The Buzz: What Halloween costume are you wearing?

One Donald J. Trump, Daniel Sahr ‘20, appeared at BSGE Rummana Amrin ‘17 dressed in a full body bear costume. Others like Owen Smith ‘20 got very creative with their costumes, and got a little bloody too. Shunnosuke Kanematsu '20 dressed up as Waldo. But seriously, where is he?


The Buzz: What is the hottest spring fashion trend?

"Stripes are all the rage" - Aoife Kenny '20 "Boxers and clothes with vibrant colors" - Jonathan '17 "Stone gray short jacket (zipped) with v-neck shirt with a skull, brown color bags, brown shoes, woven brown belt" - Mr. Rajiv "Jotham" - Jotham '17 "Pit Stains" - Mr. Stone

The Buzz: 2016 Valentine’s Day Activities

"Ice skating with my friends and my Valentine." -Chloe Pan '20 "Being nice to my mom." -Advik Dewan '21 "Going home and watching movies and crying by myself...just kidding!" -Hana Memisevic '18 "Taking my wife out to dinner." -Mr. Heine "Brunch, Deadpool, and writing. By myself. Wait, never mind, actually a group date." -Anthony Mendieta '16

The Buzz: What is your New Year’s resolution?

" visualize and expect the best results from everything I am entertained to do." -Mrs. Nikkolos " get more organized because my locker and work space is messy." -Megan Gupta-She '21 " exercise more and to lose weight." -Marius Tanase '21 " be a better person in general." -Angelica Benares '16 " get into college!" … Continue reading The Buzz: What is your New Year’s resolution?