by Owen S '20 by Winston P '20

BSGE Google Hangouts: Unprofessional?

Email is one of the most common forms of communication, so it should come as no surprise that this school offers its own private Google domain – BSGE mail – where you can talk with anyone in the school (as long as you know their name). It is an efficient and easy way for students to contact peers and teachers. Many students talk with each other almost entirely on Google Hangouts, especially since students in the 8th grade have invited their personal emails and often use video chat. According to technology teacher Mr. Shantanu Saha, “everyone in 8th grade has used their Hangouts in the last week or so.” Hangouts is a place where we can all contact each other, discuss our interests, and just, literally, hang out.

Recently, there was some panic after Shantanu apparently investigated the 8th grade Hangouts. Many students were scared, because BSGE mail was a place where they felt like they could behave as freely as they do on any other social media website. However, after some teachers were apparently logged into their BSGE mails on certain Hangouts, and Shantanu went into every single Hangout and turned on history, most 8th graders were scared into behaving more conservatively on Hangouts. Of course, many students now have forgotten that Shantanu can see the Hangouts, or just don’t care. It forced us to reconsider how we use our BSGE emails versus our personal emails.

by Michael X '18

The 7th Grade Technology Project

Scratch_LogoThe 7th grade recently completed an animation project using the computer program, Scratch. Students worked in groups to create a short film using the program. In each group, several students made Sprites, the actors of the Scratch program, and others created scripts for the Sprites. Students integrated their individual ideas to make compelling stories. One group’s film was about a superhero in a circus who saves a tightrope actor. The story combined the various group members’ interests.

Success in this project depended heavily on teamwork and communication. Mr. Saha, the 7th grade technology teacher,

by Zoe P '16

Tech Students Connect With the Outside

In Technology, the students of the seventh grade are not only learning about computer programs and websites, but they are also learning about things happening around the world. They learned about the earthquake in Japan and other natural disasters like the tornado in Joplin, Missouri. They are currently in the middle of a Multi-Media project that is about something important happening in the world. The seventh graders have been exploring websites, and programs to make the Multi-Media project such as VoiceThread and IMovie. They have been creating projects on these websites and programs to figure out how they work. This way, if the students choose to create their projects using these websites and