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The French Club’s Fine Dining Experience

On Friday, June 12th, 39 members of the French Club went to the Madison Avenue Bistro to eat lunch. The restaurant is owned and operated by Claude Godard, the father of BSGE alumnus Gautier Godard. Below are pictures of the trip.

IMAG2569 IMAG2548





by Abhay B '20

Farewell Michael Vlahovic!

MichaelMichael Vlahovic, a temporary member of BSGE’s staff, is now leaving our school. He stayed at BSGE for over a month and was an assistant to Mr. Rajiv, the French teacher. He is in a Teacher Certification Program and is training to be a French teacher. As a requirement in the program, he was required to do “fieldwork,” which in this case was getting hands-on experience in a school. Upon being asked why he chose BSGE for his fieldwork, he said “I was interested in seeing classes that were taught by good teachers and exceptional students.” When asked what he will do once he leaves BSGE, he said that he will complete the Certification Program and then go on to find a position of his own as a French teacher. During his time at BSGE, students have enjoyed his company and believe he has done well as a French teacher. “He came in at the express interest of becoming a French teacher” says French teacher Mr. Rajiv, “and he decided to come and train as a French teacher.” He worked in Mr. Rajiv’s room, helping out with small things and sometimes taking over full lessons. He had been praised by both students and teachers on how supportive and helpful he is. “He helped out with written assignments and class work, so when Mr. Rajiv is working with other students, [he] would come around to others so it’s double the help,” according to Andrea V ‘19. Outside the classroom, Mr. Vlahovic is a multitalented person who is fluent in several languages and very well-traveled. He was born in California and learned to be fluent in French while in college and also had the opportunity to travel to France. He has also also been to Africa, the French Caribbean, and China. When he came back to the US, he received a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics, which relates to language learning and teaching. We will miss Mr. Vlahovic after he leaves BSGE and we hope he is successful with his future endeavors.

by Moshan G '17

French Club Hosts 2nd Annual Mardi Gras Party

Photo Credit: Simona Matovic

BSGE’s French Club hosted a Mardi Gras party on Friday, March 7 and it was a huge success. The party, the second ever thrown by the French Club, made over $800 with more than 140 students in attendance. Students danced to mostly techno and hip hop music played by dj duo Deuce. The French Club gave out free T-shirts, beaded necklaces, and purple, green and gold glow sticks: traditional Mardi Gras colors. Café Triskell, a local French café donated a King Cake, or Gallette des Rois, a traditional Mardi Gras cake, for the party  Chef Phillipe Fallait, who is the owner of this restaurant and also a BSGE parent, was glad to “share with my son’s school for a good cause.”

The French Club members, who planned and organized the event, wore traditional Mardi Gras eye masks to the party. “The music was good,” said French club members Simona Matovic 17’ & Vanessa Pilatova 17’. “It kind of makes you want to do it again.”

Mr Rajiv, BSGE’s French teacher and advisor to the French club said, “Everyone was amazing. They all helped out and cleaned up after the party.”

Café Triskell is located on 33-04 36th Avenue, Astoria (on the way to the N & Q train).

Photo Credit: Rinni Sutanto
by Tatiana E '18

French Clubs Hosts First Spring Fling at BSGE

IMG_6562 copy
Photo by Emma K ’18

On May 3, 2013 the French Club hosted BSGE’s first ever Spring Fling, a French culture themed dance. There were refreshments, snacks, and great music with students from all grades in attendance. The French Club sold more than 130 tickets and made additional money selling refreshments.

The French teacher and advisor for the French Club, Mr. Rajiv, said that he believed the real purpose of the dance was to put the French Club on the map. Even though the club recently started in January 2013 there were still over 30 students that constantly attended meetings and planned events for the club. Mr. Rajiv also wanted to bring more fun to learning about French culture without the structure of a

by Andres G '15

BSGE’s New French Club

BSGE has a new French Club that started meeting in January. The French club has taken up shop in room 205 after 8th period on Wednesdays. Its objective isn’t to teach the French language but to promote French culture throughout the school. Culture, in this context, includes french cinema, cuisine, music and other traditions that are an integral part of all francophone (French speaking) countries.

The French Club's new T-Shirt Design
The French Club’s new T-Shirt Design

The first meeting was held on January 9th attended by a large crowd of enthusiastic students. Those in the French club are attempting to have events and go on trips that would touch many aspects of French culture such as a

by Chris B '15 by Ricardo A '13

Virtual Exchange in French Class at BSGE

BSGE is among many schools in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey who are partnering up with schools in Montpelier, France. Why? Because it is all part of an effort by the French Consulate in New York and the schools from the east coast and France to help foster communication and mutual understanding between students in both countries. Monsieur Mahajan, BSGE’s French teacher, believes that “this interaction will be beneficial to both schools. It will promote an exchange between the two cultures in which the students from BSGE will learn more about French culture while the students in France

by Ricardo A '13

Six Years of the French Language

Imagine walking into a classroom full of faces that you have seen for nearly six consecutive school years. This is a scenario Mr. Rajiv Mahajan, the current French teacher at BSGE, has dealt with before. As the French teacher, educates some BSGE students on the French language and culture, which he has been doing in BSGE since 2006. Currently, he teaches classes in the 7th, 9th, 11th and 12th grade. He has a different view of students than that of other teachers in BSGE who may see students for only two or three years. He is tasked with teaching the students for all the years that they are in BSGE, preparing them to receive the IB diploma. This may amount to six years in the end, so he sees

by Michelle N '15

Teacher of the Month: Mr. Rajiv Mahajan

What’s the craziest excuse you’ve ever heard for missing homework?
Someone said their bag was once stolen. It’s always the deal with the subway basically. They say something like, “I left my bag on the subway” or “someone took my bag and it had all my homework in it” that’s usually as creative as they get. Usually they just kind of look down at the ground, at their shoes.

What grade do you prefer teaching?
I like them all, actually. I’m really happy with the second year french students that I have, and I’m very happy with my fourth year  students. The problem is actually when they become sophomores, they become sort of jaded. Juniors, they change, and by 12th grade they realize it was too late and they should’ve wised up a lot earlier. So that’s the only thing I don’t like. Especially when they’re past that Sophomore age and they say,

by Joseph K '15

Monsieur Rajiv and Mr. Lakhaney visit france

Recently, Mr. Rajiv and Mr. Lakhaney took a trip to Montpellier, France, to arrange a foreign exchange program. They visited Jules Guesde, the school that the French students who will be participating in the exchange program. They also looked at the beautiful sights around Montpellier. “The view is like history,” said Mr. Rajiv. They both agreed that they would definitely like to go back again.
Mr. Rajiv raved that, “It’s very cool there,” and spoke of the many activities available such as hiking up a mountain or on a beach, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, or camping. Walking around and looking at the