by Samantha C '14

Spanish Spring Breakers

On April fifth, 12 students from the sophomore Spanish classes took a trip to Spain. Being the first BSGE trip to Spain, the planning of the trip was a lot of work for teachers, students, and parents alike. The class, led by Mr. Giraldo, had planned for this trip since October of 2011. With the help of Ms. Johnson, Mr. Giraldo was able to get in contact with a few travel agencies and tour companies in Spain, and was able to put together a schedule for each day that they stayed. Having to get up as early as 5:30 A.M., the students had a busy schedule, having to leave the hotels in time for the tour buses and “a lot of program activities all day,” according to Mr. Giraldo. The goal of the trip was “for the students to be able to use the [Spanish] language in real life situations,” according to Mr. Giraldo. Ordering at restaurants and shopping were two types of events during which the students could utilize their learning of the Spanish language.
Though planning took a long time, it was fairly easy for Mr. Giraldo to contact the parents because he “had a good relationship with them” and, knowing most of them, he was able to talk to them easily and answer their questions via email. Isabella Hernandez ‘14 described her parents’ reaction to the opportunity to go to Spain. “They said, ‘You need