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Helping Hands Initiatives

On Monday September 30th, Helping Hands voted on which initiatives they would focus on to start the year. They decided on three.  One is “Love Without Boundaries”, an organization that helps orphaned children in China get medical help, foster care, and education.  They can arrange surgeries for children whose lives are in danger, such as heart surgery, cleft repair, and palate repair, among others.  The foster care program currently has over 220 participants and provides the orphans with a family.  Orphans from Kindergarten up until college are getting education through “Love Without Boundaries”.  This organization

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BSGE Donates 29 Pints of Blood

The BSGE community donated a total of 29 pints of blood on June 4th. The New York Blood Center came to BSGE for the second time this school year in this event sponsored by the Helping Hands Committee.

by Peter Wilson

BSGE Advisories Raise over $2,000 for “Pennies for Patients”

pennies-for-patients-01-19-11The Helping Hands Committee is pleased to share that this year’s Pennies for Patients drive was successful–BSGE advisories raised $2047.59!  A special commendation to Diana Nikkolos’ 9th grade advisory who raised just over $500.  Enjoy the pizza and ice cream party–it was well earned.  Juanita Kumar’s 8th grade advisory came in second and will receive a pizza party as well.  All donations will be given to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in order to aid with cancer research and medical care for children living with leukemia and lymphoma.
We would also like to announce our final Blood Drive sponsored by the NY Blood Center on Tuesday, June 4th from 8:00am-2:00pm.  We hope that you will find time to make a donation as NYC copes with a severe blood shortage in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  If you are available to make a donation, please contact

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Helping Hands: Child Sex Trafficking Initiative

somalymam            You might have noticed flyers for Helping Hands’ new initiative – child sex trafficking – around the school. The Somaly Mam foundation was made famous in a documentary called Half the Sky, shown on PBS, which highlighted various women’s issues internationally. This particular organization works with girls and women in Cambodia, who are kidnapped from their families and sold to brothels as young as 3 years old. Cambodia has a huge illegal sex trafficking industry, which generates $500 million a year. The woman who created the foundation is Somaly Mam, who is a survivor of sex trafficking herself. She helps to rescue,

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How to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

The devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy were felt all over the East Coast, especially in the New York area. Being one of the strongest storms to hit the East Coast, Hurricane Sandy had caused everything to shut down in the tri-state area. People were left without electricity and heat for days, even weeks. New York City public schools, the subway system, bridges, tunnels and roads were closed for almost a week. Thousands of people were also forced to evacuate their homes and stay with their relatives elsewhere or at shelters that were established all around the city. Unfortunately, thousands of people lost their homes and their loved ones during the storm. After witnessing and bracing through the devastating effects of the hurricane, hundreds to thousands of people came out to volunteer and help those affected most by the hurricane. There were different ways in which people volunteered

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BSGE Hurricane Sandy Warm Coat Drive

Hi everyone–
The last week has had a tremendous impact upon New Yorkers and everyone who felt the harsh effects of Hurricane Sandy.  The Helping Hands Committee met yesterday and shared how they felt after the disaster.  The conversation soon shifted to a discussion of what can be done to immediately help fellow New Yorkers and our brothers and sisters in Haiti who we’ve helped in the past.  Haitians have been also especially hard hit by Hurricane Sandy with an imminent medical disaster on the horizon for many who live on the island.
The committee will be starting an immediate warm coat, blankets and clothing drive.  HH members will be reaching out to all advisories over the coming days.  All clothing donations and blankets must be clean, without holes or considerable damage.  No hats, gloves or scarves will be accepted.  We will also be

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BSGE’s Clubs and Activities

We welcome you back to BSGE for another great year, and send out a warm welcome to the new 7th and 9th grade student body. At BSGE, everyone is given the chance to shine and students are encouraged to build on their own interests, whether academic, sports-related, art-related, or otherwise. For students who wish to pursue their interests by participating in extracurricular and after-school activities, BSGE offers a number of clubs that are open to students in every grade. However, some of

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Earth Day 2012!

On Sunday, April 29th, members of the BSGE Helping Hands Committee participated in an Earth Day event at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, along with students from other schools. They spent a day fertilizing trees, planting vegetables, grass and herbs, and making compost. Originally the event was planned for Sunday April 22nd, which was the official Earth Day, but it was rescheduled a week later due to bad weather. In previous years, the whole school has taken a weekday off and gone to the park, but because of scheduling problems with the organizers, both this year and last year the event was limited to only Helping Hands members. Regardless, Earth Day 2012 was a success, and the students helped prepare the park for its upcoming season.

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BSGE’s Silent Vow

On April 20th, 2012, some BSGE students participated in the Day of Silence, a silent protest against LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered) name-calling and harassment, particularly in school. The silence copied the silence LGBT teenagers must face every day because they aren’t accepted for who they are. The Day of Silence takes place every year in many schools across the nation, and is organized by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN).
Students were not required to take part in the event, but those who did signed up to be either silent or supporting. A supporting student wore a placard stating that he or she supports the cause, but was allowed to speak during the school day.
Students who took a vow of silence remained silent throughout the entire school day, from

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Helping Hands Project Updates

Ms. McCabe’s 9th grade advisory collected the most cans of any advisory in the Helping Hands Canned Food drive though the overall school collection was down from last year.
Advisories also raised $762.15 for the Magdalene Scholarship Fund and Nothing But Nets.  The money will be support over two dozen scholarships in South Africa and to purchase malaria nets in southern and central Africa.
Advisories are currently raising money in the Helping Hands Pennies for Patients drive.

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BSGE Donates a Record 39 Pints of Blood

BSGE held its annual Blood Drive in conjunction with the New York Blood Center on February 16th.

The BSGE community contributed a school record 39 pints of blood.  The blood is separated into its component parts and distributed around the New York area to patients and hospitals.

The New York Blood Center Truck parked in front of BSGE

Though many in our community were enthusiastic to donate, the Blood Center has strict criteria for donation.  Prospective donors can

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Helping Hands’ Goals for this Year

As one of the first clubs formed when BSGE started, the Helping Hands Committee is one of the most popular and prolific school organizations. Lead by Peter Wilson, Helping Hands is a student-driven community and service group. Its main focus is helping various charities and causes occurring nearby, across the country, and around the world. These are a few things to look forward to this year:
•City Harvest- During the Thanksgiving season, BSGE collects various food items to support City Harvest’s efforts to feed hungry New Yorkers. Advisories compete to see who can collect the most food
•Thanksgiving as Sunnyside- On Thanksgiving Day, from 7am to 2pm, a group of BSGE students travel to Sunnyside Community Center. There, they serve elderly a