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Girls Softball Teams Wins Round 1 Playoff Game

photo 4
Photo Courtesy of Ms. Katzenstein

The Girls Softball team beat Brooklyn Studio Secondary School 5-2 on Wednesday, May 15 in a round 1 playoff game played at Randall’s Island.

The team finished the regular season with a record of 12 wins and 4 losses received a 15 seed in the playoffs (click here for full division playoff bracket)

Starting pitcher Olivia Witting ’14 pitched a complete game allowing two runs on two hits while striking out ten batters.

Catcher Jessica Koziol struck the big hit with a two run double in a big four run 3rd inning that put the Lady Sting up for good.

Click on the link below for the full game box score.

The date and location of the next game should be determined with the outcome of the game between Metropolitan and Lafayette on Thursday May 16th.



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Girls Softball Season Starts 3/22

You can view the season schedule here.



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Lady Sting Softball Season Starts 3/21

BSGE’s “Lady Sting” softball team began their first pre-season practice of the year recently. The all girls team are having a few changes to start off their season such as new players, and some old ones leaving. Some new players added to the team are Ariel Taub ‘14, Ashley Narvais ‘12, Jade Ashley Thomas ‘13 and a few others.  Although many Seniors that graduated in June have left the team, the “stingers” are still keeping up with practice and are determined for their next game. The team practices in BSGE’s cafegymatorium every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday after 8th period, coached by Virge Ramos and assistant coach Steve Witting. Their schedule for the Spring season games are already posted on the PSAL website.

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Lady Sting Softball Season Starts

It’s Lady Sting’s second year in the Queens B division and so far it looks encouraging.  They have accumulated a 3-3 record so far.  Their first game, on Monday March, 21st, was against a high school that cannot be named, last year’s first place team in the division, and BSGE won 9-6. Then on Friday, March 25th, Sting beat BSGE rival Academy of American Studies 17-16. They lost a tough game on Monday March 28th against Queens Vocational and Tech HS.

Freshman Olivia W '14 in three stages of her pitching motion.
Photo credit: Jolijt Tamanaha

The promising start comes as a surprise because at the end of the last season BSGE lost three key players. Shortstop Daranee Nasongkhla, first baseman Ariel Friedman, and pitcher andteam captain Jamie Caroccio all graduated in 2010.
But Kristen Spang, who ranked first in the B division leagues for triples last year, is still on the team and has taken over the role of captain. Senior Natalie Alfarhan returns to the team as the starting Catcher and absolutley amazing, spirited and sportsy Co-Captain. They are joined by many other strong, seasoned players who have been on the team for years.
Six new players have also joined the roster. These new players include freshman  Olivia Witting, who pitched 7 strong innings in the opening game, and Lauren Katzenstein, the new,

by Jessi H '11

Lady Sting’s Playoff Run

BSGE Lady Sting fought a hard battle as the underdogs in the second round of the playoff games.  The Lady Hawks, from Hillcrest, were at the top of the Queens B East Division this season with a record of 16-2. Lady Sting was ranked fifth in the Queens B West Division, with a record of 11-7. Yet they managed to play a tight game. By the end of the first quarter the score was 6-6 and it was clear that Sting was giving it everything they had. The final score was 63-54 for Hillcrest. Though Sting did not win, we can all be proud of the game and the effort with which they played. The new but enthusiastic player, Karen Moy said, “our team improved a lot this season and put up a great fight against one of the

by Daniel F '10

Softball Preview

The BSGE Softball
Sting have taken the
first steps to the spring and
begun preparing for the upcoming
The girls, not
head coach Virge Ramos,
have organized 7th period
weekly workout sessions
for Tuesdays and Thursdays,
with intentions of
increasing agility and more
importantly speed. One of
the problems, even from

by Kristen S '11

Let’s Go Sting

To my surprise,
BSGE’s small
didn’t quash the
amount of girls
that were truly
dedicated to
playing softball.
Although not
all of us have a
sports orientated
background, the