy for Careers in Television and Film) because they beat Frank Sinatra and Academy for Careers twice.

Throughout the season, the ladies showed an immense amount of skill and effort both on and off the court. Jamie Carroll ’16, who came out with a 6.909 PGP (a technique designed to measure a player’s overall contribution to a team’s victory) and a free throw percentage of 50, explained her immense satisfaction with the team’s performance. More…

Fact or Fiction: No Parties At BSGE?

By now we’ve pretty much all heard the rumor that there aren’t going to be any dances OR parties this year at BSGE. Everyone’s reaction is pretty much the same, “that’s terrible.” Everyone also has the same question… “why?”  Well the answer is that it’s a collective administrative decision.



Ms. Johnson says, “The Department of Education requires that adult supervisors be present at all student events and activities.  For activities and events that occur during the school day, like trips, teachers are available to supervise because it occurs during their work day.  But activities and events like parties that occur after the school day require the school to pay teachers for the hours they supervise the event because the event takes place after the school day.” More…