General Topics (can be done any time)

Use the following links

Year Round Topics:

  • Taking a “Gap Year” before college
  • Lead in the water
  • Survey on sleep along with article.
  • Day of silence
  • POSSE scholarships
  • Final student decisions about college
  • How many kids staying for 9th grade?
  • Career Day
  • Game Night
  • Mardis Gras
  • New SAT
  • Pick a debate topic for the newspaper, ex. School uniforms, should community service be mandatory.
  • Posse scholarships
  • 7th Grade Trip Ice Skating
  • Girls Basketball Playoffs, end of season wrap up
  • Boys basketball end of season wrap up
  • Survey and story around frequency of caffeine use among students
  • Open House for students in 7th and 8th grade along with two 9th grade open houses
  • Survey kids who have left and how they feel about their decision
  • New gym space.
  • Lily B 17 has done some interesting international summer volunteering stuff
  • Emily C 17 just did an interesting summer trip to China
  • New CAS requirements in the IB program
  • Post some of the better scratch animations the 7th grade students have made, maybe something about the projects they work on in technology
  • Muslim girls wearing a hijab in bsge and nyc. The new york times did an interesting article on the subject about middle schools. it would be cool if someone could do a similar story here at BSGE. The link below is the article.
  • Upcoming IB exams. what do seniors have to go through?
  • What did people do over their April vacations?
  • The Buzz
  • The BSGE school environment survey results along with the School progress reports. Links below.
  • Stories about the boys and girls basketball teams
  • Maybe ask parents or teachers to write about something to include more members of the school community.
  • Collect letters to the editor.
  • Book reviews? Try to have one every month? Maybe have some space in the library with “BACC Rag recommends” We used to have this in the past.
  • Cyber bullying. What is it? What are kids’ experiences with it? What are common forms? What to do? What is the school’s role? What should it be?
  • Film club final product.
  • Survey 10th grade students about personal projects
  • Survey 12th graders about the college process
  • a list of 12th graders and the colleges they plan to attend
  • Advice from 12th graders about college applications
  • A list of useful college websites with a basic overview of them and their usefulness
  • Put a funny picture in our paper and have a caption contest where people submit ideas on our website.
  • Interview former bsge students in college who have done study abroad programs about their experiences
  • interview former bsge students who were in the Posse program about their experiences
  • Ask teachers or parents to publish stuff
  • College decisions and factors affecting the process
  • Productive summer programs
  • BSGE students who are internet famous – Interview w/ Katie or Annie Donohue and their internet fame from One Direction relation
  • Artwork of the Month
  • Interview w/ an Alumni

Kids to interview who do interesting/competitive things outside of school

Teacher/Staff member of the Month (Not interviewed yet)

  • Julia Noboa
  • Darnell Murray Jr.
  • Peter Wilson

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