Chemistry and Biotechnology: A Comparison

What is biotechnology and how important is it? “The biotechnology course is designed to give students background on the essential fundamentals that will implement students on future science courses,” said Dr. Helfenbein, BSGE’s biology teacher. In essence, the course educates students on the ways we conduct our in-depth investigations on the workings of the natural … Continue reading Chemistry and Biotechnology: A Comparison

Lasko’s Lovely Labs

With the school year drawing to a near end, BSGE seventh graders are getting a taste of the kind of work they must do further on in their BSGE career. A good example of this would be the recent two lab reports assigned in science class. Unlike anything a seventh grader has ever done before, the lab … Continue reading Lasko’s Lovely Labs

Lack of Physics Class Proves to be a Problem

For students who want to major in engineering in college, taking a physics course is important, which poses a problem for BSGE students. In order to major in engineering, colleges and universities encourage students to take a course in physics in high school, a class BSGE no longer offers. According to the website of the PhysTEC … Continue reading Lack of Physics Class Proves to be a Problem