by Ms. Dikes

Ms. Dikes’ Graduation Speech

So, I walked into my office yesterday, around 3 o’clock.  I was very happy and relieved to have finished grading this year’s US history Regents exams for the 11th graders.  When I walked in, my office was full of 12th graders – this was a bit weird, since none of them had been in school since last Monday.  As I walked in someone said, “I can’t wait to hear your speech tomorrow.”  I thought, “I can’t wait either.  Oh, wait, yes I can – I haven’t written the speech!”
After I left yesterday, while I was searching for these fabulous shoes past graduations rolled around in my head and I realized I have no memory of what was said at any of my graduations.  None.  The speaker


Sarina Strohl’s Graduation Speech

As I focus my attention on the crowd that sits before me, I am making an imprint of every subtle detail, promising myself never to forget this day. The blue tassels on each of the graduates right side is a simple symbol of coming of age. The obvious excited anticipation of each of our parents is reflected  through their fidgety movements and inconsistent blinks. I must question, as each senior in the crowd is also questioning, how did we get here? Although our presence in this quaint theater is most easily explained by the many nights where sleep was relinquished in the name of a relentlessly cruel  monster otherwise known as IB, I’d like to believe our high school experience has been a much more than

by Evan B '10

Evan Badler’s Graduation Speech

Hello Principal Johnson, staff, students and parents; I’m very glad to see everyone here today.  Thank you all for coming.  I’d also like to thank our graduating class for giving me this opportunity, and I hope I fulfill your every expectation.
In order to really capture the essence of our time at BSGE, I’m going to tell two relatively brief stories; ones that I hope will truly express how I feel about my fellow graduates of 2010.
In our 10th grade year, just about three years ago, the majority of us had finally finished our personal projects, presentations and all.  Walking out of the dance room where I had discussed my project, a few of my friends and I were totally relieved.  “I’m so glad it’s over” came out of a dozen mouths, and, I must say, we felt like we


In Case You Missed It: BSGE Almuni Shamar Walters’ Graduation Speech

I give honor to our principal Ms. Kelly Johnson, the vice-principal Ms. Ines Loveras, our graduation coordinators Mr. Virge Ramos and Mrs. Vanessa Rabines, to every single member of the Baccalaureate staff from the teachers to the wonderful people working in the office too.  Just any and everyone because all of you have been vital to these past six years. I give honor to my parents and family and to all the families and friends that are in attendance here today. And most of all I honor you the graduating class of 2009!
I can still remember my first day at BSGE, in seventh grade. I hadtransferred in from my old school and I was two months late. I walked into Ms. Kumar’s English class and I sat down at my seat and all I could think about was the fact that I didn’t know anyone in my class and no one was going to talk to me. In the midst of that a girl sat down at her seat looked at me and said “hey, you’re new. What’s your name?”  And as she began to talk to me more and more students started to come over and ask questions and soon that one turned to three and that three turned to seven and so on and so on. As that first day continued and the rest of the year ensued… I realized there was something very different about this school. There was a sense of community. And now six years later looking back on that, I realize

by BACC Rag staff

Graduation 2008

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June 23, 2008- BSGE has graduated its third class with a beautiful graduation ceremony. Following BSGE tradition, a short speech was made about each graduate which, according to Auset Alexander, helped make graduation “personal” and “interesting.” The ceremony took place at Queens Theater in the Park across from the World Fair Globe.