by Sebastian A '14

The Library Becomes a Gallery For IB Art Class

The IB art show took place from April 8th to the 14th and for much of that time the library was a forbidden to all other students except for teachers and the students who were presenting their work in the show. The nesting ground that was the library for so many students was no more and for the most part many students had to find a new place to do homework and use the computers. The show itself however seemed to be a major success for both the students presenting their work and the teachers who mentored them in the long process of allocating and producing such works of art.

by Izzy L '16

Get Your Art Caps On!

If you’ve walked past the art room lately you may have noticed something different. Maybe that it’s full of frantic 11th and 12th graders who are painting, ripping cloth, and carving out clay. The students do not normally work like this but the annual IB Art show is coming up and forcing students to finish and touch up their art projects to be ready to be presented to the BSGE community. The work will be on display from the April 8-14th in the library.  During that time, students will have their work evaluated official IB examiners who will ask the students to discuss their work.  The students have been prepared by their teachers, Mr. Steele and Mr. McGuire.  All the works of art will be displayed but it’s not all fun and games. The art displayed is part of the IB exam and students need good marks to receive the IB diploma. Jokingly, Mr. McGuire says he has motivated his students with threats of capital punishment and prepared them with a lack of sleep.  The whole show should be a Picasso worthy success that the BSGE community can be proud of.

by Simran V '11

Class of 2010 Has Most IB Diploma Recipients

Last year, BSGE’s Class of 2010 was not only the largest graduating class, but also the class with the largest number of IB Diploma recipients in BSGE’s history. Of the 71 students in the 2010 graduating class, 59 registered for the IB exams and of those 59 students,  47 were Diploma Candidates (sat for all the exams). Of those 47 students, 29 were IB Diploma recipients. Those that did not receive the diploma did not do so because of a variety of other IB requirements
In order to receive the IB Diploma, a candidate must have met

by Joseph K '15 by Marcos D '15 by Michelle N '15

IB Art Students Show off Their Work

April 22 was BSGE’s fifth annual IB Art show. 11th Grade SL and 12th grade HL students showcased their works in the library from 5-7PM. The artists discussed their art with the many parents, teachers, students and friends who attended. Paintings, sculptures, photos, and more lined the walls and hallways, and each piece was original and unique.
This year’s art show did not feature the usual auction of student-produced art. This year pieces were still sold, the art department taking 30% of the profit. According to Mr. McGuire, the auction takes a lot of energy and the small number of students makes it difficult to pull off. This year, art was still sold, although not in an auction.
Art students were interviewed by IB Art grading officials. Students

by Erin C '14

We’ve Lost Our MYP Title, but Actual Changes are Minor

The MYP, or Middle Years Program is no longer officially offered at BSGE, but students need not be alarmed. The MYP is part of the International Baccalaureate program, and it goes from 6th grade to 10th grade. Here, we only offer the last four years. The MYP helps students prepare for 11th and 12th grade, the years of which the Diploma Program consists. The program includes community service requirements, the Personal Project, a large project you complete in 10th grade, and the rest of the classes and lessons.
Due to major budget cuts, BSGE has been forced to reduce funding on certain programs. The school offers the Diploma Program to all students, which occupies a large portion of the school’s budget, and Ms. Johnson wants to continue offering the program to all students. The solution was to stop paying the IBO for official MYP recognition

by Angie V '14 by Samantha C '14

Our Crazy Grades!

In our school, the Baccalaureate School for Global Education, our grading system is not 0 to 4. It is also not A+ through F. Our grading scale is quite unique, and can be a bit confusing at times. Our scale is from 1 to 7, 7 being “excellent”, 6 being “very good”, 5 being “good”, 4 being “satisfactory”, 3 being “ mediocre”, 2 being “poor”, and last but not least 1 being “no course credit”. BSGE gives you separate grades for an overall performance, work, and behavior. This school does not single you out as a student and makes sure you know exactly what you need to do to improve for the upcoming report card or progress report.
A progress report card just like the name says is based on your

by Jolijt T '11

Class of 2009 Gets More IB Diplomas Than Ever Before

“There was some dancing and cheering,” BSGE IB Coordinator Ms. Jennifer Dikes admitted. She’s happy because out of the 46 registered IB candidates of BSGE’s Class of 2009, 23 received the diploma. This is BSGE’s greatest number and highest percentage of IB diploma graduates yet.
The number of IB diploma graduates has increased every year since BSGE’s first diploma program class. Ms. Dikes attributed the rise to BSGE’s mounting experience, “we get better as a school at knowing what to do to be successful [especially when it comes to] organizing [and] timing.” She also said that younger students learn from the wise words of the older and are getting better and better at understanding what they should and shouldn’t do.
The IBO reported a worldwide pass rate of 81.38% in May

by Jolijt T '11

IB Say What?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is a pre-university diploma originally designed for the children of diplomats. Its worldwide consistent standards and curriculum allowed the children to move around the globe and still get a full education.
Over the past 30 years, the IB Diploma Program has been adopted by over 1,100 public and private schools for all students and has evolved into one of the finest pre-university advanced education programs available in the world today. “Send us prepared students á la IB… It is the “best” high school prep curriculum an American school can offer,” said Marilee Jones the Director of Undergraduate Admissions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the nations top five Universities.
The Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Harvard University, the nation’s top University, Marilyn McGrath said, “IB is well known to us for excellent preparations. Success in an IB program correlates well with

by Simran V '11

BSGE Missing A Note–What Happened to IB Music?

Going, going and gone…That is the status of BSGE’s IB music diploma program. There are few students who plan on taking IB music. But the loss is not only detrimental to those few students. It is also a loss to our school which you should consider even if music is not your forte and you weren’t one of the few interested in IB music. And by those few students, I really do mean very, very, very few students.
According to music teacher, Ms. Nichols, last year, 10 students out of the current 11th grade were in the 10th grade music class that would have prepared them for IB music. All these students were there by

by Emi F '09

Baccalaureate School for Global Education Say What?!?

Is it just me, or do you dread being asked what school you go to?
Aunts, uncles, friends, ask you innocuosly, not knowing that this question will take them by the hand and lead them into a further state of bewilderment. You tell them where it is, you tell them that it is ‘The Baccalaureate School for Global Education at least ten times and still, they stare at you, stupefied. So for all of you struggling with this, here it is, this is how you answer them. This school enforces a program that leaves students friendless, overstressed, and addicted to coffee, but it is all worthwhile because teachers say, “It will definitely help you in college!”
On a more serious note, it is generally the highest pre-college education that a

by Kats T '13

IB What?

What is IB? I BE what? IB stands
for International Baccalaureate, part of The
International Baccalaureate Organization,
or IBO. The IBO deals with education,
government, and separate international organizations
to create challenging curriculums
of international education and intense
review of children. It usually starts at a
young age in a child’s life, and

by Andy C '11

The Grading System

The grading system in BSGE is
quite complicated. It not A-F
nor is it 0-4. It is 1-7, and in its
unique way it makes sense.
Whatever you get, remember
that it can not be converted to a
percentage. Getting a 6-7 is