by Jolijt T '11

Girls With ACL Problems

A loud “pop!” a “snap”, a torn ACL
and your out for the season. A torn
ACL is the most common knee injury.
The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament
is a stabilizing ligament connecting
the thighbone to the shinbone. Soccer,
basketball and volleyball are the
sports with the highest rates or ACL
injuries. Both women and men injure
their ACL in non-contact situations

by Kristen S '11

Teens Need Exercise

For many teens in America today, running a suicide on the basketball court could be a real hassle, and have them lose their breath fast. This is a problem for a lot of kids, especially these days. Today, the amount of overweight kids has doubled since 30 years ago. That, obviously, is not good, and this epidemic is becoming more problematic than it ever has been. Many people blame it on the greasy foods that children are eating instead of homemade meals, or the fattening sweets that take over the closets rather than fresh fruits being stored in the refrigerator. That is part of the problem, but it is not including a very impor­tant factor, which is exercise. People of today are not making sure that their kids are receiving the correct amount of exercise every day. The target amount of exercise for kids ages 2 and up is actually around 1hour most or

by Katherin O '11

Tan V. Skin Cancer

Remember hearing people say, “Hey make sure you put on sun lotion?” Well they have their reasons, and theyʼre not nagging you, theyʼre actually reducing your chance of getting skin cancer. Like when youʼre out in the beach and you want a tan, your mom is like “Sweet heart put on some sun screen youʼre going to get sun burned”. I know it gets annoying but hey like people say, par­ents know best. Ever heard of skin cancer? Thatʼs what you get when youʼre out in the sun without protection. Summer is right around the corner and Iknow that everyone is dying to go to the beach, and getting a suntan. Through

by Kristen S '11

The Burden for Boys

You always hear warnings for girls. Donʼt get pregnant, be strong, no abortion, no sex for you and worst of all, WHATʼS WRONG WITH YOU? Conver­sations always go something like, “how could she get pregnant? Her life is ruined forever.”

Iʼd just like to remind boys, girls and society in general that sex is a two way street and guys play a part in baby making too. So why donʼt they share the responsibility? Boys donʼt seem to get the blame but itʼs half their doing.

If itʼs going to ruin the girlʼs life shouldnʼt it ruin the boyʼs life to? The sad truth is that society doesnʼt

by Pamela R '11

The Choices You Make

Have YOU ever felt pressured to have sex? Do you think that by having sex will make you seem older? Sex thatʼs what practically every teenage boy and girl is talking about. Have you ever actually thought about the consequences about having sex? I mean what would happen if youʼre a girl and you have sex and then youfind out that youʼre pregnant, what would you do?Teenage pregnancy has been one of the biggest is­sues in our country.The National Center for Health (NCHS) has collected data obtaining the topic of Teenage Pregnancy. Within a period of 10 years (1990-2000) teenagepregnancy has dropped a total of 27 percent. A rateof teenage pregnancy was taken in 1990. 116.3 pregnancies per 1000 women (ages 15-19) were re­ported. This percentage was

by Olivia M '11

Mean Girl Syndrome

Whenever you imagine a bully, you usu­ally see a big, tough boy bullying other guys that are helpless and smaller than he is but that is not the only type of bullying that is happening these days. One of the most popular type of bullying these days is girl bullying. These girl bullies donʼt have fist fights or steal each otherʼs milk money like guys do, instead they “spread rumors, gos­sip, exclude others, share secrets, and tease girls about their appearance, clothes, and ability to do things.

In order to find out the characteristics of bullies I went on a website and it said that