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Introducing New Staff

Kiliko Shiraishi September 28, 2023

As you might have noticed, there are some new staff and teachers at the school this year! We took some time to interview some of the new staff so we could learn more about them. Both Ms. Zheng, our new...

Could this be The end of the SAT?

Steve Braho and Ziad Eljai December 13, 2022

Nearly five hundred prestigious colleges around America dropped their SAT and ACT test requirements for the 2021-2023 college admission cycles until further notice. Over the past two years more and more...

Overview of IB

Patricia Li and Sophie Lin December 13, 2022

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a much more complex program than looked at from first glance. The IB diploma program is a two year program aimed for 16-19 year olds in order to provide students...

Study Spots

Martyna Andrzejczyk and Zhumsel Yoezer December 13, 2022

Studying can be a hard thing to do for some students, that's why people have their own special study spots that help them concentrate and we want to help you find yours.  Study spots can be anything,...

BSGE Opportunities

Estella Doytch and Lejla Mulic December 13, 2022

With the school being so small, it can feel hard to find your place or to feel like there are enough opportunities for you to explore your interests, but this is hardly the case. Being at a school like...

2022 Spirit Week at BSGE

Robin Debnath and Jaeseo Im December 13, 2022

It was around that time of the year when the BSGE community came together for a week of flashy costumes and entertaining photos: Spirit Week. Throughout the week, students and staff dressed up to represent...

Switch Back To In-Person Clubs in 2022

Connor Lucente and Miro Rothman December 13, 2022

After another year of remote clubs, BSGE has finally made the switch back to holding clubs in person. Starting this year in 2022, with new school administrators as well as lightened restrictions, clubs...

Community Service and CAS Hours at BSGE

Kiliko Shiraishi and Ace Diamond Fernandez December 13, 2022

Community service is a fundamental part of being at BSGE. Students need 100 hours from 7th grade to the end of 10th grade (even if they start in 9th grade), but it can be challenging to find a place to...

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