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Amelia Earharts Plane has been Found—or has it?

Amelia Earhart’s Plane has been Found—or has it?

Samantha Messerschmidt, Writer April 20, 2024

After a long wait, Deep Sea Vision, a marine robotics company from South Carolina, claims to have found her plane, the Lockheed 10-E Electra. With sonar technology, they have located it deep in the Pacific...

Hockenheimring, aerial view

Hockenheimring Should Return to the Formula One Calendar Soon

Robert Pandrea, Writer April 20, 2024

Formula One, often known as F1, has many tracks across the world, from Japan to Mexico, the United States to Italy. One racetrack that used to be in the F1 calendar but got removed in 2019 has had extraordinary...

Numerous U.S. states are suing Instagram, or more specifically, Meta Platforms Incorporated

Samantha Messerschmidt, Writer November 11, 2023

41 U.S. states are suing Instagram, or more specifically, Meta Platforms Incorporated.  Meta is being blamed for knowingly utilizing features that addict children to their platforms, namely Instagram...

Abortion Right’s vs Women’s Rights

Clara Burke, Writer November 11, 2023

“If you can’t do what you want for your body, then you don’t have rights.” As said by BSGE student Chimi Tshogay, privacy is a basic right. The overturning of Roe v. Wade has affected this right,...

Google Has Been Waging War On Ad Blockers For Years… We Need to Make Sure They Lose.

Jorge Alvarez Lizardo, Writer November 11, 2023

It is undeniable that Google depends on advertisements to stay afloat as a business. It’s their primary source of income. However, Google’s advertising system is targeted and predatory. Google tracks...

Nvidia’s new 40-series graphics cards: Will it be a revolution for gamers or a commercial disaster for Nvidia?

Robert Pandrea December 13, 2022

At Nvidia’s September 2022 GPU Tech Conference (GTC), Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s CEO, revealed the RTX 4090. It promised a change in the gaming industry of GPUs. On October 12, 2022, Nvidia released the...

BSGE A.I Pros and Cons

Lukas Kwon-Martin December 13, 2022

Humans are incorporating A.I more frequently in their daily lives. Humans will face numerous challenges but receive many benefits.  As hope was dimming for Garry Kasparov, history was made. An Artificial...

The NYCDOE Web Ecosystem is TERRIBLE: Here’s how it should be fixed

Dylan Chen December 13, 2022

In any productive and educational environment, having a strong online workspace is fundamental.  Having convenient access to your documents and files is always a must in order to be organized and efficient....

Deaths of Childhood Legends

Abida Erina and Chhaheda Khan December 13, 2022

“It felt like a part of my childhood died… I was on the verge of tears” — a current sophomore at BSGE.  Much of the BSGE family was devastated upon hearing the news of the deaths of the actors,...

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