The Bacc Rag’s First Ever Photo Column!

This year, the Bacc Rag would like to encourage students to show off their creativity. We are starting a photo column in which BSGE students may post their own photos, and if selected,  these photos will be featured on our website and print newspaper. A Google Drive document has been shared to all BSGE emails,…

Open Mic Night: Poets in the Making

                Finalists Pauline Phan Zoe  Fisher Ide Kafexhiu Kacey Lang Camilla Khan Kohen Rahman and Nibras Islam Stacey Xue   Winners 1st: Ide Kafexhiu 2nd: Pauline Phan 3rd: Kohen Rahman and Nibras Islam

BSGE Band Performs at Sunnyside Center

On Friday the 13th of December, Ms. Nikkolos’ orchestra performed at Sunnyside Center (a senior center). They played six band pieces and three solos during the afternoon. The concert went smoothly, and the seniors enjoyed listening to the music while they ate lunch. Elijah H ’18 found the experience very rewarding. “I felt happy because…

More Pictures from the Art Show


Photos from IB Art Show 2013

This evening, BSGE’s seniors exhibited their art pieces at the Aurora Gallery in Astoria, NY. The seniors had been working on their pieces all year and have, since the beginning of the year, found a focus or theme for their pieces as well as what media they like to work in. Today, the seniors showed…

Harvard University Displays “Boston Strong” On Campus

Following last month’s bombings at the Boston Marathon in Massachusetts, Boston University set up “Boston Strong” boards on campus for students, staff, and guests to sign. Below are just a few of the many messages left by hundreds of signers. Many were in English but countless were in a different language, displaying the international attention the…

Basketball End of Season Dinner, 3/11

Below are pictures from the annual Basketball Dinner held on Monday, 3/11, at Five Napkin Burger in Astoria. Both the Boys and Girls teams were in attendance. (Photo Credit Katelynne C ’14).

Ms. Dikes’ Photography

Ms Dikes, 12th grade History teacher and IB coordinator has recently become a serious about photography in her spare time. She has taken classes in various places in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Below are two of Ms Dikes’ photographs  

Photos from the Senior Trip

BSGE Seniors spent January 11-13 at the Honors Haven Resort and Spa in Ellenville, NY (2 hours North of NYC) for their Senior Trip. Students partook in various activities which included Karaoke, paintball, dances, and lots of food. There was also some yellow. Below are some pictures from the trip. Photo Credits: Jennifer Dikes