The French Club’s Fine Dining Experience

On Friday, June 12th, 39 members of the French Club went to the Madison Avenue Bistro to eat lunch. The restaurant is owned and operated by Claude Godard, the father of BSGE alumnus Gautier Godard. Below are pictures of the trip.


Farewell Michael Vlahovic!

Michael Vlahovic, a temporary member of BSGE’s staff, is now leaving our school. He stayed at BSGE for over a month and was an assistant to Mr. Rajiv, the French teacher. He is in a Teacher Certification Program and is training to be a French teacher. As a requirement in the program, he was required … Continue reading Farewell Michael Vlahovic!

French Clubs Hosts First Spring Fling at BSGE

On May 3, 2013 the French Club hosted BSGE’s first ever Spring Fling, a French culture themed dance. There were refreshments, snacks, and great music with students from all grades in attendance. The French Club sold more than 130 tickets and made additional money selling refreshments. The French teacher and advisor for the French Club, … Continue reading French Clubs Hosts First Spring Fling at BSGE