by Misael S '13

Jena 6, Racism Today

Many people today don’t know what Jena 6 is and quite frankly that’s a shame. It is a subject that most newspapers and news channels wanted to ignore. In Jena, Louisiana six black students, Mychal Bell, Carwin Jones, Bryant Purvis, Theo Shaw, and Robert Bailey, Jr., allegedly ambushed Justin Barker a white student.
10% black students, and 85% white students inhabited Jena High School. At lunchtime white students would sit under a tree eventually called the “white tree” and black students would sit on the bleachers near the auditorium. A black student asked the principal if he could sit under the white tree. The principal said you could sit wherever you wanted so they did. The next day three nooses were hung on the tree. After the principal discovered that it was three white students that committed the crime, the principal wanted to expel them. The board of education overruled that action and

by Alicia S '12

Go Green, BSGE

Why do we need to help the environment? What exactly is the prob­lem? The problem, BSGE is that as the years pass, the popula­tion of people is increas­ing. By 2050 the popula­tion is esti­mated to be over 9 billion. As the popula­tion increases, we are using more over our resources. If we plan on allowing our chil­dren and grandchil­dren to enjoy what we have now, we should do our best to help the environment and the world.

Did you know…

By recycling just one glass bottle, you can save enough elec­tricity to

by Alicia S '12

School Dress Codes

As you get older, you get more independent – most of the time. This means you don’t like being told what to do by your parents, you don’t like being nagged by your teach­ers to bring in your work, and you don’t like being told what to wear. Schools are now trying to push students to wear uniforms. Most students find this completely unfair and ridiculous, while others find it helpful and fair.

Students who find this ridiculous think that they should be given freedom in what they wear and what they believe in, and what they wear shows what they believe in. It shows what they think. Students think that they

by Emi F '09

But You Don’t Know Me Like That

Yes, they do. They know that you like Michael Jack­son, they know you are pregnant, and they know your boyfriend cheated on you with your mother. How do they know? Well, the truth is that if you’re a Gmail user, Google has the right to all of your e-mails, incoming and outgoing, your address, your state, and lots of other personal information. Clearly peo­ple who create an account with them know this, yet they are utterly unaware of what Google may be doing with the information. They naively trust the world of the networking busi­ness to protect them more fervently than they do their pockets. Thus, this article is

by Jessi H '11

Would You Like Some Marijuana With Those Fries?

Most if not all of us have heard the rumors: marijuana may become legal. Some kids joke about drugs, some kids do them, but it is a topic of conversation for everyone. Like most issues some people feel strongly against making it legal and some are crossing their fingers that it will. The best way to make an opinion is to know what you are talking about first.

Marijuana became il­legal for the first time in 1915 because of groups: Mexicans and Mormons. With this new group of Mexican-Americans and Mormons bringing it back with them from Mexico, whose church wanted no part of it and banned the drug. Many states followed that example. The East made marijuana illegal for its own reasons. They saw


2008 Presidential Campaign for Dummies

As many of us should know, the United States holds elections every four years. The president is chosen by the people and for the people through a process called voting. To vote you must be 18 or older and must be a U.S. citizen. However, it is significant for us to under­stand that what constitutes an election is more than just the buttons we press.

Running for president starts about 1 year before Election Day. This g